A Corrupt FBI Hiding Behind Arrests: Who cares about P.G. Sittenfeld, its the big sharks you have to worry about

To be honest, I can’t stand P.G. Sittenfeld.  He’s a progressive and someone I would consider an Anti-American insurgent who has been hell bent on destroying my local city of Cincinnati with extreme left leaning radicalism.  But don’t expect me to thank the FBI for ruining Sittenfeld’s bid to be the next mayor by arresting the Cincinnati congressman last week on taking bribes for a development project to flip votes on council friendly to some projects totaling 40K.  Talking about this issue has been low on my priority list of topics due to the national tragedy of voter fraud that has massively caused a civil war like atmosphere in the United States by those same left-leaning communist activists doing the biding of China in exchange for power and money.  Little ol’ P.G. Sittenfeld is small game that was exploited by the Cincinnati FBI for their own public relations tour to look like Eliot Ness when in reality they are part of the problem in creating that civil war nationally.  In the FBI coup attempt of President Trump, they have placed a stigma on all their departments that likely will never go away, and it was that bit of corruption that was the most obvious element in the Sittenfeld arrest, along with two other Cincinnati councilmembers recently busted for the same kind of thing.

It was fishy when Speaker Householder in Columbus was also investigated by the same Cincinnati field office of the FBI for their role in taking bribes from nuclear power companies seeking a friendly face when Obama era politicians were trying to eliminate traditional power sources in favor of greenie weenie tech in wind power and solar in Ohio, so that we might suffer the same weak power offerings that are currently seen in California.  Its part of a bigger plan to save the planet by essentially destroying human civilization that is at the centerpiece of a Chinese led takeover of our energy supply in the United States.  Householder was trying to maintain a Republican majority.  He took some influence money along with others and everyone in Columbus knew what was going on.  Yet the FBI decided to make a big deal about it during an election year as they sought desperately to repair their tarnished reputation for playing a coup of an elected president.  And by the time we investigate the voter fraud of 2020 I have no doubt the FBI knew what was going on and who was doing it.  Yet instead of cleaning up their own internal corruption they are picking on these small-time politicians, like Larry Householder and these silly little Cincinnati city council members.

To say the least, I’m not impressed.  As I said in the video, I’m all for cleaning up corruption.  I’d like to see them all arrested and thrown in jail, and if there isn’t room in jail, then lets lower the bar for the death penalty and get rid of some of these loser son of a bitches.  I don’t want to deal with them.  I’ve been involved in Cincinnati politics for years going way back three decades.  I remember when Rob Portman was hanging around with my little group back then while during the day trying to win his first term in congress.  I was involved in some pretty hard-core scandals with Todd Portune where that guy sold me out pretty good.  That was in the Dwight Tillery days as mayor and I had some dealings with Foxy Roxy as well.  The corruption was happening then, and it will happen tomorrow in spite of the FBI trying to play Eliot Ness all of a sudden to disguise their own scandals behind some timely public relations.  As I said, if I thought the FBI were the good guys as ‘The Untouchables’ were portrayed in works of fiction in their fight against Al Capone I’d celebrate such press conferences announcing the arrest of P.G. Sittenfeld.  But truthfully, the FBI is far more corrupt than these politicians, the only difference is they have a badge representing a federal government that has obviously been hijacked by anti-American, constitution hating insurgents who should be considered domestic terrorists, not the good guys. 

What you always have to question on these kinds of things is the timing, just as coronavirus has been unleashed by those same blue state governors to try to shake public opinion away from the massive voter fraud that is yet another government coup against the people’s president, TRUMP the FBI is trying to do the same using their department to pick off these little fish losers so that the public will not see the massive crimes committed by real criminals who are in our own government and working in the FBI and CIA. These crimes by Sittenfeld and others go on all the time year after year, I’ve personally been involved and have witnessed them.  Of course, I don’t do crime, I never call myself a victim of any kind, but let’s say I was on the receiving end of the crime.  It took me roughly 20 years to get some of them back, but for the context of this discussion, its important to know that this sudden corruption isn’t new.  I’m not against seeing in the wake of all this Christopher Smitherman becoming mayor of Cincinnati.  But to my mind it could all be a set-up by the FBI.  They want Christopher to be mayor for some reason perhaps so they can take him down later and by taking Sittenfeld out now they could save him for some insurgency of progressivism later.  It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the intentions of this purge of current Cincinnati City Councilmembers wasn’t along those lines.  I’ve seen it before. 

It wasn’t just in Cincinnati where I’ve seen these kinds of things happen, I had run-ins with the FBI in Mason, Ohio where I tried to unravel a drug ring there that involved the mayor and the Mason police department.  I thought they’d be happy about the tapes and evidence I had gathered about a major drug dealing program that was seething with illegal activity, but instead an FBI agent came to our house and told my wife that she was a crazy lunatic for wanting an infantile understanding of justice in the world.  They went on to follow her around harassing her with constant surveillance for nearly two years after that.  I wrote about the incident in a fictional way in one of my published books.  Back then, the more I talked about the drug deals to all the high level politicians the more crimes of other kinds went on in our neighborhood, such as a rapist that nobody could seem to catch breaking into all the homes around us terrifying women all over the community.  The FBI was “on it,” as they told us.  Yet they never seemed to be able to catch the guy.  I started roaming around the streets at night with my bullwhips to catch the bastard and guess what.  The problem went away.  How about that?

We want to believe in the good in people, but my experience says that’s a dumb idea.  We should always look with scrutiny at those who are trying to bust others for crimes that they are likely committing themselves and hiding the actions behind that of a do-gooder.  In this case, the FBI is oozing with their own corruption and they are looking to build trust again with people and they are using small time corrupt politicians as their steppingstone in that direction.  But until they start arresting their own, like James Comey and many others, all they are doing is using a federal badge to hide their own crimes.  And I’m not OK with that.  They (the FBI) is supposed to work for us and I see no evidence that they give 2-shits and a nickel about any of us.  They only want their big government pension and an easy 30 years tour of duty in government work and in that way, P.G. Sittenfeld is many, many more times honest than the FBI.  At least he’s a scum bag whom we know the price of doing business.  With the FBI, we always must wonder.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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