The Crowd Always Picks Barabbas: That’s why government thinks it can get away with stealing the 2020 election

I think the legal cases that have been put on by Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis have been magnificent given the amount of time they’ve had to work with the voluminous amounts of evil that has been dumped in their lap.  Even with all the villainy that has been exposed during the election of 2020 there are many paths to victory for President Trump to remain in the White House.  But I don’t blame even the battle-hardened Mayor Giuliani for looking quite dejected at the end of the first week of December, just a short time before the 14th when all the votes of the electors are supposed to certify the election results.  The Trump legal team has put out massive amounts of evidence, more than enough to overturn the election of lying hiding Joe Biden, but nobody in power really wanted to see it.  The amount of corruption that has been revealed is overwhelming and in the face of it, the old corruption fighting veteran in Rudy was knocked back on his feet a lot.  The amount of evil that we are dealing with is incredible and desperation is starting to settle in that perhaps we won’t have an America the beautiful, and that the criminals and derelicts of existence are truly going to rule our lives.

I would argue that we are much better off today than we were before the election or even the day that President Trump won 4 years ago.  I know we are better off than we were in 2010 when Obama was in his second year and had the House and Senate to work with as socialism in full force was being cast upon us in droves.  Most of that evil was tossed at us disguised and we didn’t see it coming or understand just how deep it was, or even what the Deep State even was.  I had an inkling of it because I read a lot of books, some of them conspiracy books by Jim Marrs which I always took with a little bit of salt.  Most of my reading is from New York Times best sellers, but I read so much that I can treat myself to the independent thoughts of the most conspiratorial minds out there and at least listen to what they had to say.  As it turns out, they were all too right and that is disappointing, but at least for me the punch in the gut from what we’ve learned after four years of Trump isn’t so painful.  Its disappointing, but in truth, those doing the punching are really wimps who aren’t as strong as they want you to think they are.  What I feel most badly about is that so many were hoping for good things with four more years of Trump that now they see the hallway getting longer and the objectives of goodness much further away than they thought, and they wonder if they even have the gas to get there.  But rest assured, this isn’t the first time in history we’ve faced these kinds of problems, so at least there is something of a blueprint in how to resolve them. 

I would point in history as I stated with some background in the video above to the trial of Jesus Christ and the criminal Barabbas by Pontius Pilate as a perfect similarity to the 2020 election cycle.  Joe Biden and the criminal underworld that Trump has exposed as the Deep State—even into his own Justice Department are literal direct metaphors into the present.  We all know the story, when Pontius Pilate offered to the crowd two options to redeem from imprisonment the crowd audaciously picked Barabbas, the known criminal thug and outlaw, allowing Jesus Christ to be persecuted and killed.  I explained my history with the Passion play over my years and how no matter how many times I’ve seen it I have never gotten over how sorry I felt for Jesus.  It has always hurt me to think how evil the crowd was for picking Barabbas over the truly good person, Jesus Christ.  A world that would do something like that doesn’t seem like one worth fighting for, and that is how a lot of people I know are feeling about this election.  Only its worse, the people through an election picked Donald Trump, but the government picked Barabbas for them anyway in a phony election, and we were all told to like it or else.

Well, the story of Barabbas and Christ is a neat little package which actually reveals a lot of evil that is within our social context that often takes centuries to build.  The evil that built over so much time to give us such a Deep State government is actually our own fault for not checking them at the door sooner, and now that they are behind the gates, are now seeking to kill us all in our sleep if we don’t accept literal enslavement.  I also talked in the video what Saul Alinsky, the prophet of Democrats with Hillary Clinton leading the way as a direct disciple of that mobster student and sedition expert, what he learned about us, conservatives that would make it easy to conquer us which is precisely what Rudy Giuliani has been dealing with over the last three weeks, good people in legislatures, as judges, as top tier government officials who just didn’t have the guts to stand up to the mob, but instead retreated to prayer allowing evil to run them completely over as if they were helpless to do anything about it.  Saul Alinsky knew that faced with overwhelming evil, good Christians would fall to their knees and pray to God for a reprieve, and while that was happening, it was easy for Democrats to literally cut the head off any power conservatives might have.  He wrote about this extensively in his guidebook of insurrection called Rules for Radicals.  Its nothing new, and as many know it was dedicated to Satan himself.  It is the guidebook to this day for the political left and is why we are now uncovering so much evil as a result of this election.  We haven’t been paying attention like we should and when it came time to make critical decisions, the weak parts of our beings always picked Barabbas.

That’s why Al Capone never got into trouble for the vast crimes he committed, the murders, the harassments, the operation of millions of dollars of underground crime conducted in the light of day in Chicago.  Democrats have taken that same approach to crime and government and applied it to the United States.  But this time, the FBI and CIA are working for them, not us.  The FBI is in on the crimes of stealing this election just as they worked hard to create a coup during the first term of Trump and they were caught doing it.  Yet nobody goes to jail or finds justice on their door because good people have not taken responsibility for their own guilt in building such a system.  Deep down in their hearts, good people pick Barabbas for a whole host of reasons even though they should be picking Jesus Christ.  In the dead of night when people are alone with their thoughts, good people, they think of how they don’t measure up to the good figures of history and don’t believe they are equipped to follow in their path.  So they turn away and embrace evil, they allow their minds to wonder toward weakness, toward crime, toward pornography and they go to church on Sunday hoping to be forgiven only to commit the same crimes through the next week.  Rather than being the good people fighting the good fight through the week, they instead pray that God will do the work for them, which of course always turns out to be a letdown.  And that is why we have the situation that we do now.  There is simply too many people picking Barabbas and not near enough who are willing to walk the life of Jesus Christ.  They’ll pray to him, and to God for help.  But they won’t help themselves because they just don’t have the courage or moral fabric to do so themselves, which is absolutely necessary for a country like America to remain free. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior


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