The Mob is Now the Government: Understanding Peter Bronson’s book, ‘Forbidden Fruit’

I’ve told lots of stories over the years on this blog and other places about my experience with various mobs, and small-time criminals like money launderers, drug dealers and killers.  I’ve also said that I’ve managed these relationships while remaining pretty clean myself.  The biggest crimes I was involved in were traffic violations and fights where occasionally people got really hurt or killed.  I’ve talked about the get out of jail free card that I had from a prominent Cincinnati area judge that worked really well and kept me out of serious trouble until I found a nice girl and married her to start a family of my own.  I haven’t told those stories for any other reason but to give context to some of my experience.  But even with my experience, most of the mob types were just businessmen looking for political leverage in the wake of the big mobs that had recently been pushed out of the Cincinnati area by more and more federal investigators.  The remnants of their criminal conduct were in small outfits like I experienced, but those were nowhere of the kind of scale that existed in Newport, Kentucky and involved the burning down of the famous Beverly Hills Supper Club. 

I read Peter Bronson’s really good book, Forbidden Fruit: Sin City’s Underworld and the Supper Club Inferno which has just been released.  I remember Peter from the Tea Party days where I met him at one of the West Chester meetings and have watched his projects since then.  So when he wrote a book on this topic I had to read it as soon as possible and found myself very interested in it, at first by the personal experience I had from that time. But I was surprised at some of the new information he had uncovered, largely from the declassification of the JFK files which showed that the Cleveland mob which ran Newport at the time of the 60s wanted revenge for Bobby Kennedy’s attempts to clean up that town and killed JFK.  And in 1977 rival mobs were responsible for burning down the Beverly Hills Supper Club which was news to me.  It was at first announced to be an electrical fire but these days, several decades later it looks to be a case of arson.  After all, everyone knows that the best way to commit arson, especially in mobs, is to blame it on electrical fires.  Peter’s book was very good, I found it entirely interesting and I had forgotten that the same mobsters who ran Newport then moved to Las Vegas and started that town and built it into what it is today.  Its easy to forget that Vegas essentially started in Newport, Kentucky and that it had an impact on politics that led to the assassination of President Kennedy. 

Now this info on Kennedy is the end of a long string of conspiracy theories that have been declassified only very recently.  The Oliver Stone film from the 90s was just scratching the surface, the Trump administration declassified much of the really bad stuff and that is what has ended up in Bronson’s book.  But this also reminded me of what is happening now, especially with this election fraud case of the 2020 presidential race where a cabal of billionaires in George Soros, Mike Bloomberg, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Tom Steyer, Mark Cuban, Bill Gates and many, many others have joined together to overthrow the election with massive voter fraud.  It reminded me that the mobsters never went away, they used to run old west towns like Deadwood, Tombstone and Dodge City, when gunslingers ran them out of town to bring peace to people.  Those criminal types then evolved into Al Capone and the mob of Chicago, and New York, and when the feds put pressure to run them out of town they settled in Newport, Kentucky where the laws weren’t so tight and the lights of the big cities weren’t so obvious. 

When they were run out of town the mob activity was broke up into little cells, some of which moved up I-75 to Chester Road and occupied the RT 4 corridor and many of the car dealerships along it.  That was my experience and what I learned about them was that mobsters were essentially lazy and cowardly.  They sought group appeasement because they were wimps.  They put up with me not because I committed crimes with them or for them, but because I was a strong individualist which was attractive to them, and it was in that way that I was able to get experiences that would guide me from then on.  Its not that they were bad people, but what made them evil is that they fed off innocent people to fill their lazy souls with unearned wealth and merit.  By the 90s most of those mob types were pushed off the face of the earth, they were too small time to go out to Vegas and avoid the avalanche of federal prosecutions which wanted to rid themselves of the reputations of being payed off by the mob.  In many ways people thought that those mobsters had gone away and that all our memory of them was the Godfather movies and of the movie Scarface.  Most of the people I knew back then were either killed, or died broke and very sick from hard lives and massive amounts of guilt.  Few of them ever found a jail cell because honestly, they were so worthless nobody wanted to waste time prosecuting them.

But I did realize and was reminded of it by Bronson’s book that the mob never went away.  Their motivations for easy money and group-oriented extortion didn’t disappear.  They simply got tired of being chased down by the feds and grew tired of buying off district attorneys.  They simply started running for elected office and became the government.  They made a decision after their experiences in Vegas that the next generation of the mob was to just enter government so that they could do their shakedowns with the power of the IRS at their disposal and that’s what we see today.   That’s how they were able to attempt to steal the American election of 2020 because they had gained so much unchecked power, they believed nobody would call them on it.  It reminded me of the audacity of the people I knew in the mob, only on a big scale.  And now instead of being fat guys sitting in the back of the Mike Fink riverboat on the Ohio River, another place where I used to work when I was younger, smoking a big cigar and running prostitution outfits and drug deals they were now billionaires trying to throw Trump out of office so that they could expand their cabal overseas and make trade deals that would allow for pedophilia and the legalization of drugs to go unchecked. 

Yes, the modern mobs want pot to be legalized because now that they’re in the government there is a lot of good money that can be made off the taxation of it, so now suddenly instead of bootlegging and drug running, they want to control the law so they can make money off it.  Yes, the government is now the mob, literally and they are involved in major crime just as they always have been.  But don’t fear them.  They are wimps, losers, and are generally lazy people which is why they enter the life of crime to begin with.  They don’t have the stamina to be hard working individualists.  They are attracted to such people, but they also obsess with controlling them.  When they find they can’t, they usually move on to some other town to control.  Only now, they have entered government and are taking their operation global, there’s nowhere else for them to go.  Leaving this kind of stand off which we see to this day.   And to understand a piece of that and just how bad it is or can be, I would highly recommend Peter Bronson’s book on Forbidden Fruit centering on the mob activity of Newport, Kentucky.  You’ll find it very rewarding and informative……………..and relevant. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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