The Great Poker Game: Lucky for us, Trump knows how to win at that game

I tend to think of most things like a poker game, specifically Texas Hold ‘em which is the great American game of business.  And in regard to President Trump and the obvious crimes committed in this recent election and understanding where its going and how we all got here, I find the best way to look at it is as anyone would a high stakes poker game.  What we are seeing is the difference between a buy like Trump who spent much of his life playing poker in real life.  Not gambling his life away as a drunk loser in a casino of course, but as a person who understands how to read value in other players and to move wealth from their pockets to his.  These poker players have always been playing poker, but it took a Trump type of player to sit in the presidency to beat them at their own game and it looks to me that he’s going to do it again in the classic way for which great players usually do end up victorious.  But to be good at poker you don’t win by so much dominating the other players with force, you have to encourage them to show what they have so you can take advantage of that information.  That is why poker is the game and not something else.  Because in the world of politics, like poker, or business the game isn’t in the cards or in the rules so much as in extracting value out of the betting where everyone is trying to hide what they really have and what they plan to do with them.

Without President Trump I don’t know that we would have ever discovered just how crooked and what the global intentions where of all the malicious characters who have entered our government with truly sinister plans.  Now a lot of people understand in games like poker that the intent is to hide and manipulate the other players.  However, they have a hard time seeing such things in real life because in their minds reality and games are two different realms of human participation.  To truly understand what is going on in the modern sense you must understand the games that humans have invented for themselves in order to understand how to deal with malicious intent.  Understanding poker will help to understand what game is really going on in our government and how they have gone all in with a great global scheme to sell all of us out for a future state of Chinese communism.  Instinctively we all understood the problem who voted for President Trump both the last time then again this year in even greater numbers.  We understood the stakes even if we had a hard time admitting to ourselves that the whole thing was a game to some of these very evil people and that we had to win or lose everything.  So we sent our representative to the table to play the game on our behalf and thankfully, Trump knows what he is doing. 

To win at poker a player needs to encourage other people to raise the ante in the pot with the belief that they feel confident that they can win that round.  To get them to do that, you must convince them that they have a better hand than you do while at the same time playing to have a winning hand that will beat the rest of them at the table.  Now usually you aren’t just playing against one other player, but six more all with their own motivations for winning.  In the case of this Trump game, there are lots of malicious characters at the table betting and playing to beat us.  There are globalists, government alliances with communism, there are jealous billionaires who lack the charisma to be president themselves and seek a take over of our government to prove to Trump that the power is in the donor, not the seat in the Oval Office.  There are United Nations insurgents who want to move the world from sovereignty to a world where they become the next ruling class.  Then there are thieves, cheats and con artists who want to play all those forces against each other for their own game.  We should be thankful that we live in a time where we have all these characters at one table so we can see them perhaps for the first time in history and understand what they are trying to do.

With that in mind we entered the 2020 election season with Trump at the table as the primary target.  Trump did a good job playing through the various rounds, the Flop, the Turn and now the River card is on the table after the election and the bad guys thought they had Trump beat.  However, as I said in the video I think Trump has a flush.  It’s not the best hand in poker, but its about as good as it gets and already several of the players at the table have gone all in because many of them have pairs, or pairs of doubles, perhaps some even have a straight.  Trump has not indicated that he has had such a winning hand which then encouraged all the other players at the table to go all in literally.  And in doing so they revealed their positions quite well, in such a way that makes it easy now to beat them.  The sloppiness of hiding their crimes in the process of the election fraud was rather ostentatious.  And the alliance with media has proven to go much deeper than anybody thought previously possible.  But with Trump forcing everyone to go all in it show the weaknesses and connections that we needed to see were always there, but were hidden by the nature of the game in the pre-Flop phase. 

Like all great games that are remembered for history, the tension is high.  The stakes are high and many are concerned of what happens if Trump loses. Well, that makes all this very exciting and is part of the drama that we crave as human beings.  That is why gambling, especially in America is such a great past time activity.  Its what does make us all so much different than people elsewhere in the world.  However, be grateful that Trump knows how to extract from all those malicious players a way to show their hands and to what extent they were willing to gamble away all the value they had.  Because beating them will leave them all exposed and bankrupt, so this is a good game to play that will leave millions of people free from an all-out war.  Most of these characters won’t survive the next phase now that the audience can see their hidden hands and intentions.  We’ll find out if Trump’s hand will hold up against all the others, but with so many chips literally on the table but nobody else having a hand anywhere close to a flush—they have pairs of doubles at best, before this game is over, many of those bad characters are going to lose everything.  They’ll flail about and say that Trump only won because he cheated.  But we all know the game and the hidden cards up their sleeves, the card counting and all the attempts to shape the game in the favor of the insurgents.  Yet Trump is beating them anyway, and rather comfortably by the measure of the legal system and forced all these characters to reveal to everyone what was once previously hidden.  And for that, we are all much better off.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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