The Ayn Rand Dream of West Chester, Ohio: Small government leads to prosperity most every time

Its not all that surprising, I remember well when people squawked an awkward eye at me and would say, “you are so intelligent, and well spoken, and hardworking, but you f**k it all up when you start talking about these damn conspiracy theories and call teachers’ communists.  You lose everyone when you say things like that.”  Well, my reply has always been, “it’s the truth, and the conspiracies are hidden behind the reluctance to name the beasts what they really are.  It would be dishonest to not name them properly.”  Ironically now, after several decades and due to the Trump election of 2020, the masks are off, and nobody is hiding it any longer.   For instance, the Lakota school system in my home town has created a whole lot of energy satisfying the needs of Black Lives Matters including a new diversity position meant to inform the school board of any acts of resistance to wokeness, without qualifying that BLM fully intendeds to bring down the values of western civilization starting with the family—to essentially replace the school as a parent in kids lives and push out the biological parents so that we can all raise each other in one big Marxist village, like it is done in Africa.  So rather than assimilation into the American values of our intent to create schools with instructing young students the five basic elements government schools were to teach, 1 the existence of a creator who made all things, 2 the revelation of a moral code of behavior with the assumption of the Creator’s intent, 3 the responsibility of mankind for the way the treat each other, 4 the goals of mankind to live beyond their years on earth and to embrace their immortal character, and 5 in the next life mankind are judged for their likely conduct.  Those were the goals of Ben Franklin as the new nation contemplated the intent of public schools, yet we know and are sure of it from their own teacher union mouths that organizations such as BLM working with the school board in my community intends to replace God and the individual family that produced the child with central government and a blind obedience to them for the rest of their life in dependence. 

But where it counted most, the little town of West Chester, Ohio, literally invented as I grew up from a race car driving teenager racing cars in dramatic ways in the very fields that now host a vast economy of West Chester before there was a single building to get in the way of speeds in excess of 100 mph, a paradise similar to Ayn Rand’s most fantastic concepts in her famous novels rose up along I-75 to give an opportunity to people that no government on earth could create.  And it all started with a small government that was purposely kept small from the beginning of the making of West Chester, where temptations to become a city were fought off, along with the creation of a Democrat oriented city council.  In West Chester, as investors discovered the small government and taxation policies of the new community, within 30 years the area exploded into a surrounding community of 400,000 people with around 100,000 living in the direct region with a per capita income among the highest in the nation, and becoming one of the top 100 places to live in America. 

With the same foundation rules applied that informed us that our public-school systems were following paths of communism based on hard core Marxism, introduced to our tax paying base through the local teacher unions, West Chester led by a few very good politicians were able to keep those Marxist ideas out of the development of the community starting with the first farm field that was converted to a 5 or 6 story building committed to business and commerce.  One politician who I consider a very good friend was George Lang who every year for Christmas passed out copies of Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand’s great classic novel to people lucky enough to be on his vast Christmas list.  And he lived the book in his business dealing and shaping of the political structure, which West Chester to this very day show distinctly. While most communities in 2020 all across the United States are struggling and working with declining conditions, starting with their school systems followed by their local economy, West Chester operates with little debt and still manages to attract large business investments creating something of a paradise that wouldn’t be found many other places on earth with such large populations, but a quality of living that would only be imagined in other years in history. 

With all the bad we have learned about by government after the Trump election of 2020 and the potential of foreign infiltration we have learned about by communist China in the wake of those election results, I find it amazing that West Chester ever came to be at all, knowing some of the behind the scenes problems that communities up and down the highways of Ohio are experiencing, and especially in Northern Kentucky around the international airport there. Life is hard in those communities where they squawked at the potential infiltration of communism into their city councils and school boards without question—but now see that its too late to stop.  In West Chester because government was kept purposely small and the philosophy of Ayn Rand was embraced by those running things, the results are obvious.  Just as the four years of President Trump embracing the same type of ideas has blown the doors off conventional big government approaches that have strangled people for years.  Now that those masks of communism have come off in defiance of President Trump, it becomes clear quickly what has been going on all along. 

I’m not here to rub everyone’s nose in it, I’ve been talking about these things for a long time.  But West Chester which I have often talked about because I grew up with it and watched all the right things happen inspired by people I actually knew who were in charge of it, and running against the tides taught to us in school which valued Marxism much more than capitalism going against Ben Franklin’s original ideas for creating a public school in the first place, the quality of life that were created for people who follow raw aspects of capitalism and reject the tenants of communism and Marxism are obvious.  Given the challenges of 2020 that were artificially caused by big government, such as the ridiculous Covid-19 mandates that were actually communism in disguise given to us directly by China’s desire to destroy our American culture which hungry politicians looking for campaign donations were eager to embrace, the small government of West Chester has been able to thrive as much as possible in the wake of disaster, more so than most other places.  Even better, the Butler County Sheriff has resisted the insanity of an out of control central government and acted on behalf of the people to close the door on power hungry governors and power drunk health directors by putting himself between them and the people who elected him.  Which is also a big part of the story.  A story I have always valued, but one where I am these days, deeply appreciative of.  West Chester is a fine example of what works to point to and show the world what they should be doing, and why.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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