Being Poor is a Choice: How governments cause the problem and why

As we start the year off with some contention in America about our presidential politics and the standing of liberalism and conservatives in our republic it is important to understand how people become poor and what role any government should play in either helping them or leaving them alone.   In the video above, I have told my stories about the homeless from my observation and discuss it as relevant to the role liberals have played in making them in that depleted state so that more government power can be acquired to solve the problem that is largely made by personal bad behavior.  The truth about being poor is that it’s a decision, especially in America where personal decisions are abundant.  If you find yourself down and out, there is always a job you can do in America.  It is only the refusal to do those jobs which puts people in a sad state.  It doesn’t matter what color your skin is, what sex you are, if you want a job in America, or you want to make any amount of money, the opportunity is there for you in America no matter what you think is standing in your way.  Being poor is a choice.  Making money may not be easy, you may have to clean toilets, or take-out garbage.  Perhaps you will even have to work a drive through window somewhere.  But truthfully, if you want to job, or two or three jobs in America you can get one.  People who refuse this opportunity may find themselves on a sidewalk living in a tent.  In America, that’s a choice.

Also as I spoke about in the video above are my experiences in Canterbury and Paris where I noticed the homeless in Europe are in many ways encouraged to sleep on the sidewalk.  The safety net in Europe wants homeless people so they can exploit them politically.  They aren’t looking to help those people, they want them on the streets so they can point at them and declare that government needs to help poor people which were created by a government tampering too much in the affairs of people’s lives.  Those who are not as resolute to step over problems in their lives find themselves mentally depleted and turning to drugs or other vices which leads them to the status of being homeless.  In England and France the homeless in many ways are created for exploitation.  It is not something that just happens in nature, they are made into political weapons.  There are always going to be people who fall short of the social expectations, and compassion is certainly a relevant approach to help people get up when they fall off the horse, to get back at it.  But endorsing failure is a problem of government that does not help these people, it further harms them.  In Europe the homeless interact with regular people more openly than they might in the United States because in America there is still something of a stigma toward homeless people, an understanding that the homeless are that way because of some personal decisions they have made in their life to get that way.  Most people understand even if they don’t say it that homelessness in America is a choice not a destiny.  In Europe, homelessness is more of an option that is accepted because there are limits in the economies of countries with mixed socialism that has limited opportunity to government handouts. 

To go even deeper, the reason the political left wants homeless people and people to be generally poor is to exploit the biblical teaches of western civilization by freezing capitalism with an assumption of guilt that keeps those economies from getting too far from government’s means to control the situation.  They need a certain percentage of the population to exploit for their own political gains and to control conservatives with the notion of guilt they were taught from their Bible studies—like caring for the poor and that the meek will inherit the earth.  With those concepts in the back of Christian minds it keeps them from ever reaching the full potential of capitalism and the morality that is generated from it.  The political left needs poor people so that there may yet be a chance to make the writings of Karl Marx successful.  But in truth, unlike Rome where a deep authoritarian government was stifling the economy of that time, poor people did happen because of government and the best form of rebellion then was to care for those who were castigated from Roman society and not playing with the “in-crowd.”  Economies with too much government authority do produce poor people who arrive there sometimes without their doing.  Perhaps their family were political rivals of whatever authoritarian government was in charge at the time, making getting work to support themselves impossible.  Some of that still goes on in the world, but capitalism has been the solution to it, not the creation.  The big lie has been that capitalism makes the haves have more than the have nots.  But it has always been government who has limited opportunities making it so that the poor couldn’t pull themselves up out of a tough situation.

Additionally, sanity is not a guarantee.  A look at the lives of most children show perpetual promise for their lives, but as they grow up and start stacking mistakes in life behind them, by the time they are 30, 40, or 50 those mistakes become overwhelming and their minds collapse on themselves and they lose sanity along the way, which may cause them to lose perspective and turn to homelessness as a last result on a life they’ve given up on.  When you watch a homeless person eat their own shit in a city street such as San Francisco just to get something in their mouth, you are seeing a person who has lost their mind.  The way to avoid homelessness is to help those people regain their minds, throwing money at them will do nothing.   You must fix the way their mind actually thinks.  The problems for these people may have started with a loss of parental figures, mistakes as teenagers with drugs and sex where the shame stacks up so great that they find they can’t relate with normal people at Wal-Mart for a shopping excursion.  Years and years of abusing a mind with mountains of guilt will certainly cause a person to retreat to homelessness if allowed to fall that far.  Then the sad thing about it, especially in political districts like Nancy Pelosi is to find that like their partners in Europe they want the people homeless so that they can point to government and declare that it’s their job to solve the problem of the poor which indirectly controls Republicans by exploiting their Christian teachings.  It turns out to be just another form of control.  But never mistake being poor with helplessness.  Government causes people to be poor by exploiting the unambitious for more power to rule over economies across the world.  Being poor in America is a choice now, nobody needs to be if they only showed a little gumption.  Being poor in Europe is also a choice, but there it is due to limited options do to overly intrusive governments that people have picked for themselves.  But being poor in this entire world is a decision, not an act of nature.  And that is the distinction we need for our times and circumstances.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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