The Trump Legal Team: Splitting up the tasks to defeat sheer evil and massive, corrupt, communist government, lying, cheating insurgents

In a lot of ways all this post-election activity reminds me of restarting the entire freedom movement, except my blog already has enough subscribers and daily readers that it has a bit of a head start.  I have off to the side bar of this site my contact info for Gab so readers can join me there and start making a transition from terrorist Jack and the Twitter censorship that is so obvious, and embarrassing to their social media platform.  And each day instead of giving YouTube and Twitter more hits on my site, I am producing my own content with the new video hosting site, Rumble.  It’s a slow go, but it feels very fresh and satisfying.  I have to do that for my own sake, I wanted a post-election world where our side were the observed government as we have been for the last four years, but the deep roots of the Deep State go much further down and are much more dangerous than many thought. I wouldn’t say I’m surprised but am more disappointed to being right than I would have liked to have been.  That means we have to work longer and obviously harder instead of getting a much-needed break and to change what we do in the fight for freedom than what we have been doing.  What was done worked, but what we have learned requires us to adapt to the game and to play it to win. 

For this site and social media in general I have decided not to reflect on what has been or how they should be in an idealistic world where everyone follows the constitution and aims to do the right thing.  We must deal with the fact that we are not all together as Americans and that we are in an ideological fight that requires strategy and insight.  And if we look at all the talents we all have I have decided to utilize mine to help sort out the smoke from where the fires are really burning so people can understand where to fight and how.  Normally I would comment on stories that have already happen and provide context and consensus, but in this world we have discovered where massive corruption is running most of our government agencies, that’s just not enough.  And to that end, I know a lot of people are worried about Sydney Powell being removed from the Trump legal team, so I have explained the reasons she was removed and needed to be in the video for today.  I am most comfortable dealing with big picture topics that step out and away from the headlines where the solutions are outside all the junk pressed up to our faces and that is certainly the reason for a change in priorities for the Trump team led by Rudy Giuliani.  The path to keeping President Trump in office is clear so now is the time to separate all the other stuff from the very serious court cases that will be occurring going into December. 

I was reminded recently of the first Saturday after the election when I went to the “Stop the Steal” rally in Columbus, Ohio and the AP announced that they decided Joe Biden was the president.  I spoke on the steps of the capital; I’m still looking for someone who has the recording as it was one of those spontaneous moments.  The rally had just started and everyone was waiting on each other to talk.  So I got things started by accepting the megaphone and discussing the situation with people very concerned that Democrats were stealing the election from them.  I reminded the crowd gathered there that all was not over, that Trump was still the president and that I had no plans to ever accept a Joe Biden presidency and they were free to do the same thing.  I also talked a lot about the upcoming legal process which at that time wasn’t at all clear.  All we knew on that day was that Democrats had a history of lying and cheating.  We had the proof of it over their past actions.  And we could see by the performance of the votes in various states that something very fishy was happening with the counts.  We weren’t sure what or how, but it was obvious that something was happening and that as the evidence was gathered, we’d discover what. 

Now two weeks later we know pretty well all the kinds of cheating that happened and even though the story goes much deeper and will likely be untangled for many years to come, there is enough now with the core Trump legal team to proceed based on their experience as federal prosecutors to win federal cases, even if they end up in the Supreme Court.  Meanwhile, Sydney and Lin Wood were free to go down the rabbit hole of the Dominion voting machines and see where it took them which is looking more and more, to a dangerous place.  At the core of this whole issue is not just the re-election of President Trump, but in trust in our voting process in any meaningful way.  Governor Kemp in Georgia and many others at very high levels, especially RINO Republicans look to be in on little bits of voter fraud and taken together, it has led to the biggest case of voter fraud the world has ever seen knowingly, and maliciously.  And its not just this person here and that person there, but thousands of people are in on it and a lot of heads will have to roll.  And that case will take a while to develop.  I believe Sydney and Lin have the goods, but when even the courts are in on these actions, the case will have to be super strong and there isn’t any media who will help find all the evidence.  As people, we are on our own, as usual.  Government has let us down and now they are protecting themselves and Sydney is on the case with Lin Wood for some eventual conclusion that will be hard for most Americans to deal with.   That lack of trust that they will experience will be terrible to digest and at this point considering it during the Trump Presidency case is just too much. 

I appreciate the positive feedback on this slightly modified format.  Share it with people who need a little reassurance because they certainly aren’t getting any confident words from the media and the Trump team themselves are under tremendous pressure.  But you’re safe here and I’ll continue to give everyone a bit of daily encouragement from my perspective and give a little insight into how I’m so clear about things that look truly frightening to those who live nice law and order lives and are so outraged by the evil they have seen, that clarity of what happens next isn’t so easy.  Years ago, I turned away from doing this kind of thing professionally because I didn’t want a boss.  I didn’t want a talk radio gig especially at Clear Channel because you can’t just say what you want on any corporate media.  I’ve also not taken any media jobs because I always worried that someday something like this mass insurrection might become a problem and I wanted freedom to deal with it.  These days, I have a portable television studio in my pocket, we all do, and I have this blog where I’m the editor and nobody else decides what topics I do or manages them.   Some might say I should have an editor besides myself, but that to me would be phony.  I think now is the time for some encouragement and talk of strategy so just like that I can make a decision to have a different approach.  And I hope people find it helpful, so far so good.  Yet together, we’ll built a new and better world without all these villains in it, and it starts with each of us not being swallowed by the D.C. Swamps of Sadness, but in staying positive and in a victory mindset, which I can see forming as we speak.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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