The Nature of Liberals is to Lose: As we drain the swamp this week, keep that in mind

I know the calls for revolution are intense, especially going into this upcoming week where the senate runoffs in Georgia are high on everyone’s minds and of course the illustrious 6th where Mike Pence is poised to reject the electors from the contested seats after hearing over a day’s worth of testimony about massive voter fraud as a massive MAGA rally will chant their anger from the streets at a fever pitch.  But this is a different kind of revolution to me, not one where the threats of violence are going to solve the problem.  Its certainly healthy for the villains of our society to feel that tug of fear and to see the kind of defiance of their schemes that they will witness this week. But ultimately the solution is in education, teaching people how to think and arrive at the proper resolutions that will fix the problem of government abuse most diligently.  A lot of people, way too many people in America feel like victims to the treachery of the political left and that’s not good, it leaves the wrong people feeling vulnerable in society which I’d propose is a kind of magic trick that has been played.  The United States is a conservative nation.  It has in it a few veins of liberalism that has been imported from a very porous border for many years, but in the vast areas between the cities all across the nation, liberalism is rejected quite audaciously.  But if you just watch the news and listen to the accepted mainstream media, you’d think we are a different kind of nation, a much more liberal one that is following China around like a big brother, and that’s just not how it is.  Much of that will be revealed this week, the clash of the kind of country that we are will smash into the kind of country they want us to be, and that’s good.  But the battlefront isn’t physical, its mental.

Once you know what kind of person a liberal is, you will quickly find that your mind can be settled as to what role you play in the maintenance of your country. In the video above, I define the liberal not in a way where we must think of them as enemies intent for destruction, but as cowards afraid of life who are looking for help in existence.  We can decide as a culture whether or not we want to help such people, but what we can be clear on is that liberals cannot play a part in the shaping of our culture because they all tend to be cheaters, they are lazy, and as a core tenet of their personality, they are negative followers who need to feed off others to survive in the world.  Thus, they cannot and should never be in charge of anything in a society. We may look at them and feel sorry for them.  We may want to teach them to think better in the world.  Because they live in our communities and cities, we may want to help them for our own survival so they won’t be douche bags and complete leeches off everything we build, but never forget that the mind of the liberal is suffering from various degrees of mental illness.  As I said in the video, they are below the line thinkers, terrified of the world around them, not able to wake up in the morning with a resolute mind, with a firm grip on survivable principles to live by.  That makes them not only dangerous to themselves, but to others and they do need help, not necessarily shot in the streets.  As the best culture on the face of planet earth in the entire history of the earth, America should be able to help people like liberals.  But we cannot illusion ourselves in thinking they can be trusted with responsible government positions, which is exactly how we ended up with this present problem.  We allowed the mentally ill to be in responsible positions in our government and they did what they do everywhere, they ruined it. 

As good Christians a majority in the MAGA movement followed the Bible and did what it told us to do, help the poor, the downtrodden and to even turn the other cheek on those who “trespass against us.”  Well, God might give everyone a cookie for that nice behavior in the next life, but that is not the way to manage a good government.  The liberals took that position as a sign of weakness and sought out to exploit us, and to then bring down the nation and to roll it into the communism that is eating the world, so they could hide their incompetence behind the turmoils that have plagued the world for millenniums.  Saul Alinsky and the Al Capone mob showed liberals how to do that and the Democrat party of today is very much born from those lessons which is why they behave more like an organized crime outfit than members of an intelligent republic which is how America was designed to conduct its affairs.  We are in trouble today politically because we were too nice when we should have been firmer, and more critical of debauchery and mayhem, because we allowed bad behavior to set the policy in Washington for too long.  Then when we sent in Trump to clean it up, the bad behavior had turned into a swamp of mindless snakes and alligators who wanted to remain hidden from the light of day, and they snapped at us.  But they are not in charge and the process of draining the swamp of the vile creatures begins officially this week, and what we put in its place must be the understanding of how a republic operates, not defined by liberals who screwed it up the first time.

Context is what we need right now.  Liberals cry more due to their below the line thinking so they sound like there are more of them than of conservatives who are above the line in their efforts.  We have not lost our country.  Now is not the time to panic.  Just because we have discovered a lot of ugliness that was always there, there are not more liberals than conservatives and justice is not as in jeopardy as we might have thought.  We might be disappointed by the cowardness of people we trusted to run the law, and to vote in the republic.  We might have been shocked by the schemes that have been in place to lick the boots of China that are decades old in the making.  But when it comes to fighting, liberals are extremely easy to beat.   They only think they are the smartest people in the room because conservatives have been trying to be fair to them, to treat them as “equals” and they mistook that compassion for weakness.  But in nature, the weak don’t rule the strong, or intelligent.  The concepts of liberalism are below the line in their thinking and fail when applied to reality.  And that type of thinking is not going to take over our country once people understand the game that has been playing.  80 million people voted for Trump if you count the destroyed ballots tossed in dumpsters and cast to the side of the road by liberals trying to cheat, but the election map doesn’t lie.  People are what they are, and there are not enough liberals to take over our country.  And that is something to feel good about as we enter one of the most contentious, and bold resurrections of our republic that anybody has ever witnessed—finally pulling the plug on the swamp and showing the world the ugliness that has been growing there that we are now cleaning up.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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