It’s a Trap: Stay home on January 20th, the FBI is baiting us

Of course, it’s a trap.  The FBI memo warning government officials to send in National Guard troops to the state capitals on January 20th for the fake inauguration of Beijing Joe Biden into a communist infiltrated presidency is to bait Trump supporters into acts of violence that will help propel the new government into immediate attacks on the 2nd Amendment.  I get invited to every Trump event and MAGA rally and on this 50-state rally at the capital buildings to protest the inauguration of Beijing Biden I have not a single email, nor do any of the people in my network. Nobody had even heard of these plans, they look to be created completely by the FBI to continue the story that occurred on January 6th at the Capitol in Washington D.C., or they are plans from unaffiliated militia members looking to capitalize off the chaos in the media currently and make their long-planned moves.  The news is meant to lure in Trump supporters to these events so that the FBI can attach them to some planned scandal not yet revealed.  My advice to all Trump supporters is not to go to any rallies on January 20th.  What would be the point?  The steal is already complete.  Stay home and make plans for the next steps.  But certainly, don’t fall into this trap.  And certainly, don’t bring guns.  They mean to provoke you so that they can further attack the Second Amendment, so don’t give it to them. 

I’ve been giving it a lot of thought, and I personally have a good understanding of how to defeat these crooks and communists of a Beijing Biden administration.  And I think it can be done without a fight with weapons, but by exposing them for what they have been trying to hide about themselves, which is their communist nature.  Joe Biden is a compromised person which is why China wants him to be president.  For all the reasons Trump has mentioned during the campaign, China has way too much control over operations in America, from our businesses to our politics, so fighting the pawns of that China army won’t do anything but create unnecessary violence, it won’t attack the real problem, which is Chinese communism operating in America and paralyzing us all for an eventual collapse socially and economically.  And I speak the way I do about the FBI because under the Trump administration it is obvious that Goal 35 of the communist plans for the United States as defined in the very valuable book The Naked Communist was to discredit and eventually dismantle the FBI.  That occurred by the looks of things in the 90s when Bill Clinton was president.  We’ve assumed that it was functioning correctly but by the actions of Jim Comey and many others at the top of the FBI, we lost them a long time ago.  It was in fact back in the days of the Russian communist attacks that the great FBI agent Cleon Skousen wrote that mentioned book and of course the communists were not happy about it.  So, they targeted the FBI for collapse and today as a result of what we witnessed under Trump’s administration, the FBI is not working for the people of America, they work toward the communist goals of globalism.  The proof is in their actions. 

That makes the FBI the perfect platform to instigate riots, to push lone wolf shooters over the edge to commit mass shootings and create false flags, and they are certainly in a position to incite violence for this upcoming inauguration event by planting the ideas into the heads of the weak and foolish.  So, don’t fall for it.  Stay home.  The way to beat these guys is in naming the beast and forcing them to explain why they have betrayed their country.  I know Trump supporters are looking at all this vast evil and feeling like there are no other options, but there are.  We are still in control and they know it.  But they want you to feel desperate so that they can lure you into mistakes that will only give them more power through sentiment.  After a year of watching Americans be suckered by Covid-19 into staying home and hiding in darkness why the state told us when we could leave and why, then watching Republicans hide under their desks after the Capitol riots to accept unearned guilt, the FBI is spreading the dry tinder around the ground on this inauguration event and has given the lit match to the media.  They also told President Trump what they are planning to do forcing him to denounce the violence before it even arrives.  But the attacks are obvious, they mean to make it so that Trump can never run again for office and to destroy the MAGA movement by forcing everyone into hiding to not be affiliated with such tragic times.  Yes, these people are that malicious, look what they did at the start of Trump’s first term.  They are hard at it now with the same vigor.  Don’t be naive.

That doesn’t take the pressure off Beijing Biden or mean that his administration of communists isn’t something to contend with.  But this fight belongs in China against them for all the maliciousness they have intended us.  The fight is not there or in our capitals, its with them in that far away land.  They do not care if they instigate a civil war in America so that we destroy ourselves in the process.  They only want to crush us then to acquire the remains to fall under their flag of global domination.  They had to get rid of Trump to make their plans happened and we’ve seen to what extent they are willing to do it.  And they have captured at least one of our political parties to enact their plan.  Their weakness is in trying to keep the effort hidden and by calling their communist party something else so to sell it to skeptical Americans who have seen this story before during the Cold War.  By keeping their intentions hidden, there hasn’t been a unified effort in the United States to fight them, that is until Trump entered a trade war with China that they couldn’t win.  So, they pulled out all the stops and made their aggressive actions known.  Lucky for us, it happened earlier than they wanted, and they left lots of footprints in the wet paint they had painted themselves in the corner with, so we can see what happened. 

Yet don’t fall for the desperate FBI action to provoke violence on the inauguration day.  I would advise doing what I’m going to be doing.  Don’t stand out there with a flag waving it around while bad guys spit in your face trying to provoke you to drawing a gun and shooting someone.  Stay home that day and read The Naked Communist, because in that book is the key to defeating China’s attack on our nation through communism that has infiltrated both political parties, especially the Democrats.  The communists own Beijing Biden, the proof is on the Hunter Biden laptop, which is why it has been hidden from the public.  The FBI knows it too which is why they want to create some false flag incidents to keep that information undercover, so not to upset their new masters in China.  Stay focused and don’t let them bait you.  We have them caught, and guilty.  Don’t let them weasel out of it by allowing them to change the story, as they have been doing with the Capitol riots.  Don’t let them fool you again.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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