Learning about the Proud Boys: The need to fight is unmistakable, but how to fight is what matters most

I always said before the election that if we had to build an army of militia to fight the bad guys in the streets that I could do it in about 5 seconds.  I pointed to the motorcycle riders of Sturgis as one of the first places to go to recruit.  But after the various Stop the Steal rallies on the Saturday after the election I saw the benefit of what the Proud Boys brought to the table after Antifa thugs showed their teeth at each rally.  I met a few of the Proud Boys at the Columbus Stop the Steal then saw on television how the Proud Boys hit the streets after dark to keep the Antifa violence in check.  As the police were directing innocent people straight into the Antifa gauntlets it was only Proud Boys who offered any kind of defense and was able to push back against the left leaning attackers.  In a time where we have a very real debate about many American companies and popular mainstream outlets who have committed treason and are willing to exploit violent criminals to attack innocent people to give them cover from prosecution, I see no other way to solve such in incursion but with violence going in the other direction.  So rather than raise a standing army from scratch, I’m looking to what is already there, and found that my hometown of Cincinnati has a nice little chapter of the Proud Boys to begin with. 

I’d love to say that we should be thinking about a million other things rather than fighting communists and American overthrowers in the streets, but unfortunately that’s where we are.  I’d love to have had the election and get back to normal life.  Open up the bars and restaurants, get back to making movies and going to sports events by the tens of thousands.  I’d love to get rid of the stupid coronavirus masks and all the talk of mandatory vaccines by power hungry governors and big tech—skinny jean technocrats.  I’d love to have our life back, but like I said at the start of Covid-19, it was more of a Pearl Harbor attack than a medical emergency.  Some powerful global forces were involved in unleashing Covid-19 on all of us to overthrow capitalism in the United States which was a foreign attack no different than troops actually landing in our nation like Red Dawn.  Only this fight wasn’t on terms we normally think of as fighting.  Instead of guns and military moves it was bureaucratic global networks that presented the shock and awe of fear that has been bringing great harm to our nation and presented us where we are now, in need of a good fight to repeal back all the attackers and stand for the American Constitution and the domestic enemies trying to present outright communism as a replacement for our way of life.  They have given us no choice but to consider fighting them, because they don’t respect the laws of our nation at all, which is most evident in the 2020 election.https://parler.com/post/d8a4903a30344815b6d255e2a35870dd

The saddest part of the 2020 election was that so many thousands of mainstream personalities, people we have come to trust like Fox News, have been in on this attack from the beginning.  Many more than 74 million people voted for the good days of American nationalism with Donald Trump.  But those attacking forces have committed sedition and treason by every definition of the words forcing us to make hard decisions about people we wanted to like, and to plan their end of power so that they can never bring harm to us again.  That means we must stand against the NFL, and big brands of corporate culture that have been with us for years.  But with an unholy alliance with China they have now become enemies of our state and must be thought of as such.  Everyone seeking to cheat in that 2020 election is guilty of unforgivable crimes and we can’t let them get away with it.  Even with the Trump legal team fighting a good battle to prove that the President won re-election, sadly the burden shouldn’t fall on him to defend himself, but it should fall on Joe Biden to prove that he won anything.  Yet instead, the burden falls on an existing administration that won with so many votes that the mathematical probability for Joe Biden to get 80 million votes to beat Trump is impossible.  That means if we accept Biden as a president then we accept the crimes in the multitudes that were committed to make such a thing happen by media and big tech and the government Deep State.  And that is something we just cannot do.  To accept such a thing would be evil, and we are not an evil nation.

Over the years we’ve had many divided sentiments with the political left who have been plotting this attack for decades.  But we shared things in common from popular culture like the music of Michael Jackson, or a good movie or television show that united us all under something we could point to find common ground to build culture with.  But those have been taken from us, not just with Covid-19, but attacks on what it means to be a man or a woman, or even a family and those aggressions have been stuffed down our face whether we liked it or not.  It all adds up to a major attack on our country in the United States that mandates our defense and that has been the saddest thing of all.  We all talk about what we would do if this or that happens from some vile force that seeks to end our lives, but when the evidence of that day is actually happening and that we must take action against it, the reality of it is heavy.  Many of us just want to live and enjoy our lives, but the attackers just couldn’t let things be.  So now we must defend ourselves with the potential of violence as the means because they have shown us that is the intention of the left—join us or die—literally. 

I do see Proud Boys as the next stage of the freedom movement.  There is a Proud Girls group that is emerging and I’m not crazy about the fraternity aspect of it all.  But one of the core issues behind this fight, this attack on us, has been to rob us of our basic identity so that we were easier to conquer when the time came.  We were told that manliness was toxic, and that people should be allowed to switch their gender at will.  Let me tell you, they aren’t putting up with that crap in China and other hostile countries against western civilization. The purpose of it has been to destroy us at the level of culture so there would be no defenders of western civilization to fight the intentions of a hostile enemy.  Proud Boys is committed to dealing with that manliness crises so that there are men who will stand against evil, which to me isn’t about fighting Antifa and Black Lives Matters in the streets so much for the immediate need, but for having defenders of our culture ready all the time going into the future.  So rather than gathering up motorcycle gangs, cut throats, drunks from the local bars and brothels who are willing to lay their life on the line for a bottle of whiskey to fight attackers in the streets, I have found the Proud Boys as an opportunity to do a much better job of defending liberty than just brute force presented on a battlefield in the concrete jungles of our city streets.  And for that reason and more, I am presently going through the vetting process to join them, and from there we’ll see how it goes. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior


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