Learning to Fight: Don’t wait for them to attack you

At the core of any free society is the knowledge of self-defense.  Not a single American for instance should ever feel inclined to fear of another individual of any kind.  Once a mind is free of fear it can grapple with the challenge of self-government.  Prior to the elections of 2020 I had the inclination that people were a lot firmer in this understanding, but once the rug of comfortable government has been removed from them, in this case the possibility of losing Trump to a vicious government of thuggish communists has put many on their heels in fear.  Its not the motorcycle gangs and back woods survivalists that I’m talking about, or the Defense Distributed folks who are hard at work making AR lowers as we speak that the government will never know about, nor will they ever who are the problem.  But in general, it’s the people inclined to join groups and work together to fight evil.  The onward Christian solider types, the anti-Antifa people, the community organizers on the conservative side.  Victimhood is their default reaction to danger, and it has been quite an eye-opening experience in these last three weeks where I have reached out to some of them to offer help and unite our forces.  As it turns out many of them are preparing more for having bottles of urine being thrown at them in battles with Antifa than in the big concept of defeating the enemy which has brought up an important aspect to this whole problem.    

Personally, I have no fear of being attacked by anybody anywhere.  I have been attacked in so many ways over the last 50 years, sometimes by big, organized forces that I have the numbed impression that everyone has had such an experience.  But the reality has been that many people have spent their entire lives hiding from that possibility that instead of fighting evil, they have been running from it thinking that was the right thing to do.  It has reminded me of how our state gun laws in Ohio reflect this sentiment with a duty to retreat rather than a duty to stand your ground.  Because conservatives through a lot of gradual acceptance to the left of a secondary influence have chosen to be like the disciples of Jesus Christ running away from Rome after the crucifixion rather than standing and fighting.  And now that fighting the other side is demanded, we don’t have enough foot soldiers to actually do it in reality.  So it is no surprise that when it comes time to fight for the Constitution, fight for our families, or to fight for our very lives, most of our side is hiding instead of grabbing tools for maintaining freedom and engaging the forces of darkness in communism and socialism that are upon us now.  Our people are used to thanking soldiers for their service in fighting for these freedoms in far away places, but now that these enemies are in our back yard, people are not sure what to do about it because all their lives they have been trained to leave it to God for their self-defense which honestly has left them defenseless to the aggressors . 

I never feel defenseless.  Sure, I carry around guns and bullwhips everywhere I go, and large knives.  I don’t think I’m ever far from really effective weapons of some kind or another.  But when they aren’t with me directly, I still never feel vulnerable and that is because as I say all the time, proper self defense starts with what you have going on in your mind.  A good solid mind that can think creatively in dangerous situations is the first step toward personal freedom.  Then mastering some basic self defense techniques like blocking a punch and shifting the momentum of an attacker in a fist fight is the next step.  I learned these basic techniques in the 8th grade and have never forgotten them.  Once you learn those you can really make sure you never lose a fight with another person again.  It doesn’t promise that you will win, but you can certainly make sure they can’t defeat you if you never give them an opportunity to suppress you, which is the point of any conflict.  Being able to sweep away a punch or a grab by an attacker is an essential step in maintaining freedom.  If you don’t feel dear reader that you can basically defend yourself you should take a basic martial arts class.  It doesn’t matter how old you are, you should do it today, because once you know you can at least defend yourself you aren’t praying to God for avoiding danger nor are you relying on government to protect you and your family.  And at that point you won’t be vulnerable to the actions of some supreme being or a government for your life. 

The more advanced steps would be in learning a specific skill with melee weapons.  For me bullwhips are something I’ve worked with for many years.  I can use two at a time to fend off perhaps 90% of any stack of ill intentions and that has worked for me for 40 years.  Sure, I’ve been in lots of fights, more on the front side of that number than the later.  When you get older fewer people want to fight you like they do when you are young and fighting over status in life, and fighting over the same cute girls.  But all that fighting leads to great experience that will help you all your life.  It doesn’t have to be bullwhips, it can be anything, a knife, nunchakus, a good staff—anything.  Then of course there is developing a proficiency with a gun.  When I was younger, I didn’t mind jumping around doing dive rolls and cartwheels and that kind of thing.  But when you get older and smarter, you just want to put down the assailant quickly so you can get back to other things in your life.  So, a gun is much more efficient, and I see it as the gap filler of that last 10% of the time that we need self-defense coverage.   I would say to you, start somewhere, don’t try to cover all 100% of every circumstance in your life.  But start somewhere and begin the journey.  Its better than waiting around trusting others to protect you.

Whatever you do, you must do it.  The attackers in our life do not have any plans to make peace.  They can only win at life by stealing from us our happiness and our worldly accumulation of possessions, including our families that we build with the essence of our existence.  Wanting peace and throwing down any weapons to defend it is not an olive branch to the other side.  Its an invitation to have them attack you and destroy everything about you, which is precisely what they plan to do.  Don’t just look to President Trump to be your savior.  Take the world he has revealed to you, with all the scum that is now easy to see and act in a way that will protect yourself and those you care about most from the viciousness of a dangerous government insurrection in these times of crises and mayhem.  Don’t look to others to protect you, look inside yourself.  And the more you do that, the better off we’ll all be. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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