Wanted: Men who can shoot and defend our nation against evil

Observing the situation clearly, and now no longer speculating what foreign intentions have been for our country in pitching the stupid ideas that our media have picked up and ran with, like domesticizing men and devaluing women to become more man like over the years was a clear attack on the defense of our nation.  As we look at the massive amounts of short courage in standing up for ourselves in the face of great evil regarding this election fraud issue alone, and the bullying that has been evident by corrupt and stupid governors regarding Covid-19 one thing is clear, we have needed men to defend our country and great women to raise our families and we’ve had neither leaving America open to foreign attack and scandalous behavior unchecked.  And for me it all starts with gun ownership.  Sadly, many young men and women these days have forgotten the value of a good gun and what it does for the psyche of boys and men everywhere and that at its most primal function has been the means for how China and their puppets in politics and the media have felt so confident in conducting plots of American destruction openly now in the light of day, and its been reprehensible. 

In the video above I provide several examples of why guns and gun ownership are positives specifically for young men.  Part of the plot to feminize men has been to conquer them more easily as China has planned their attack for a long time.  They didn’t want any resistance so with the same audacity that they sought to cheat in our 2020 election, they have been trying to convince men that defending their nation, and their women was a futile and stupid concept.  They also wanted to de-emphasize the need to learn combat and self-defense so that when they were attacked or were throttled in the street by some Antifa thug, that they wouldn’t know how to fight back. And like a bunch of dummies, culturally, certainly not in my household, we listened to their dumb asses.  I grew up knowing many good men who all had guns.  My grandparents had farms, real farms and on Thanksgivings, especially when I was young after dinner, we went out shooting in the field in the stark cold air.  It was for me an initiation into manhood, a way to teach the young the secrets of masculinity and of guarding the valor of a family.  It was a code of honor to learn about different guns and how they shot, how much power had to be controlled while shooting.  Guns just as is featured in the yearly classic Christmas movie, A Christmas Story, are the centerpiece of American civilization, especially in the life of men.  Women aren’t excluded, but typically women in traditional families like to talk about food and feeding the men in their lives, while men went out shooting together to work up an appetite for dessert once they returned inside.  And America was strong and dumb little attackers both foreign and domestic weren’t trying to overthrow the nation, because they would have been shot and killed for attempting it.

Women have their menstrual cycles to announce to them that they are changed from girls into sexually dangerous specimens who could give birth and start families of their own.  Men have almost no rituals to tell them how to manage their bigger, stronger bodies after puberty nor how to deal with their newly loaded guns in their reproductive organs.  Once boys become men with the ability to get a girl pregnant, the need to explain that danger to them is vital to the survival of any successful society.  It used to be that men respected women and they learned those basic skills by learning to shoot and master the techniques it took to handle firearms.  If boys learned how to handle guns and not kill other people in the process, they were more prepared to not stick their penises into every girl who would let them and not start families they weren’t prepared to support with a lifelong commitment.  And we can look around today and see what progressives have done to young men.  Boys today are totally disconnected from consequences because nobody has taught them how to manage danger.  Today sex is without consequence and overly coddled young men are completely devoid of the basic skills it takes to run a family, or to be in a relationship with a woman and the children of their life.  In many ways, it does all start with learning gun ownership in America.

Repeating what I said about men I knew when I was young, they all owned and used guns, not a single one out of many dozens ever shot anybody, or robbed a store, or behaved in bad ways.  All of them held responsible jobs, conducted themselves with care understanding the power they had as men, being stronger, more aggressive by nature than women typically are, the guns in their lives taught them the code of conduct for which to live.  It also taught them when it was necessary to stand up to bad people, whether it was at a trustee meeting, or a school board meeting, or some other local government event.  Gun ownership and the reminder of them hanging on a gun rack in their bedroom, or next to their bed emphasized that if justice was to be administered in life, it had to come from them, not some government losers looking for a payday out of China as we have today.  Guns have always been the centerpiece of an advanced culture because it brought forth in the men of that culture a sense of purpose and ownership that solidified constitutional principles. 

So it is in that context that we should know that political enemies of America have been seeking to destroy that relationship in preparation for their great, planned conquest.  They wanted to convince men that Bruce Jenner could put on a dress and be just another one of the girls while public schools are suspending the young boys in school for make the shape of a gun with their hands and play shooting with other boys on the playground.  That school officers and police are now being called if a teacher sees a child on a video conference who has a Nerf gun hanging on the wall behind them and designating them as a menace to society.  You can have sex and be taught all kinds of perversions in the 3rd grade these days, but if a school or any progressive learns that you bought a child a Red Ryder BB gun, then it is assumed the state has a right to destroy that family with government oversight.  And if there are some men who want to take the young boys out shooting, the are now considered terrorists, if the governors of our states even let us have Thanksgiving or Christmas due to Covid-19.  So, you see dear reader what has happened and how we arrived here.  We let progressives and foreign attackers set our gun policy and define for us what it took to be a man, and they screwed up and turned our society into cowards, and child delinquent monsters more at home in the Clockwork Orange than as heads of families and productive American citizens.  And its been reprehensible to watch, especially in the wake of great constitutional tragedy and a time where more strong people are needed from both sexes to rise to the occasion of our times and to defend us from foreign invasion.  There hasn’t been anybody there to hold the line because instead of grabbing guns to defend ourselves from aggression, the modern men are getting their hair done and picking out panties at Wal-Mart to replace the ones they soiled after the latest news broadcast scaring them to death over the next made-up pandemic by the CDC. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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