Trump Supporters Attack the Capitol: After the Georgia election, they have a right to–its their building

Hey, of course they had to shut down the Capitol building amid the Trump supporter protests.  People are pissed off, really pissed off.  The robbery of losing Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue with a couple of communist insurgents put in place through uncontrolled mail-in ballots using Covid-19 as an excuse just happened, then the concept of losing President Trump forever due to a weak-kneed Mike Pence, afraid of getting his ass kicked by a bunch of wimpy Democrats was too much.  For my part, I know many in government security, the FBI, the NSA, and other sources) watch me, they study my every key stroke.  I see them watching, so in the video above, I made sure to point out to them that there are still legal recourses to pursue, now is not the time to pull out the guns.  But when government stops listening to the people they serve; they may have to have their asses kicked.  I mean, today its shutting down the capitol and yelling at these bastards through windows and barricades.  Tomorrow it might be actual violence, storming offices, storming media centers, pouncing on airports, taking the fight to these liars and bastards in ways they have not taken into account.  The level of anger is beyond what anybody has so far acknowledged in the mainstream press.  They have ignored us; they have brought harm to our President then disrespected us to such an extent.  Trump is not the leader of this movement.  Get that through your heads right now.  He was picked by us to fight for us.  And if he’s not around, there is nothing to tame the anger that has been building for several decades.  I made it clear my position for the record.  I’m not a law breaker.  But when the other side breaks the law and treats us as suckers, then what is the law?  Yeah, bad things are now going to happen.  Get used to it. We’ve watched for a long time the political left protesting everything and threatening us with violence at every opportunity and the police, the FBI, the CIA, the Department of Justice have helped them along.  So now, its our turn.  And we don’t expect arrests, harassment, or indignation.  

The situation was so bad that I went to bed on the election night of the Georgia runoffs where I received dozens and dozens of text messages from Trump supporters feeling that with 85% of the vote count in, it looked like it would be an easy win for Republicans to hold the senate.  I told them all the same thing, in addition to somewhere around 50 email responses as well, “don’t go to bed because Democrats are planning to steal the election with mail-in ballots while we sleep.”  Which is exactly what happened.  Because of what we have learned about Democrats and their willingness to break the law not just during the Trump election, but all the time going well back to the past, we expect criminal conduct from them.  They can’t govern anything.  I pointed this out several times over 2020 hoping to give little warnings to that criminal underclass, but the dumbasses didn’t listen.  And they need to feel some of the terror they felt today.  They need to be afraid to go home.  Nancy Pelosi should not feel comfortable eating her ice cream in her home for what she has done to this nation.  With Trump in place, many supporters of the Republican Party, minus the RINOS felt they at least had representation.  Take that representation away and look what happens.  Its time to fight back and today was just the start.  The left took control of this country through these methods, so if that’s the way it is, why should Trump supporters not do the same? 

As I went to bed, I was thinking of Andy Beshear actually, the communist governor of Kentucky.  I was listening to the radio and his China attack Covid-19 update when I thought about how close his election was with a pretty good governor, Matt Bevin.  I’m 100% sure the same methods that stole the election from Trump, and now Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue were the same type of thing, Democrats cheating and getting just enough votes through theft to win the election. We have wondered about those kinds of things in the past, but never gave it much serious thought.  But now we do have serious thoughts about it.  I’m a pretty logical person, I’m not a crazy lunatic.  Yet I knew what I thought going to bed and that resulted in zero trust in our system of elections that has been revealed as a result of 2020.  Earlier on January 6th as the disputes were introduced by Arizona by Ted Cruz Mitch McConnell let it slip his thoughts about the possibility of overturning the election from Biden to Trump when he said doing such a thing would damage our republic forever.  Well, news flash Mitch, its already damaged beyond repair, in fact perhaps the only way to fix it is to kick the shit out of you and the rest of those who have sold us all out down the river.  This is not your country, and you and your senate and your congress have failed us.  And not to mention because you didn’t fight earlier enough and get on board with election security in Georgia, you let them play the same game they did with Trump, to keep their story straight, and now you’ve lost power.  That’s a dumbass in my book.  Nobody wants to hear what you have to say. 

I’m sure many people who are part of screwing up our country, like the media, like China, like the corrupted politicians, McConnell included think that the radical Black Lives Matters Marxist Mayor of D.C. will put down the insurrection with her 6 PM curfew and that by tomorrow everyone will run out of gas and go home.  Unlike Democrat/Communists who do these kinds of protests all the time, Trump supporters work for a living, they don’t get paid by George Soros and other billionaires to stay home and be activists.  But let me tell you, this is just the start.  I know how I feel, and I have a pretty good grip on my emotions, and I don’t do things in a rash way.  But people not quite restricted, if they are feeling what I am which it looks like they are, then someone is bound to get hurt, or many people.  That’s why I called for some logic at the beginning of my video.  It would be nice if nobody did get hurt.  But it would be nice to also have a government that listens to us.  A judicial system that was working for us and not in fear of a communist mob.  If we don’t have that then the burden to fix it isn’t on government, or the state-run media.  Its on us.  The government, never forget, works for us.  That’s every cop on the street, every military official, every single politician.  Everyone.  And if they go their own way and ignore those in the majority who voted for Trump, well that’s to their folly.  Trump won in a free election.  Could Biden get 5 people to come to a rally like Trump did………………………?  I didn’t think so.  Everyone knows, and that’s why they are angry, and that’s with Trump still president.  Imagine the day he isn’t anymore?  The fault in this case isn’t in the aggressors.  It was in the government that got caught in a coup, and now its time to pay the price.  Nobody wants to see anybody shot and hurt.  But nobody also wants to see a taxpayer funded organized crime outfit called the federal government either, not listening to the people they are supposed to work for.  If such a thing happens, which its obvious that it has, we have a right and obligation to get rid of that government and start a new one, and that’s where many of us are right now.  More than enough to actually make it happen.  Who is going to call for peaceful protests if Trump isn’t president any more?  It sure as Hell won’t be me.  I called for peace this time, but without a Trump, I don’t think peaceful protests will be enough, and I won’t do it again. 


Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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5 thoughts on “Trump Supporters Attack the Capitol: After the Georgia election, they have a right to–its their building

  1. Those people are freedom fighters. They are chosen. There is a fire within them that burns and cannot be extinguished. If this illegitimate election is allowed to stand, there will never be another one. Not in 2024 or anytime in the future. Elections are now irrelevant and unless that is corrected, now, right now, there is no longer any reason to vote.

    A political solution is no longer valid for millions of Americans. Millions of armed to the teeth Americans I might add. When you remove the last vestige of hope for justice, there is but one solution left to prevent being enslaved, and there are enough people that care left in this country to initiate that solution.

    In addition to that, future elections would be off the table anyway and the last thing on anyone’s mind. The globalist elite within this government is not limited to democrats, they infest the republican party and every institution within government. They are not going to take the chance of waiting for another populist to rise (or rise again) and ready or not, they intend to enact their Great Reset and take the world… Right now.

    Without the full cooperation of America, their plan can not succeed. We own the worlds monetary system and we are self sufficient. It’s that simple. As soon as they have the reins of power on January 21st, the final takeover will be put into motion and within a year, America will be a shell of what it was and world government will be in place. Covid will be the vehicle.


      1. Agreed.
        Please listen to Jim Caviezel in this 60 second clip. I put up this link to by-pass YouTube and they have it all teed-up at the correct minute mark.

        Remember him from Passion of the Christ and Monte Cristo?

        You can not ride her coat tails and never carry her torch.
        How many years have we been preaching…”Know where you stand?” well, here we are.


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