The Great Reset: How to fight back, and to win

Now that its all out in the open, especially since the media pick for president, Joe Biden has been announcing how he’d like a potential administration to look, the Great Reset that everyone has been talking about as a global initiative has been unleashed.  We see now what I have been saying all of 2020, that the coronavirus was created to overthrow the Trump presidency in many ways that we’ve now seen in hindsight culminating in the production of phony votes that were ridiculously high once all the results were tallied on election night.  Many crimes have been created under the umbrella of Covid-19 which was always meant to overthrow capitalism once Trump was removed from office, and in the wake of the election as it looked like the coup might be pulled off, the various blue state governors, again led by Mike DeWine of Ohio, started coronavirus lockdowns once again even after the announcement of a vaccine coming to solve the problem.  Even as I write this in fact OANN news has been banned from YouTube for violating their Covid-19 misinformation policy—for essentially talking about hydroxychloroquine as a way to manage the virus before the vaccine arrives.  Of course the reason is that the attackers of America within Google, Facebook and the primary mainstreamers in the news business don’t want a solution to the coronavirus, they want Covid-19 to bring chaos and mayhem quickly to overload our minds into a change state, which ultimately is the Great Reset to bring the American nation off its pedestal and down to the level of the rest of the world where everyone can be “equally bad.”

It was also announced yesterday on the news ticker on Newsmax that airlines were beginning to consider mandatory proof of vaccination before travelers could fly to other countries, another aspect of the Great Reset that many have been terrified of, force vaccinations and intrusions into the maintenance of our bodies that we will no longer control to live in a civil society.  But as I said in my video, there is a way to beat all this and to drive the villains from our lives.  We don’t have to be passive participants in this invasion, which is exactly what it is.  We don’t have to listen to these dumb governors.  We can have our Thanksgiving celebrations, we can enjoy Black Friday in our own way, we can have the life we all want if only we are willing to be an outlaw to the currently illegal mode of creating law through executive orders.  The best way to defeat the overreaching governors who are superseding constitutional law to create ruthless dictatorships is to not listen to them.  There is nothing that any of the governors have produced which will hold up to a court of law so the best thing to do is to challenge them in court.  Let them know you won’t take it.  Be a rebel and thumb your nose at them because just as I said before the election, once people accept these fake powers of the Covid-19 attackers, once you let Facebook and Google rule your mind, it will be harder to defeat them once they are entrenched in a communist culture from China than what we have today.  I would say we are fortunate to catch all this before it did go too far.  Beating them is easy at this stage, here’s how.

There is nothing more important to a corporation than branding.  In fact, I would say there is nothing more important to a liberal than public identity.  That’s because corporations and group think types of people are not rugged individualists who can function and solve problems on their own.  They are only able to measure the world in status, which of course can be easily destroyed in public opinion campaigns.  Corporations have spent many millions and billions of dollars on their public image, like Nike, like Facebook, like Google that they are always on the precipice of destruction and they know it.  If they lose the value of their brand, they essentially lose everything.  This alliance with the Democrat Party, the Biden team, the Chinese globalists, the billionaire class is a kind of all-in poker game they are playing, and they don’t have the cards to win.  They might have the cards in Europe, they might have them in China, but I would say they don’t have them in South America, especially Brazil.  They do have Canada, and Mexico, but not at a very high value.  And in the United States where choice is king, it is there where they are poised to be called on their bet, because people have alternatives.  You don’t have to go to Wal-Mart.  You don’t have to use Google.  You are free to bad mouth them to your friends and neighbors, to attack their “brand” any time and for however long you’d like.  You can cost them billions of dollars just by letting people know you think they suck.  Don’t be afraid to say it.  Take it to them.  You don’t have to pick up a gun and attack them or overthrow their management.  All you must do is deflate their brand to your friends and family and the rest will take care of itself. 

Corporations have only aligned themselves with the global Great Reset because they were hedging themselves for a change state in political power.  They believed that Trump would be removed from office, they’d have a puppet in the presidency and that the American people if their leader would be taken from them like in a game of chess would automatically win the game.  They did not account for the fact that the MEGA movement made Trump, Trump didn’t make the movement, so even if we do not have a physical representation in the White House, in many ways, we are much more dangerous to their brand building, and corporations will quickly regret their alliance to the Great Reset.  After all, they joined the Great Reset not to be part of some idealistic communist revolution, they did so because they thought they could eliminate their competition and could then make even more money by being one of the limited options in a state controlled economy.  If they lose their branding, that unholy alliance will come unglued quickly.  And it is in your power dear reader to make that happen. 

None of us are helpless in this Great Reset business.  We are much more in control than they want you to believe. And its not like you have to prove your worth by charging a machine gun emplacement in this war, all you have to do is admit to yourself that the participating corporations suck, and to attack their brand with your social media opinions that will erode away the many billions they invest into building their brands over the decades, which can be lost in a matter of months.  That is the way you beat these people.  Don’t cry about how unfair it is or let yourself be spooked by the enormity of the attack by foreign powers against the sovereignty of the United States.  Don’t let them “shock and awe” you into a compliant drone of communist subjugation.  Fight them by chipping away at their brand.  That is what they value most and where they are weakest.  And you’ll find that they won’t hold up long to their communist partners.  The way to win against the Great Reset is to make your opinions known and to vote with your feet and walk away—while you still can.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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