Democrats Spiking the Football: What will they do when revenge is on the mind of Trump supporters

It was a pretty strange thing that I have been thinking about since the Biden people learned from the Associated Press that they were calling the presidential race for lying, hiding, Joe Biden and his Avon lady VP, commie Harris.  There has been frequent displays of severe insecurity that have been very obvious and unnecessary feeling as they do, regardless of the ethnicity for Biden’s victory that it was a dog whistle for spiking the football for what they think is a score.  I first noticed it the day after the election where a few activists had gone all over town in my neighborhood and put hundreds of Biden signs that weren’t there the day before.  Oddly, they put them out after the election rather than before as if to show some form of dominance over Trump supporters.  I saw it again from people around West Chester, suddenly they were wearing their Biden t-shirts and there were a few more bumper stickers showing up on their cars.  Then there was the Stop the Steal really in Columbus, Ohio the first Saturday after the election where Biden supporters were actually provoking Trump supporters into a fight attempting obviously to rub their noses in what they thought was a loss.  Members of the media were doing the same, even on Fox.  The masks were off and these timid Democrats suddenly felt empowered to rub a loss of Trump in the faces of his supporters in a vile way that showed truly the ugly side of liberalism.  But it also showed me something else that is very helpful to understand. 

My target audience with these kinds of things, which I’m thinking of expanding a bit due to the overwhelming need people have to make sense of things, are VIP types who own and run things.  I talk to hundreds and hundreds of people each week, most of them in that category of life and my thoughts are that is is far more efficient to speak to them all at once instead of 100 phone calls or FaceTime chats.  My inclusion of the daily videos now that I am finding some trust in Rumble, and enjoyment of their video hosting services is to offer myself the way I speak to most of that target audience and let people who are just interested in the content to be a fly on the wall to listen for themselves.  So my content is intended for strategic consumption by those at the top who make decisions and are looking for validation of their thoughts, or free ideas on the matter for the scope of a fresh approach.  I live and draw my thoughts from the Metaphysics of Quality as Robert Pirsig defined the approach, and as the philosopher William James might have done in the past, or Henry David Thoreau for that matter.  We are living in amazing times, so I present this little disclaimer so that you are not shocked if you hear the ideas presented here coming from the top of some VIP out there in the news.  Most of the time, these people who come here for information are very smart people and what they need is a way to apply the big picture to the current problem so for the new comers here, that is why the subject matter is often about a week or two ahead of the news cycle, because that’s where the train really hits the tracks, not the caboose where most people in life live, work, consume news.  That’s why this spiking the ball issue with the Biden people is important even if nobody is yet talking about it.

My proposal is that Democrats, especially the most progressive among them, are very insecure as people and the Biden media claimed victory gives them the illusion that they have enough people out there to win an election.  The people committing these spiking the ball offenses were not in the majority, but they acted as if they were.  In the Columbus scenario at the Stop the Steal the antagonists were very much a minority but they felt empowered to attack believing that there were enough votes out there to validate a Biden victory, so to their thinking, their insecurities of being alone in the world was unleashed and they could see a world that might accept suddenly their desires for group think and ultimately communism. However, its all an illusion because the truth of the matter was achieved by cheating.  The results of the election were fake meaning they did not actually have 80 million supporters voting for Joe Biden.  It might look that way on paper, but when it comes to uniting the country behind a Biden administration, the truth is and will be untangled for years, that it was Trump who had 80 million voters—probably more.  So even with the media attempts to make Biden look like the victor, people know better.  It was only the stupid people who were voting for Biden in the first place who didn’t see the truth and felt validated to spike the ball for what they thought was a victory.

If Biden had truly won the evidence would show so, but the opposite is true and those same characters supporting progressivism know it.  The have known it and didn’t feel comfortable talking about their thoughts in public because they could feel the heat from Trump supporters.  Biden couldn’t draw crowds, progressive events don’t draw many crowds on college campuses and every time progressive ideas are presented even in Hollywood, mainstream Americans reject them at the box office.  For them, even if the media declaration of a Biden victory was a lie, it empowered them to believe they are winning this game provoking them to spike the football of victory as a reaction validating their existence.  But I would warn them for the hard days to come.  The win was a fake and is not reflected in the facts of reality.  Once you spike the football in someone’s face, you can’t take it back and when it gets done to them, its going to hurt a lot worse.  You can’t pretend that a reality is something its not.  The media culture and the international insurgents behind this latest attack obviously believe they can shape reality, but in truth, they have been caught with their footprints tip toeing out of the corner they’ve painted themselves into with this phony election. They put more votes into the system on election night than there were voters, and the progressives were too stupid to do the math, which is coming back to haunt them now.  They are only just now learning the truth of the matter and many are starting to panic as they see the start of these hearings for state certification.  Trump and his team have a lot of evidence and now that progressives have shown their ass, they are going to get it back as the MEGA movement can now smell what’s in the air.  And its going to hurt.

Its not in my nature to spike the ball in the face of an enemy.  My approach is usually to let the vanquished simmer in their own way alone without a public lynching.   I think spiking the football in the face of a loser shows great insecurity in the win that was accomplished.  If you are used to winning you wouldn’t feel a need to illustrate it as if to confirm it to the world.  For winners, it’s just another day at the office.  However, accepting a loss is not something winners ever get used to, especially when the loss isn’t real, but only perceived.  I would caution all those Democrats spiking the football over what they think is a Biden victory and to go back to their caves and hide there.  Because now you have angered people who really won and antagonized them to the point where they don’t want to cooperate with you, or even co-exist.  It was a dumb idea to provoke them because as the weeks and months to come will reveal, Biden didn’t win anything.  And its going to be embarrassing.  And he and his supporters have asked for revenge to happen to them and they’ll have nobody to blame but themselves.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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