Treason in America: Without the death penalty, domestic terrorists have lost respect for our laws

More and more, especially by the famous attorneys Lin Wood and Sydney Powell the word treason is being thrown around to describe the massive election fraud we are dealing with regarding the 2020 presidential election.  In my video above, I added the term sedition to the mix because if you take the role that the media has played in this obvious fraud, they have acted in a manner of sedition with an attempt to overthrow a properly elected president by the people who run the country.  Not to mention the Russian dossier that Hillary Clinton paid for and the media played along which was knowing sedition, the role the media played collectively, nearly uniformly in the 2020 elections was clearly sedition if suppression polls are considered as they should, pre-mature calls for states still voting, and the knowing proclamation that there is no evidence of fraud when this past week we have heard nothing but evidence every day.  But the attempts at wide scale cheating from domestic and international characters attempting to overthrow the election results in the middle of the election to shut down the counting until fake ballots and machine calibrations could be utilized to catch the Democrat Biden up to the dominating lead Trump truly had was treason by any definition that should be punishable by more than just jail time.  For everyone involved in those Dominion voting machines, treason was always on their mind, an overthrow of the United States of America to steal votes not just from the candidate Trump, but from the people who voted for him. 

As a student of history, one of my favorite periods of time is the old west period where justice was instilled by hanging.  I always thought it was harsh to hang people as a form of justice on the wide plains of western expansion.  Some of the hangings were over silly things but the official law enforcement of the time was very rigid about hangings.  Not the kind where rival gangs hung each other for disputes but authorized official government actions.  Fair or not, the belief at that time was that death by hanging would inspire people to respect law and order and the concept of a republic democracy as America experimented with self-governance for the first real time in history.  Democracies were invented on pirate ships where they elected their captain and while at sea there were harsh penalties for breaking the rules.  Much less harsh than in the British Navy, but harsh none the less.  The reason for words like treason and sedition evolved out of these historic struggles and the need to pull society together out of fear of harsh punishments.  We all know the story of Benedict Arnold who left General Washington for an 18-year-old socialite in Philadelphia society.  She wanted to live in the inner circles of British society and thus started Arnold switching sides from a revolutionary to a loyalist.  For that little thing Benedict Arnold was forever attached to the essence of a traitor.  We are discovering now that George Soros, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, and many others worked with foreign influence to attack the American election process and they used all their tools in their arsenal to do so.  They have committed treason in a much more severe way, and there is no expectation that any of them will have any fear of prosecution from their activity.  That is what happens when people lose respect for the law. 

I don’t know that I would have supported hanging everyone like they did in the old west.  I am a very freewheeling kind of person; I understand lawmen like Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson.  I really understand Wild Bill Hickok, people who were harsh with individual fights, but loose on too many rules and regulations.  But essentially, you must find a balance in any society between chaos and civilization that can grow and give people an opportunity for happiness.  But no matter how loose or tight law and order tries to apply to the society under their care, complete lawlessness, or a lack of respect for the authority of law is a reprehensible condition.  And when the laws are on the books and nothing is enforced, or worse, ignored, it should not be a surprise when attackers seeking weak targets don’t thrive into existence.  Over many years, from the time periods I have mentioned to the present we have been tricked into believing as Americans that being soft on the law is a sign of a civilized society.  After all, we don’t hang people in the street any longer for all to see.  That makes us a better society, right?  However, that definition has been defined by progressives who have been planning for a long time to take America over and deliver it broken to the United Nations to remake in the image of the world.  Those acts are treason of the highest order, and punishments must happen in order to make things right again.  As is the evidence of the Bill Barr Justice Department who came out this week trying to take the edge off the voter fraud.  To admit that fraud happened would place most of his employees and those of Washington D.C. into the category of major treason which all the jails in the world couldn’t hold.  And because we view punishments by death as barbaric, we have allowed ourselves to fall into chaos and lawlessness because nobody respects the law. 

This has left the attorneys working on the Trump case to appear crazy demanding justice from a society that has turned away from civility and law and order.  This isn’t just Benedict Arnold falling in love with an 18-year old girl with expensive tastes and wanting to switch sides so he could marry her and have sex with her.  This is massive fraud that involves many thousands of people, all of them who could easily be justified with a penalty of death in a public square to tame the minds of those also thinking of becoming criminals.  The point of killing people convicted of treason was to discourage more of the behavior.  Yet we have seen what happens when people no longer fear such things.  They committed major treason right in front of our faces on a national election and the networks were in on it and were there to tell us there was nothing to see.  And the moment we said, “yes, there is something wrong,” the media was saying without looking at the massive evidence that was pouring in, that there wasn’t any evidence.  They were saying this before the evidence was even emerging—which was sedition to commit treason.  To allow treason to happen, in many cases, was to destroy evidence.  And to aid the most massive crime we have ever witnessed as any civilized nation done right in front of our faces.  These are very serious crimes and extremely serious charges, yet that is the reality of the moment.  Further, without any courage to face down law breakers, justice has no chance of surviving and once people accept that, there isn’t a nation any longer—which was always the intentions of the Open Border people.  They want America dead, and that begins by taking away the laws that hold that society together.  Its why people used to be hung for treason or cattle rustling.  But now that we are “more civilized,” respect for the law has been rejected, so that the real intention can begin, the overthrow of America by foreign, jealous powers.  And instead of hanging the guilty parties, we have made total enslavement of ourselves a reality that is that much closer.  

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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