The Supreme Court Let Us Down: Trump won, Biden lost–if we can’t trust the courts, then we have to take matters into our own hands

Its certainly a detriment to all who love peace and justice to see the result of a campaign of violence conducted by domestic terrorists all during 2020 to have such an impact to terrify the Supreme Court from action defending the Constitution, but honestly, is anybody surprised?  People have failed in the face of great evil and we always knew they would.  As I have been saying, the people picked the criminal Barabbas over Jesus Christ—they always do.  And the American Supreme Court, just like our Justice Department with Bill Barr just doesn’t have the level of honor and love of country to deal with the threats that are coming from the insurgent left.  Like most people they hide their cowardness behind procedural bureaucracy so to avoid having the same mob that burnt down cities all through the year from coming to their house to bash their heads in with bricks, rape their women, and berate their skinny jean men with insults that would soften their souls for eternity.  However, as I said in the video above, President Trump won that election.  We are getting more and more evidence every day, just as I said would be the case of massive voter fraud.  It was interesting how Pennsylvania referred to the decision that the High Court could not rob 2 million votes from the election—but the story they didn’t want to talk about was that nobody, especially Beijing Biden could prove that those 2 million votes, or 10 million votes across the country actually were cast by real voters, and not just created out of thin air with Dominion vote switching, paper ballots made up in the parking lot to be counted as authentic, and multiple swipes of the mail in ballots as if one voter represented 3 or 4.  In truth, and this will be how history views the situation, the burden of proof to prove that Biden had any real votes falls on his campaign, which they can’t do because votes are meaningless unless they actually represent a voter, which is clearly a problem for all Democrats. 

Yes, its painful to see so much injustice, but we shouldn’t be surprised.  In situations where courage is required to face down vast amounts of evil, history shows us that evil wins. The few are those with actual bravery who will charge down any danger to stand for justice.  The Supreme Court and various legislatures in actuality are security blankets to secure our timid souls from the burden of doing the hard work of maintaining law and order.  The threats of violence and defunding the police are coming from insurgent groups who fully intend to end our way of life as Americans—to destroy the name all together and make it something else, like “global citizens” or “People of the United Nations.”  The enemy had nothing to lose, they win either way. They either cheat and beat the legal challenges with fast deadlines or they destroy people’s confidence in the concept of America with vast defeats that erode away the very souls of voters.  In either situation people they thought would be poised to accept a new master and to their minds, everyone would live happily ever after. 

But even with all the vast planning that did go on, now we are where we are with all the bad stuff open for all to see, the Biden laptop that we all knew had terrible information on it for that presidential candidate, the phoniness of Covid-19 and how it was used not for health care concerns, but for the creation of a police state and people at this point were still supposed to believe in it.  President Trump took away the excuses in delivering a vaccine, I wouldn’t trust it or take it.  I don’t even believe the virus is that big of a deal.  My immune system can handle it and I’m not taking a bunch of drugs just to make other people’s irrational fears feel more secure.  They need to toughen up.  But Trump did get it delivered in record time and had to threaten jobs to get it released by the weekend.  The pharmacy bureaucracy wanted to take another several years to develop it, which is common in all cultures.  One thing that people fear more than anything, which the left understands conceptually, and practically with their Antifa thugs and BLM crowd, is the threat of violence and a good executive knows how to apply that kind of fear when they need to.  Trump knows how to play that game well, so the vaccine was released over the weekend to begin applying to people this upcoming week.  Then of course there is the mountain of evidence that we are getting every day of voter irregularities where polling shows that most Americans including Democrats do not trust the election results of the presidential election, and of a growing concern, it looks like that if cheating had not been taking place in elections for decades that there would be a lot more Republicans in office than Democrats. 

The burden of fear and conquest is not on your hands dear reader.  And it really isn’t on the Supreme Court or the Department of Justice.  Each institution of government at this point is too busy thinking about how to save their various branches from the historic scrutiny that is the next obvious question, how can we trust anything if we can’t trust an election.  This is where the political insurgents didn’t consider the consequences of the next step. Sure, they organized a vast amount of people to help them cheat and try to steal away America as a concept of a country, but they never expected people to get so made and rise up to smash their faces, as is happening as we speak.  The Stop the Steal March in Washington D.C. today showed to what extent the anger is out there even though it was hardly covered by any media.  The failure of all institutions is what was exploited by our enemy, but they obviously didn’t think about the day after, or the day after that, or the weeks and months to come where people gradually come awake to the problems that have always been there—and they want retribution.

Personally, for me, as I have been saying from the beginning, this election fraud case was going to go on for months, and it probably wouldn’t be resolved before January 20th.  It will in fact go on for many more months and years and if Beijing Biden did get processed into the White House, it would just become more and more embarrassing for him each day, just as is happening now with the laptop of his crooked, porn addicted child molesting son which implicates the dad with knowledge of the crimes and money dumped at him from hostile enemy countries.  In many ways, people needed to come face to face with the mob that their country has become due to them not paying attention to what was going on.  But now they know and its in their face every day.  I tend to think this is all a good thing.  People needed to wake up, they needed a slap in the face of the vast evil that has always been working against us.  They need to stop looking at the courts and government in general to solve their problems.  They need to take matters into their own hands and fight back, which is what is starting to happen.  And it is clear that the other side never expected it.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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5 thoughts on “The Supreme Court Let Us Down: Trump won, Biden lost–if we can’t trust the courts, then we have to take matters into our own hands

  1. Perfect example of Occam’s Razor. Nicely done again, TKR!

    Freedom Fighters know, and more importantly, FEEL what is about to be upon us. It’s like being underwater. We have the solution given to us 233 years ago.

    Standing By……………………..

    This was 6 hours ago……

    Lin Wood
    American Patriots be prepared.

    Events will unfold quickly over next several days.

    Listen to @realDonaldTrump

    CCP attacked our country with a biological weapon. CCP attacked us again to steal election.

    CCP wants our land to grow food.

    We shall NEVER let them take it.



      1. Not sure if excitement is the word I would use. At least in my circles, but know what you mean.
        We didn’t earn our freedom and liberties…except for a sliver that’s left, Others died for it.
        Make no mistake, those that understand that, are eager to do the same. They aren’t armchair quarterbacks. They have pledged their Life, Fortunes and Sacred Honor to do the same. For their country and future generations. This catastrophe absolutely has to be dealt with. By any means.

        It’s nice that WordPress allowed me back. Surely not the first platform I’ve been kicked off or banned from. Surely won’t be the last!
        Fuck ’em. 😉


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