So the Deep State Democrats Got Caught Cheating: Now what?

I often say about Facebook and other information gathering resources that their weakness in selling information to the various malicious governments and corporations of the world is that they don’t capture the essence of a human being, only the sign stimuli of what makes people function on a primal level, the kinds of things they like to eat, the kind of people they like to talk to, and their sexual predilections.  Losers like Mark Zuckerberg who have made a lot of money on gathering private information on private users who use Facebook for instance understand the primal needs of its users and sell that information to those on the market to buy it, but they don’t often understand analytically why people think something or to what extinct they’ll pursue an idea.  For instance, Facebook obviously tampered in the 2020 election by manipulating and controlling exposure to Trump campaign information and how people might feel about it, but they never understood why a Trump voter would stand in the rain for 10 hours at temperatures under 32 degrees Fahrenheit to hear a 74-year-old man tell the same political speech over and over.  The failure to understand that one basic thing forced all the tech companies to conduct an unholy alliance to commit mass voter fraud in the 2020 elections because it could never be revealed to the world that all the information they had been peddling to buyers was irrelevant and inconsequential relative to the market price that they were commanding on information tracking. 

Clearly, without any real debate, we have not just had a massive coup attempt, yet again against President Trump with Democrats being caught cheating in several key swing state municipalities, the obvious and known corrupt ones who have cheated before.  They were caught with video evidence and statistical analysis to catch major anomalies in data reporting.  But an operation like this couldn’t just be done by the DNC.  It had to be known by the FBI and CIA so at some level we have to accept that this Deep State government that is operating in the background of our official elections thought they could get away with this crime of trading out one president that people didn’t want yet they did, with a president people liked and wanted but they didn’t and that 80 million people would be alright with it.  They made this calculation based on the information they have collected on us, the “like” buttons on Facebook and Twitter, the NSA spying that has been going on for years, the roots into our lives that they trust as information gathering.  Yet as I said, with all the spying that goes on from our government into our lives and all the artificial intelligence that goes into studying our algorithmic behavior which then gets processed into information they plan to.  Yet their assumption is that people are like dumb cows and that they’ll just accept the results of an overlord and that is where they have made all their most serious mistakes. 

In the video above I told my personal story of how I never accepted Bill Clinton in 1992 when it was announced that he, being the scum bag that he always was to me, was going to be president.  That was something I never accepted, and it started me on a 30 year journey of working in politics behind the scenes for all that time every single day, including Saturdays and Sundays.  For me, all the work has culminated in the Trump election and some very key positions down ticket including into my local neighborhood.  I could never accept the little crimes that ushered Clinton into the White House or a society that would try to cram that down our throats as people.  And I’m not alone.  Lots of people felt that way and they still do. I also told the story of the many scandals that followed Barack Obama into the White House which never really let up during his entire administration.  The Deep State had their guy, Obama was a former drug user, a compromised person with apparent homosexual leanings, and a connection to known terrorists like Bill Ayers from the Weather Underground.  He was easy to control so the Deep State put him out like a good little puppet and we know the history, but nobody of a right mind truly accepted him.  That is why the Deep State with all their study of the American population was so shocked when people elected Donald Trump in 2016 and have been working to undo that election ever since. 

What has been completely undealt with has been the acceptance of people for the Deep State.  All they have really gained over the years is resentment and a lack of trust by the people they are supposed to be working for.  They’ve got it all wrong, we are not obligated to follow these government losers, and when they break the will of the voter, there are long term, and deep-seated ramifications for the illicit behavior.  People never forget.  People may develop wild conspiracy theories to fill the void that they have in their hearts from what their primal needs are, the ability to eat food, reproduce, and gain resources for their families.  But in the end, when the lights go down and the American voter is thinking about the kind of people they want representing them in government, that passion cannot be stifled with technocrat influence and controlled the way slaughter house workers steer cows into an enclosure to have their throats slit.  When people find out that what their government plans for them, they are going to get mad and take measures. My measures have lasted 3 decades.  What in anybody’s right mind does anybody think will happen after a dumb, senile old man is placed into the presidency with all the baggage the Biden family has criminally, in spite of the person in Trump that people really voted for?  Does the Deep State really think that people will forgive them? 

Apparently they do think they will get away with it based on the kind of feedback they use to measure human behavior, which I would offer is woefully corrupt.  Facebook is a long way from cracking the code on why people do things, on why 80 million people voted for President Trump in spite of all the cheating and mayhem that went on to suppress that vote and convince people to pick the Deep State dream boy, the compromised, mentally deficient sock puppet Joe Biden who is so dirty that he will do and say everything that the Deep State desires in controlling America from the shadows.  Now that we see who the Deep State is, why in the world would Democrats and the rest of them think that they would get away with it?  Because the Deep State did get away with it when everyone was hidden, and their presence was only discussed in conspiracy theory?  Well, the Deep State isn’t a conspiracy theory any longer, not after that election.  So what do they think will happen next?  There is no way there will ever be a President Biden.  He is a made up fiction that people know isn’t a representative of them and he will be scorned and displaced in ways that history has never yet seen and I promise Facebook does not have the algorithms to figure that out, because we are now in uncharted waters psychologically, and politically.  And the results will not be good for the Deep State.  In the quest to drain the SWAMP, they are going to find that the hair that has been clogging that drain has now been lifted and the water will go much faster now revealing all that was hidden underneath.  And the light of day will prove too much for those who have been living in the Deep State ruling from afar all their lives—but not anymore.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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