We Are Not Supposed to Have “Elites” in America: A ruling class is something to look down on, not to worship

Something that has come up a lot, especially after the last several weeks as many political pundits, especially Fox’s Tucker Carlson, has ranted in frustration about the “elites” in our society ruling us from beyond the law.  As these people have put it, there are laws the rest of us follow, then there are the laws the ruling class follows.  Most specifically this observation has been directed at the Covid lockdowns where governors who have imposed closed aspects to the economy have been caught going to get their hair done or have been attending mask less spectacles such as going to expensive restaurants while everyone else was forced to stay home following ridiculously stupid CDC guidelines.  But its also been referred to in reference to the election fraud of 2020.  In spite of what people wanted in re-electing President Trump, the “elites” were going to give us hiding, lying, Joe Biden anyway, no matter what we thought.  Well, all that may be true, but it is not the way America was designed to operate and in order to fix this silly problem, people need to understand their role in the American experience.  Celebrity was never meant to bring a tier society similar to Europe to America.  Rather, if a person with a new idea could find something new, they should and could have access to the top tier people of our society and be able to work those associations to positive productivity.

In the video above I told a bit of the story of Melania Trump in meeting Donald Trump to become his third and final wife.  As I was telling it I was thinking of a former fashion model and someone I knew who was married to a very prominent man of great wealth in Cincinnati who told me a similar story.  She, like Melania came to America with hopes in dreams of great opportunity.  Now feminists who look like the bottom of a soiled foot will be upset with fashion models because as they say they can sleep their way to the top and gain advantage over others due to their fabulous looks.  But as I say often, pretty people are people too and we should not discriminate against them.  People are people and there are lots of ways to advance in the world.  Pretty or not, success starts with the choice to become so.  In that context I found my old friend the fashion model’s story similar to Melania’s and very relevant to this subject.  This girl told me way back then that the greatest part of America was that she didn’t have to belong to some element of society to get invited to elegant social events.  She told me that in her home country of Holland that to be invited to parties where you could associate with top politicians and other powerful people you had to already be accepted among the ranks of the elite.  It was a kind of Cinderella story where some pretty country girl was stuck under some evil stepmother in a cabin deep in the woods and by magic she had an opportunity to go to a ball and meet a prince and live happily ever after.  But in America you could be standing next to very powerful people in an elevator going somewhere to buy shoes and have a chance to be invited to a ball, which is how she met her husband, who was 30 years older than she was, but like I said, opportunity comes in all kinds of forms.

I was just a guy back then who answered every call to adventure so I met her going to all kinds of big time social gatherings and we met mayors, governors, big time developers, all the people who made a top society run.  I had about 2 cents and a nickel in my pocket, she had extremely good looks and we found ourselves part of the Cincinnati high society. I never felt any of those people were above me and I told my model friend that she was far more talented than the people who were going to those parties.  She coming from a small town in Holland living in a very controlled society was just awe struck that she could come to America, marry quickly a wealthy man and spend her social time talking to the most powerful people in society who were happy always to talk with such a beautiful person.  To my eyes she was becoming sucked into that life when in reality she had far more to offer than them to anything.  But the point was that people of obscure backgrounds, even people who were broke could be sitting at the table of the Mayor for the night and perhaps even spend the rest of the evening with some lonely wife from Indian Hill with all the money in the world, but nobody to spend the money on because America was a land of opportunity, not one where you had to boot lick your way to the top.

When I think of Melania Trump I often think of that old friend.  That old friend ended up becoming a major Obama liberal because she liked the parties so much that she could care less about politics.  She just loved buying shoes, so she’d have somewhere to wear them.  She and her husband had many fortunes in the bank so for her, the joy in life was in buying new shoes to wear to the three or four big charity events, or other social gatherings that she went to per week. She showed me a room she had off her personal bedroom that was just for shoes, and it was filled.  Anyway, Melania came to America from a communist country with little opportunity.  She went to Paris to find a way to make money off her looks.  She had to take off her clothes to get the top jobs and this paved the way for her to escape to New York to get the top modeling jobs, and there she was invited to a party that allowed her to meet Donald Trump, a big-time developer who at that time was pretty shallow when it came to women.  She was the prettiest girl in the room and he wanted her as a conquest.  She played a little hard to get, but eventually they were married and suddenly she was in her own Cinderella story living in a golden tower high above the New York skyline.  But she had an impact on the businessman Trump and over the years, I would say she has molded him into the kind of person who has become the greatest president in history. 

It’s not just supermodels we could tell these stories about, I could say the same about Edison, Sam Colt, Ayn Rand, or just about anybody in American society.  I could tell the famous story of Steven Spielberg who quit film school and snuck on the lot of Universal Studios and never left making some of the biggest blockbuster movies of all time.  The point is in America being an elite has nothing to do with success and we should never allow ourselves to worship celebrity because it opens the door in our minds to accepting overlords of our lives.  Rather, you should do your thing, use whatever it is that makes you unique and open doors in America toward success that you never know where it will come from.  We are not supposed to accept locked doors as a restriction to our lives where we have to bootlick people to open them for us.  In America, they are supposed to be open, we are not supposed to have the fights of The Great Gatsby.  Old money, new money, any money is just a measure of value and ambition.  Its not about power.  Only dumb people who want the safety and security of locked doors in life, such as is common in Europe and Asia like the restrictions of a tiered society.  And we should never accept such a way of life, not even joking.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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