How China Fights: Looking at the means of attack that aren’t so obvious

To fight the enemy, you must understand who the enemy is and what means they are using to attack you.  That is certainly the case with how China is attacking America currently and has for so many years.  In the video above, I am using a micro analogy, to the macro strategy.  You simply take this example and apply it to many industries across many platforms and you’ll see clearly what they have been up to and how they arrived to the present time so well equipped to use our own people against us in government for their long diabolical plot to take over the world.  China does not want to fight any of us directly, that is not how they do anything.  Rather, they want control of the propaganda machines itself which in America we call the entertainment industry.  This was a target the Chinese established years ago as their goal and we have been watching it develop quietly until of course they now run most of the media directly or indirectly in America as a result.  I would propose that it all started with the purchase of several Hollywood movie studios, most notably, Legendary Studios after the 2014 release of the new generation of Godzilla movies. 

In the video above I told a brief story about how the Chinese communists invaded China in the wake of World War II, after General Chennault’s Flying Tigers was decommissioned into the Pacific theater to combat the Japanese, oddly.  General Stilwell back then seemed oddly inclined to only provide Chennault with enough resources to make a good showing in the war.  The Flying Tigers were in fact over performing which seemed to greatly irritate the regional commander.  Further, many of Chennault’s best pilots were taken from him, like Tex Avery and sent to carrier deployment while a rag tag team of the AVG continued to fight the Japanese over China.  By the end of the war China was left in ruins as the American forces were pulled out paving the way for Mao Zedong to move out of the north, from Russia with love, to fill the power void thus ushering in communism to their entire Asian region.  Back home in America Chennault warned about the threat communism poised in the region he fought so hard to protect, and he was proven right with the Korean War and the Vietnamese War followed by China moving from a third world country to becoming one of the world’s superpowers.   In hindsight, it was obvious that Chennault’s observations that America had no interest in stopping communism in China was more than apathy.  It was a strategy and he had played his part in helping it along.  The Japanese and Americans were thrown together to start a war and wear out each other while the real power forces of communism would be poised to take over, which is precisely what happened. 

China is at it again using media, executive investment, and seductress spies to infiltrate our culture in America and undo us from within as they sit poised to sweep in on the backs of the wreckage to take over with full fledged communism.  We saw the results of this strategy during 2020 when big tech companies like Google and Facebook went full communism in censoring the press and shockingly the press was in on the efforts fully, which if anybody were paying attention they would have noticed when the Wanda Group purchased Legendary Studios after the string of hits they had, finalized after Godzilla did respectable box office numbers.  After a string of big hits, especially the Batman films of Christopher Nolan the Chinese acquired the studio to fulfill their need of controlling the message of communism in America through Hollywood.  It wouldn’t be their only big studio purchase, but it shows their strategy of taking control of Hollywood products and the American media in general.  The next film under Legendary Studios, Kong: Skull Island was essentially a film about communist propaganda and the next film after that, Godzilla, King of the Monsters was even worse.  Legendary Studios lost their market, the movies were good monster movies with great effects, but the heart was gone and movie audiences could sense that something was wrong, so the films were rejected at the box office.

China was growing tired of accepting the ten or so movies that American studios were trying to show to their 1.40 billion people, so their strategy was to control the films being made in America, or at least controlling their content.  That was the obvious problem with the Disney studios who began trying to cater their Marvel and Star Wars films to that market’s sensibilities.  Most notably was the scene from the Star Wars film The Last Jedi where a black guy and an Asian went to a casino planet and saved some animals and talked about the evils of both sides in arms trading.  It baffled long time Star Wars fans but was a clear appeasement of the Chinese censors to win over the communists to showing more Star Wars films to the people of China.  Of course, American audiences rejected the new Star Wars films largely and the brand damage done to Disney was immense.  In trying to reach the communist market, Disney had destroyed itself in the capitalist markets.  They couldn’t bring everyone together with a common love of a movie, but instead, China deepened its strategy of taking over American media by convincing them to chase after China’s vast population, even though only a small percentage could actually go and see the movies that were allowed to be shown in China.

Now this all might seem pretty harmless, what does war have to do with making movies?  Well, for the communists its all about setting up market collapses of industry, getting American titans of industry to over-invest, or be crushed by a compromised status such as some honey pot getting scandalous information on a powerful figure then China buys up propaganda assets on the cheap then uses those assets to convince Americans to kill their economy with green technology, or in attacking the traditional roles of men in society, or confusing the hell out of women while talking about the great merits of a collective communist society to set everyone up for an eventual Chinese take over of all markets, not just movies, but car manufacturing, aerospace, even zoning administrations and state and federal government positions.  China knows and has done this for a long time, if they can control the message, they can control the people.  The tactics were used by Mao Zedong after World War II, even during to help propagate the conflict with the right power players to get them to wear each other out opening the door for new powers to take over when strategically possible.  And China has been doing just that to America for decades and most notably with the purchase of Hollywood assets like Legendary Studios.  As a long time lover of King Kong, I could barely sit through Kong: Skull Island where the primitives on the island were now the heroes and collectivism was the way to stay alive, not one man against the beast to win the love of the damsel in distress.  The attack may seem subtle, but as I demonstrated here, it is extremely obvious, especially in hindsight.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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