$600 From the Government is an Insult: How little they think of us

To say the least, I was deeply insulted with the stimulus bill that congress sent to President Trump the first time, where silly little payments of $600 were poised to be sent out to every man, woman, and child.  All that while adding billions of pork spending to all types of greenie weenie proposals, and international bail outs.  It was an audacious attempt to appease the public and hide some really bad inflationary efforts to further destroy our economy with debt burdens that would far outlast the next generation and was as thoughtless as a baby picking its nose.  It was horrendous in its considerations and that they thought so little about us by offering only $600 for all our troubles in 2020 was mind blowing in its sheer stupidity.  Even the push by President Trump to get more money to people, of $2000 isn’t near far enough.  Try $30,000 to start with.  The cost to us all that this dumb government has imposed on us is unfathomable and has been a serious letdown.  Unforgivable really, $600 doesn’t come close to giving back to anybody what they lost in 2020 which was one of the most mismanaged years on record.  The government in general going all in on removing Trump from office started it with impeachment for criminal actions Beijing Biden was actually guilty of, then when that didn’t work, they went all in on Covid-19 wanting to shut down the economy completely ruining our lives at every level just so they could blame it on Trump, destroy the economy that flourished under his time in office, and keep him from getting re-elected.  It was all a political show and it pulled in everyone, even President Trump.

What we endured was 100%, made-up fiction politically motivated and using voters as collateral damage.  Government didn’t care what lives they ruined, how miserable they made us, who went bankrupt do to their mismanagement.  And now, where it is obviously a scam, the entire Covid “pandemic” where even the Trumps have to keep reminding people that it was a valid virus so they don’t look like suckers for allowing Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci to scare them into supporting the lockdowns, everyone is dirty due to their support of the China scam to destroy the American way of life.  Everyone from network executives, to the billions and billions that Disney has lost to blue state governors hungry for power through emergency orders, virtually everyone was suckered and is now reluctant to admit to the damage they caused.  How else would Bob Iger explain to investors why the stock has dropped so far—“oh we were under a global pandemic!  Its not my fault.”  Covid-19 was meant to take advantage of everyone’s good nature and to exploit them for an overthrow of the world toward communism, and to remove Trump from office.  But nobody thought of what happened next, the aftermath where lots of pissed off Americans were looking for some relief from a government that had let them down so emphatically, and recklessly.  Knowing all that, the government came up with $600, a measly amount that for many lunches in Washington D.C. is the cost of a daily meal.  How audaciously ignorant.

The truth is that many state governors including some Republicans used and abused their emergency powers to gain power over the economy and held that power entirely too long which has cost average people tens of thousands of dollars per household.  And the lawsuits are coming for which even with a progressive judiciary those governors won’t win.  The only defense for their abuse of power that they can use is to play up the pandemic as real and a threat to everyone so that nobody jumps all over them for the misery they have caused.  In a million years none of these politicians will admit in the light of day what a mistake they made with Covid, because they can’t afford to.  Covid-19 will be known to history as the dumbest thing that humans have done to themselves by allowing very unsophisticated politicians to be suckered by a communist plot to destroy their competitor in the United States with a self-imposed suicide.  And now we’ve survived with the damage and we want our money back.  But government doesn’t have it.  So they threw this measly amount at us because they think so little of us then made it worse by bailing out the rest of the world hoping to keep the pitch forks at bay by everyone for doing their job so terribly that they sought to appease the voters and the globalists all within the same bill.  I’m happy Trump rejected it after some initial feedback such as mine, but it’s the intent of the bill we should all be concerned with. 

The way I see it the government through their mismanagement of our country in reaction to Covid borrowed from each of us, the taxpayers of America over a million dollars of opportunity cost.  They squandered that money away during 2020.  They gave us a measly $1,200 check at the start of the disaster back in April and May of 2020, then it took them the entire rest of the year to come up with $600.  That’s it!  The rest of that money was wasted then given away in further debt to the rest of the world because those idiots thought that the United Nations would be running everything anyway so appeasement now would soften the blow later—or so they thought.  Meanwhile we can drive through all our neighborhoods and see the many restaurants that are now out of business, the foreclosures on homes, the manufacturing facilities that have been shut down due to tyrannical health departments drunk on power destroying our economy in the process all for the dirty little secret that they wanted the economy to tank so that voters would take it out on Trump in the last election.  But they voted for him anyway.  So to cover up all this evil, Democrats conspired to steal the election, for which even Republicans in on all this scam played along with hoping to certify a Beijing Biden administration to keep all this monstrosity hidden from the public.  But its out, we know, we’ve seen it and lived it, yet they thought so little of us that they actually thought $600 would settle the matter. 

It really comes down to respect, our government does not respect us, and this bill was the evidence.  Many of us have thought that way for long before Covid, but now everyone knows.  The audacity of it all has been mind numbing yet illuminating.  Nobody can doubt the dishonesty of our government anymore after 2020, after the phony impeachments, the phony Covid, the phony election and for all our trouble and the mess they left behind we’re supposed to be happy with $600.  Or $2000?  To make things right with me and my family it would take millions.  Opportunity cost is a very real thing and losing an entire year of a thriving Trump economy is an attack on my life and my family and I’m not happy about it.  That was before the cheat in the election and all the rest of the nonsense.  To abuse government office the way these idiots have is abysmal.  I can put up with mistakes in judgment, but what I can’t put up with is a purposeful attack on my way of life, spending millions to do it, then giving me back pennies on the dollar.   It is reprehensible to even think about!  And no matter what the government comes up with as a pay back, it will never be enough. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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2 thoughts on “$600 From the Government is an Insult: How little they think of us

  1. $600.00 is an insult. Property taxes will be due and I am told will be raised due to revalued appraisals. Plenty of people will be losing their homes. Plus local businesses are losing money and may not recover. At the same time our, so-called, educational experts are being paid while sitting home. Will they receive a “stimulus check?


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