Hiding the Evidence of Government Theft of an American Election: Why “they” canceled Biden’s parade.

When we trust the authorities in life that we create, and they let us down, of course it hurts.  And of course we’ll want to pay them back.  And of course they’ll lie to our faces when they are caught because the pain of the admission hurts them too and they’ll do just about anything to avoid that kind of pain.  And it hurts to see them attacking us for the terrible things they did just to keep the pain from their culpability in bad acts from coming due with a pay day.  That all could describe very well the state of our nation and all of us in it at the start of 2021 with the ultimate betrayal occurring when Trump supporters gathered at the Capital building in Washington D.C. when the political levers of power were proceeding to certify an illegal vote for an illegal candidate on January 6th and to forcefully plunge Trump out of the White House where he has represented so many people so well as President of the United States.  The hurt carried over into a few turning to violence, after all, for the entire previous year they were told that violence was OK on the left, but on the right, they were domestic terrorists that would be broadcast against by nearly every media platform in the world including Twitter and everything that Google touches.  The betrayal by politicians on the left and right were very painful, and to get to the truth of the matter we had to find out for ourselves.  All those people who deceived us, who sold us out to communist China were attacking us to hide their crimes and it was beyond comprehension leaving half the nation twisted with anger and fear that we had been invaded by a foreign country, and there was nothing we could do about it. 

Well, those are some pretty big charges and when every one of the villains including Mitch McConnell are saying one thing, that the election of president was legal and certifiable, but the evidence says that everything that happened was a lie by the Deep State to protect itself from Trump draining it, how can we know anything?  Then to compound all that, we are told that we are the terrorists!  Well, we know what we know, we understand the voter irregularities, we understand the problems with the digital voting machines, we understand the activism of the Democrat voting cheating culture, we understand the obvious voter tampering by Facebook, Twitter and Google who made it a priority to ensure that Donald Trump couldn’t win a second term as president using all their power over the public to do so.  We know the FBI was never in Trump’s corner and that they had lied and cheated before to try to use their power to influence elections, we know the Department of Justice has been willing to do the same and never once under Trump did they ever act like they reported to him.  The courts were stacked against the President too and were activists against him from day one of his first administration.  We have seen the evidence yet we have been told by virtually everyone involved that what we saw didn’t exist leaving us in doubt because surely so many people wouldn’t be lying to us.  Maybe we were crazy, that’s what they were telling us after all. 

But then there was the little news that came out at the start of the first week of January that Beijing Biden would not be having an inauguration parade on January 20th.  Now why do you think that is dear reader?  Well, as all the above statements about the election find their eventual days in court.  I’ve been saying since all this started that it would take years to sort through the evidence, we have of massive voter fraud that many thousands have committed federal crimes to commit including the FBI and Department of Justice, most of our media, many billionaire activists including Facebook.  Did you guys know that Mark Zuckerberg being the little communist suck up that he is wanted China’s dictator Xi Jinping to name his child?  Oh yeah, even though Zuckerberg has more money than most people can fathom he is still just a guy looking for a daddy in communism.  You have to remember that Facebook was started as a dating website and that lots of deceit had to occur to make little Marky boy a billionaire by the time he was 21.  Someone valued the information harvesting that Facebook extracted, such as communist countries looking to take over the world.  Just a little thing, inconsequential according to EVERYONE in the government who wants a slice of the Beijing pie.  That’s why nobody wanted to talk about Hunter Biden’s laptop.  Go ahead and read that article here:

China’s President Xi Jinping ‘turns down Mark Zuckerberg’s request to name his unborn child’ at White House dinner | The Independent | The Independent

However, there is one bit of evidence that they can’t lie about.  Nobody likes Joe Biden.  The people out there in the world get it.  They understand what this government and its alliance to hostile communist governments around the world have done to us, and they are not excited about anything Biden has to say about anything.  So to pull off their presidential coup this year the Chinese aligned themselves with our health departments in the United States to invent Covid-19 so that they could instill authoritarian controls and overthrow the United States by inserting their guy, Beijing Biden into a position they could then control the nation while pushing out the person the people elected, over 80 million of them.  They knew when it came to the inauguration that Biden would have no crowds.  And it was truly terrifying to them when they saw that hundreds of thousands of people who showed up to Trump’s Stop the Steal Rally on January 6th.  That was evidence they couldn’t stop or alter through social media censorship.  Those were real people, real voters and a great threat to the storyline of the presidential theft that so many of them had broke American law to commit.  So to avoid that controversy they hide behind the Covid rules they had come up with to explain away why Biden had no real support except for communists, derelicts and government leeches like Google, Twitter, and Facebook.  That left them with no choice but to cancel the inauguration parade and to do it all virtually, because they knew the evidence of no excitement for this communist representative in Biden had very little support in America and they certainly couldn’t show that on TV. 

The bad guys could lie about the election and they could pull together all their vast resources to sell the steal they engaged in.  But when it comes to a traditional event where voters picked their president to celebrate with a grand speech to launch the effort at the capital, a picture of the event lets the world know that we are all unified to some extent with the new government we voted for.  But that’s not able to happen with Beijing Biden because the results were completely manufactured.  It looks like the government manufactured over 20 million votes to make it appear as if Biden won the election.  Lots of people tampered with our American election including China and to continue to hide that fact, they can’t show on television that there are no crowds lining the streets for Biden, or showing up by the hundreds of thousands to hear him give his first official speech.  They can’t do any of that because everyone involved by the tens of thousands lied and cheated to commit massive crime to rob us of the person we elected in the first place, Donald J. Trump.  They can attack our intentions, they can call us terrorists, they can try to make themselves into the victims.  But they can’t hide the fact even from themselves that Beijing Biden and the attack of China into our country is something they are guilty of and people can see through the smoke.  They had to cancel that parade because that was evidence, the easiest to see of the crimes that the government will never be forgiven for.  And the uncertainty of the future that comes with that has yet to unfold which for them is truly terrifying. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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