There’s Something Fishy About the Tech Companies: If you want to be free of them, leave them behind

If you’ve ever spent some time around fishermen, or at bait shops, then it wouldn’t take much to understand how the tech companies have been talking about us in their cubicles of Silicone Valley.  In those bait shops you’ll hear stories about how this kind of bait will catch this kind of fish and that kind of bait will catch another kind of fish.  Companies like Facebook and Twitter with the oversight of Google put a lot of bait in the water to get us to bite on the hook with free accounts, then started to reel us in not so suddenly that the line might break, but to wear us out until we couldn’t fight it anymore to be caught as their prize in a political conquest toward communism that has long been their dreams.  Where guns and the toppling of governments failed to work in the past, this time they used social media and the relatively new invention of the Internet to fish for complete control over each one of us, which describes most of the events of the year 2020.  It was all about fishing, not actual fish, but Americans by tech companies who would then throw their captured fish into the pond of China for their use and the payday was a good one for them. 

Its not by accident that virtually at the same time all the tech companies aligned perfectly with government to pull free speech away from so many people who were part of the Trump political movement.  Its also not by accident that suddenly censorship is the leading trend of the day, as if it was a good day.  Even Etsy is in on the scam.  Those invisible terms of service agreements that most of us just sign blindly has given tyrannical authority of most online vendors to suddenly be the arbiters of free speech, and if they want to stay relevant, then they better sign up for the new cancel culture rules.  If an item doesn’t fall within the accepted political rules, such as something that might be interpreted as too violent, then its out.  The justification that they use is that after the Capitol riots, we must express ourselves as a more civil society, civility interpreted by them of course.  For many, this is all very scary.  The violation of trust that the fish feel for being snagged by some baited lure is of course for them, terrifying.  But in my mind, it is best not to bite on those lures.  Get smart and stay away from being caught all together. 

A long time ago I ran around with some very rich people and I became involved in some of their activities.  I even partnered with a few only to have one of them go bad on me, and it ended up costing me a virtual fortune.  When I sat down in that guy’s office to plead with him to not go bad, he told me simply, “he who has the gold rules.”  Meaning, he had the gold, I had only hope, ambition, and the promise of hard work.  Because he controlled the gold, he controlled the situation.  I wanted to kill him right on the spot, but he was right.  I took the lesson as a young person and learned from it.  What I learned was probably worth more than any amount of money that I could have made with that guy, so in some ways, he did me a favor that no college on earth was teaching.  And I would say the same here, the free accounts that we all had with Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook were not free.  We were simply the fish in the fish tank swimming around to look pretty for their portfolios.  When they decided to sell us, or snag us out of the tank, there was nowhere to go.  If they wanted us, they could get us any time they wanted.  They gave us the illusion of free speech the way that someone who has an aquarium for all their caught fish might decorate it to look like a natural habitat.  But in reality, its all an illusion, we belong to them so long as we use their service.      

It might sound harsh, but I would say don’t cry over the lack of free speech at the big tech companies or their unfair alliance with big government here in the United States, or the country of China or their masters the wealthy billionaires who are really trying to form their own international government that rules all the governments of all countries, they are all just out there fishing with each other.  To them we are just fish swimming around in a pond that we thought was a vast ocean, but in reality it was all just a pond that they controlled.   And the game to them is what lure they will use to catch us when they want to at will.  That is why I am harsh about not crying when the tech companies catch us with their lures.  Learn not to bite on their free stuff.  Learn to make your own stuff that they don’t control.  Be careful of anything that is free, or in the case of Parler, they were paying for their service, the web hosting that Amazon offered.  But the terms of their use were changed by a company eager to please social justice reforms and communist agenda strategies for an emerging market in China.  Don’t put yourself in a position to be a victim to being sold out.  The illusion that they are in control is only that way because you are swimming in their fish tank by their terms for the easy food they occasionally toss in for your convenience.  But they feed their fish to make you fat and docile so that when they need to, they can get you to easily bite on the bait they throw at you whenever they want. 

The next steps in the MAGA movement is to make our own social media where we control the servers.  We should also go several steps further, we need our own news, our own book publishing, our own production of music, movies, and television studios.  We should even create our own streaming service.  I know that sounds like a lot, but once Trump is free of the day-to-day activity of the White House, that is the next logical step for him and those who want to help him with these kinds of things.  Because ultimately, we don’t need to swim in the little ponds of Twitter and Facebook.  We should be swimming in that big, vast ocean.  If you really want to live free, then be free.  Don’t depend on government or their alliances with communist sympathizers and companies wanting stability at all cost to manage the masses through that means.  But more than anything, don’t cry to them or grovel.  Vote with your feet and take your business and the dollars they seek somewhere else.  Ruin them from the inside out and show them that its you who holds the real gold that they want, and make it so that at will you can take it from them leaving them in the dust, or on the hook for the next big catch.  Turn the tables on them, don’t be a victim of them.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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