The Crimes of Institutionalism: A moment in history that will shake everything to its very core

After the Pennsylvania presentation at Gettysburg by the Trump legal team the timeline on the various court cases may actually move along faster.  Yet the essence of the argument about election fraud and the race for the White House has at its core a very ill defined element that is the key to understanding all the behavior that has occurred and to grapple with what comes next. What comes next will likely shake all of our institutions to their very essence and they’ll never be the same, which is a good thing.  But we’ve been hearing from them, especially Democrats and Never Trumpers that institutional integrity is the biggest priority in this election.  What matters is that we have a person in place at the White House on January 20th who listens to the institutions of our society and doesn’t work to buck them the way Trump has.  With this mindset of institutional protection, the criminals in this voter fraud case are trying to hide their behavior behind the individual integrity of the roughly 74 million people who we know voted in favor of President Trump on election night, a much larger percentage than anybody was thinking.  Yet we are supposed to believe that it is more important to ignore the will of those votes to protect the corrupt institutions that have attached themselves to the governance of our republic.

That brings to question why institutionalism is so important to the villains of our lives, and to understand why they want to run the world and snub out any reference to a freedom movement, which is a popular movement everywhere on the earth, and it’s not going to go away.  The marriage between corporatism and institutional governments is the same and they have been working together to hide an insidious aspect of themselves that is corrosive to innovation and production in every aspect.   Institutionalists are who they are because they are low confidence people who hide behind that façade in order to appear useful to the world.  But they don’t have the personal courage to actually be useful, so they use the rules and regulations of institutionalism to disguise their timid natures.  And our government is filled with those people in the United States.  Additionally, anybody acting or calling themselves a “globalist” is of the same mind and timid nature.  The truth of why they want Trump out of office isn’t so much that he was good or bad as president, but that he has been ripping the covers off institutional rules and regulations giving them nothing to hide behind.  Go to any corporate boardroom and you’ll understand quickly what I’m talking about.  Trump ran his companies as a kind of solitary voice of leadership and he has brought that voice to the White House.  However, if you really get down to it, the goal of globalism through corporate channels is to get rid of people like Trump so that people of much less leadership ability can feel valuable in the world and important.  In their world, they desire occupational titles over actual talent and institutionalism gives them cover to lie to themselves.

That is also why institutionalists are so threatened by the American Constitution.  The way the American legal groundwork has been established it was for the preservation of individual liberty and protection from an out of control government.  As the Trump court cases will reveal the gradual move away from individual liberty toward corporate compliance with an assumption that communism is an option has been to return America to a state the rest of the world suffers under and the plan is many decades in the making.  Corporations have understood for a long time that their places of business take priority over constitutional protections in many cases.  For instance, employees do not have the right to free speech while on company grounds, so there is already a built in assumption that through corporatism, institutionalism could be implemented in a freedom loving country like America because most everyone works somewhere and at some level they have accepted these basic intrusions on their lives.  That is also why they are slow to rebel against authority such as has been occurring during the Covid-19 shutdowns.  However, as we are seeing, this collision of assumptions is now spread all over the highway and the carnage is quite extensive.  After this election year, lots of things will change because the crimes committed by institutionalism is so egregious that it will force us all to redefine our commitments to the movement.    

That is also why I say not to fall in love with the White House if these court cases take too long.  The way to beat an institutionalist is to put them on the hot mike and let them flub up for the world to see ripping away the covers they like to hide behind.  Most corporations hide their faults behind a board of directors, a layer of bureaucracy that keeps competency from being firmly established as a rule of law within an organization.  Trump has done such a good job as president for instance that any deviation from that path will be obvious to all who can see and they’ll appreciate the President much more than when they get a taste of the nonsense from the Biden group which clearly represents institutionalism at its worst.  Even saying that however seems like a fiction at this point.  The laws broken by institutionalists during the 2020 election are so extensive that ignoring the cost as we have in the past just doesn’t appear to be on the table this time.  They were caught and we have a strong figure in the White House to fight back against the institutionalist attacks and as I have defined here, the institutionalists do not have the skills or the stamina to fight back.  They are going to be exploited and nobody knows what ripping the covers off them looks like, so we’ll see together. 

We tend to think about these things as Republican and Democrat problems, or even Right or Left leaning thinking.  But at the core of the problem is institutionalism.  That is after all what the Never Trumpers are after, the Bill Kristols, the Paul Ryan types.  Mitt Romney.  Those kind of Republicans who hid their lack of skill and leadership behind institutional groundworks.  Before this institutional mask was removed with the Trump presidency in 2016 we used to think of these characters as the experts of Republicanism.  But after just four years of Trump, we all can see now what phonies they were.  And to hide what we could see they went all in on a big cheat of this election then tried to pass them off as official results—based on the point of view of institutional preservation.  Such as statements like, “the office is bigger than any one man.”  Instead of the constitutional truth that “no institution is bigger than one individual.”  The White House is not bigger than Trump, or anyone who voted for him.  We are not supposed to say that voter integrity is bigger than actual crimes that were committed with that assumption.  Supposing that we should overlook crimes committed by institutionalists for the sake of preserving people’s belief in that system is a crime of such severity that it is reprehensible.  Yet that is what we are expected to do here, which obviously is historic in its audacity.  But that is where we really are, and is a hint of what’s coming that will shake much of the world to its very foundations.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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