A National Debt of $30 Trillion: An attack meant to crush us as a nation

So, with the new Covid relief bill, now signed with all the pork that is in it, the national debt will shoot up to $30 trillion, which is unfathomably reckless, and much of it will have occurred under President Trump’s watch, which was just another trap intended to give politicians looser purse strings in the future.  Meanwhile the enemies of western civilization are looking to completely crush America with blinding debt to destroy our society.  They can’t beat us in the marketplace, they can’t beat us with the military, so they have turned to debt to be the invader, and it has been doing its crushing work.  That leaves the obvious questions that has been asked, and will continue to be, if President Trump created so much debt to get the economy rolling again, then why is he so great?  Why are budget hawks from the Tea Party willing to give Trump a pass but not Obama?  Really anything over the $20 trillions is dangerous since it is much higher than our nation’s GDP, so what and why is the difference.  Well, the answer is actually pretty easy, but it takes a Trump to pull off the upset, which has been the case over these last four years.  And without turning loose the free market as Trump has, there is no chance in catching that national debt, so this idea of government recognizing this fact and that they have conspired to work against Trump to push the national debt up over the $30 trillion mark tells us really who the enemies are domestically for the behavior has rooted them out from the woodworks and displayed their evil for all to see.

I have not worried about the national debt up to this point because with Trump the debt was more investment than just raw spending, the way a socialist like Barack Obama spent money.  Under Trump there has been around $15 trillion of additional wealth created through just the stock market, which compounds out into society in all kinds of interesting ways, so the money to pay back the debt has been established.  It would take around two years of another Trump administration to get the debt clock running backwards.  But an interruption in administrative policy was always the risk.  And obviously even Republicans are wary of the responsibility.  Too many of them have taken money from China, or let the enemy have too many goods on them that they don’t feel free to act appropriately to deal with all that new wealth and turn back the debt clock.  When I say goods in this instance we know now that China has sent in many honeypot spies to infiltrate politicians everywhere and they are compromised accordingly, which gives China and other foreign entities complete control over their lives, which allows for extortion, or investment into their campaigns depending on behavior.  China wants America in debt so they can crush us.  And they don’t like Trump’s plan of paying for the debt with growth they will never be able to catch with their own GDP. https://usdebtclock.org/

All during the Christmas week of 2020, as talk of removing Trump from office was at a fever pitch, and the FBI was giving press conferences on shootings and RV bombings on Christmas Day to keep our minds from learning the details of just how extensive the cheating network against the president was, to cheat and steal an American election, the media talk was about how China would overcome our economy in GDP within the decade—which is pure propaganda.  For that to happen, Trump would have to be out of office and a Chinese stooge like Beijing Biden would have to be in office to continue the rubber stamp accounting that got us into trouble to begin with.  For the money to keep coming to the political class, what we call these days “The Swamp” America’s economy has to tank and the politicians have to help it along recklessly as they have been doing and are now caught in gross over reach as was the evidence of the latest Covid bill that Trump refused to sign due to the small amount on the relief checks that the government was going to issue the people—a measly $600 dollars.  Thankfully Trump did not fall in that trap and is waiting out the clock before signing, because the plan is to blame the bill later on Trump, just as the last relief bill was established.  When Tea Party types point to the debt and complain, the swamp creatures plan to point at the outgoing Trump and to say “see, it was your guy.”  When in fact they are using the China virus as the means to drive the panic driven debt that was intended to empty our treasury with growth debt for which China would be there to buy up and control us even more. 

I don’t think Trump will be out of office still, and if he does, there won’t be a clean Biden transition.  The evidence on voter fraud is just too great.  So, nobody can say what that will do to continuity of the Executive Branch, since nobody has even seen such a thing before.  I think we will operate as two nations in a civil war for quite some time, which may be great.  It may halt spending all together because nobody wants to make a move against the other.  If the spending can be stopped and the growth that Trump started can manifest, then I see a rollback of the debt clock within a few years.  Trump has always had a plan to deal with it, which has caused the panic we have seen in 2020, especially with Covid.  Our economy was attacked to sink Trump at the ballot box, but that didn’t turn out as they wanted.  There are now so many loose ends that the fingerprints of the enemy are clearly seen which wasn’t the plan.  But China as a communist country had no other means to harm their rival and try to boost up themselves because their entire plan for boosting their GDP is to steal wealth from America and repackage it into China.  That is why they have put so much effort into crushing our economy directly through debt, but in why they have committed so many resources to infiltrating our political class to weaken them any way possible. 

Truthfully, we can’t afford to not have Trump in the White House, because the Swamp knows it has already signed up for a debt forgiveness plan that would involve giving up American sovereignty and surrendering to government control by the United Nations as the debt will be called and we’ll have no choice in the matter.  Due to our own mismanagement and without a way to convert the wealth that was stolen from us and putting it back into the economy under an Adam Smith freedom movement, the plan is to freeze us as a nation under the crushing debt and to gain control of us all.  As Trump has been playing a dangerous game, it really comes down to someone like him, a free person who understands money, who can pull off the upset.  But its also another reason why the Swamp cannot allow him to be president again and actually fix the debt problem.  Because a collapse of the American economy is the only way China achieves their goals.  So, with all that in mind the enemies of America are easy to see, they are the ones who want to continue spending money with these big trillion-dollar bills that no politician ever plans to pay back.  And they want Trump out of the way so they can blame the debt on him as they use these new standards to approve even bigger and more disastrous bills that will crush us as a country and turn everything over to China, who now is controlling the United Nations.  And at that point, they think it will be all over. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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