If a Tree Falls: Voter fraud mistakes and the way to destroy the political left

Now that we are in the thick of one of the most contentious weeks we will ever have as a republic of The United States and are waiting for the smoke to clear as to the results of our present reality, we must analyze something that is critical to this case and how Democrats operate as insurgents to the very nature of our country.  The entire premise from all the players in this massive cheat scandal that has caused the Georgia runoffs to begin with, and the election challenge that ultimately falls on Mike Pence to certify or not the phony candidate in Beijing Biden for the presidency, or to rightfully keep President Trump is the notion from liberal mindsets that “perception” is reality and that so long as they control what perception is, they control the narrative of civilization.  I know this might be a bit heavy for a lot of people, but you must understand that it is through philosophy that the political left attacks us, it is not with guns, or brute force, or even a superior argument.  They attack the epistemological foundations of western civilization through philosophy, through Plato, through Immanuel Kant, Karl Marx and specifically in this case, George Berkeley who famously said, “if a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound?”  What the Democrats involved in this entire cheat scam from Facebook to floor senators, the cheat of the 2020 presidential election was to capture the perception of victory no matter what the real results were, because as godless heathens they think as liberals that if nobody is there to hear the tree fall, that the tree did not fall.  Thus, if nobody is around to prove voter fraud, or that voter fraud happened, then it didn’t happen if it is the media that determines perceptual reality.  Did you get all that?

In the video above I explain all this.  Of course, any sane person would say that if a tree falls, it falls no matter if it is witnessed or not.  When George Berkeley asked this question his way of proving that the tree fell in the way that the world of philosophy thinks of these things is to side toward God and to say that the almighty sees all things and hears all things as the creator, so of course there was a witness to the tree falling.  But a liberal who does not care what the Bible says, does not believe in a god if they cannot see and speak with them, or in general thinks like the old kings and emperors thought in kingdoms of yesteryear, that they are god, or the conduits of god placed here on earth.  Pick your culture, every one of them had some variant to this enterprise of thought.  Well, then the belief is that God did not hear the tree fall because there is no god, and that those in charge of perception thus control the reality of an event.  So in that way, liberals were able to convince themselves that since they control the media which equals perception of reality, then they could control the perception of reality.  That was their plan from the beginning of the 2020 election.  All they had to do was show the perception that Biden won the election and thus, it would be made so by the confirmation of the media. 

Of course, consideration toward the Constitution was meant to be ignored from the start.  The American Constitution was from the beginning a representative of Natural Law which is a direct reference to guidance under God, the creator and almighty.  Not only did the planners of this massive cheat of the presidential election mean to argue with the notion George Berkeley had made about the tree in the forest, but they meant to get case law instituted on the court records that the American people turned away from the Natural Law of the Constitution and accepted the perception of the election that was created by the media.  Going even deeper which was the intent of George Berkeley anyway, was to point to Plato’s cave wall analogy which I’ve covered rather extensively in the past.  But in this case the big media guys, even Fox News and Facebook were meant to lure in Americans then flip the switch on them in 2020 with Covid and election results as a direct assault on their ultimate target, Constitutional Law.  Once Americans showed they would accept the Facebook version of perception or their trusted “Fox News” then a big step in stepping away from the Natural Law of the Constitution would be on the record and that would be the first domino to fall in the destruction of the American republic forever, and the leftists of the world would have an open door for their long desired communist revolution.  That is how and why we are where we are this first week of 2021 in the world of politics. 

However, and this is the point of this article.  Its not just to point to what happened to get us here, but its in providing the many thousands of people exposed to this article to the way to defeat our enemies.  Leftists think they are the smartest people in the room wherever they go because they essentially never leave the room and challenge themselves with the outside world.  They are aware that they are lying to themselves but at the heart of all liberalism is a authority drunk reprobate who does not have a relationship with Natural Law, they insist on the faulty laws of mankind only which puts them on the turntable of the Vico Cycle perpetually.  But their core beliefs are that George Berkeley was wrong, and that if a tree falls in the forest, that if nobody is there to hear it, then it didn’t happen.  Without question this is the position of Silicon Valley as young drug addicts over sexed and feeling tired from playing Call of Duty all night on their PlayStations and Xboxes believe as they meet at Starbucks at 8 AM before reporting to work.  They have no relationship with Natural Law, they seek that connection through greenie weenie policies so they can feel good about themselves, but in all honesty they are lost.  Their parents divorced when they were kids.  They have gender identity problems and they have been taught all their lives through public education to trust government, not God.  So now that they have a stake in deciding how a republic should behave, they believe that if a tree falls and nobody hears it, then reality is determined not by the act, but by the perception.  Which is why they thought they could get away with this voter theft and how their unholy alliance with Democrats occurred to commit such a national tragedy.  Only they got caught.  Other people were in the forest besides God and did hear the tree fall, they saw the voter fraud happen and now its out in the open and there is a crisis.  But not for America, but for those who tried to take it over.   The way to beat them is obvious, their intellectual foundations are exposed and there is no recovery for them.  Because their entire reality was based on a false premise.  If a tree falls, it falls whether or not anybody witnessed it.  And voter fraud happened whether or not the media acknowledged it, especially since we didn’t need God to witness it.  Because thousands of people on the ground did, and the media lost the ability to shape perceptual reality because of it.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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