Threats of Rape Against White House Council Jenna Ellis: Evil revealed and what we have to do about it

It really made me angry to hear that Jenna Ellis, one of the key members of the Trump legal team challenging the 2020 election results in various court forums, should be raped and utterly humiliated just for representing the president in this very important case.  But to make it worse, there is no Department of Justice, or FBI that is coming to her rescue, or to Rudy Giuliani who has been threatened with disbarment for his legal work on the case.  These are members of an existing government presidential administration and they are treated like dogs from everyone, especially in the press.  Therefore, thugs like that person who threatened Jenna feel empowered to make such threats of violence without any fear of prosecution.  I find it astonishing that our legal system has been reduced to thugs and corrupt losers and that they have become so radicalized that they feel entitled to attack any member of the current White House under Trump toward the utter destruction of the people’s pick over these last four years and they aren’t offering any apologies for it.  They are going for the jugular of the Trump team in order to prevent the massive voter fraud which many of them have participated in directly from being uncovered, and they have no eye toward tomorrow to proclaim how these actions may impact future administrations.  The treatment of the Trump legal team with these very legitimate cases is astonishingly evil.

I have been saying for many years now that the Second Amendment was built for this very purpose although many could have never seen it coming, where the media would be so strategically aligned with a government coup that the entire justice system would be weaponized against us.  In such a time as we are in now, we only have our right to bare arms and to use them to maintain law and order as the proper defense to the American Constitution.  Nobody wants to hurt anybody but when society breaks down to open calls to rape White House legal members the respect for any kind of order in a cooperative society has been tossed out the window and a fight is mandated to those of us left to defend law and order from the chaos and division of a global political upheaval.  Now I think a lot about these things as I practice shooting, which is what I was doing in the included video.   In some of my cowboy fast draw events they shoot loads similar to what is used in Cowboy Mounted Shooting and it takes some getting used to the noise while drawing quick from the holster.  And as I practice I think that these shooting skills tests we utilize are calls back to the days of the wild west when it may have been a single sheriff who was tasked with keeping a town clean of aspiring outlaws and witless evil lowlifes.  But those skills didn’t stop being needed from those days to now.  We still need good people to stand up to hoards of outlaws, even when they take over our government affairs and attempt to run criminal enterprises from our tax payer funded organizations, like the FBI, the CIA and the political class at every level.  Just look at the Larry Householder case in Ohio and the recent arrest of P.G. Sittenfeld.  There are lots of bad people out there who beg for the justice of just one or two good people here and there to keep them in line.  So when I practice those old cowboy skills I’m not just thinking about the past, but of the current and future as well.

Nobody has a right to threaten another human being in any manner.  You may disagree with them, such as I did with the previous Obama administration.  As I said in the video, I was in a lot of groups who hated Obama.  Not because he was a black president.  Nobody I know cared about that.  We didn’t like him because he was a bad guy, a corrupt person, and even just recently we are getting a good taste of just how corrupt he was.  Without question his fingerprints are on this voter cheating that went on, and in time we’ll find out how much.  But back in those days of Obama in the White House, nobody even thought of assassinating him or making threats.  We always respected the White House no matter who was in it.  The legal team of Trump has legitimate questions that are getting worse by the day as we learn to what extent the corruption existed.  The lawlessness that would allow for such a massive voter fraud insurgency is beyond the comprehension of most good people, yet its there.  And any person functioning with an eye toward law and order should respect that, as I have, and many others have in the past.  Rather than thinking to kill a president and his team that we didn’t like we looked toward votes to win the next time around, and that’s how its supposed to work.  But with this voter fraud case, the door has been opened to all out shoot-outs in the streets to topple political parties we don’t like and that works both ways folks.  If your going to do it to us (conservatives) what makes anybody think we aren’t going to pay the favor back?  I don’t think anybody has really thought this through. 

Without question, the foreign meddlers in this election fraud case would like to see America turn into a banana republic where we do shoot it out in the streets and kill each other off while they bring North America under the control of the United Nations in the wake of chaos and confusion politically.  That is their end game, they seek to “Move On” from our current constitutional law.  But its domestically where the problem is, in our media which allows for threats like what happened to Jenna Ellis to occur with zero coverage from the mainstream outlets.  Any report of it at all had to come from Breitbart which was banned from Google over the summer you might recall as the main media alliances sought to censor any activity that might steer away votes from Joe Biden.  There is so much corruption in this past election by so many villains that its clear the only people who can clean it up is us—everyday people with their Second Amendment.  They don’t respect our representatives of law and order in White House council doing real and important work, so what else is there? Surrender?  No, that’s not how this works, and can never work.  Any threat is wrong, threats of rape of a major member of a legal team investigating high crimes and misdemeanors, even severe cases of treason should never be threated with rape by anybody, anywhere.  To make such threats and to have law enforcement allow it to go on without arrests and headline stories by the media is to endorse the activity, to even blow on it a bit to encourage more of it.  Anybody who has stood by and allowed for these threats without any defense of justice is part of the problem and now we see what we are up against.  But solving that problem won’t be done by talking.   It will take a strict adherence toward constitutional obligations, and when the last line of defense is needed in the Second Amendment, then we’ll need to be ready.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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