Seeing what the Billionaires are trying to Hide: The election fraud of 2020 and their guilt and jealousy of Trump

It is a pretty amazing observation, now several days after the Trump lawyers gave a jaw dropping press conference, the reaction from the world of corporate media and global government has been almost complete silence.  The Biden people, even sleepy weepy himself has not come out to defend the accusations of major voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election which were made by Rudy Giuliani and others from that team in even a subtle way.  Even through the Sunday shows by the networks it was hardly mentioned at all, but what was were the attacks and denials by those same entities that there was even a case or consideration of any merit.  The Sunday shows did talk about Judge Brann from Pennsylvania who had in the past been appointed by the Obama administration and wouldn’t even look at the evidence that the lawyers presented, and struck down the lawsuit for stopping the vote verification as ridiculous.  Its not just because I support Trump or the team of lawyers working on his case, but I can tell and you likely can too dear reader, there is more than something fishy about the behavior of the defendants in this case, which Biden clearly is not a president of any kind—he’s a defendant in this case and like many others, thousands of others, they are very guilty of major crimes and their behavior gives them away. 

As I said in the video, if I were accused of the things Giuliani and the Trump legal team were accusing me of, I’d have to defend myself.  I’d have press conferences, I’d attack back.  But the Biden team isn’t because they can’t.  They are simply hoping to outrun the clock and to get to inauguration day letting the process advance the legal cases into the corners of our society before they can be solved and to ride momentum beyond analysis using pressure to hide the crimes.  This has after all worked for them in the past, it has worked with Hillary’s emails, it has worked with the FBI probes of internal tampering with the 2016 election with the fake Russian dossier and the Mueller investigation that was nonsense from the beginning  yet went on for over three years costing many millions of dollars when they knew all along Trump was innocent.  We have the emails and text messages that show that the FBI has been willing to stop a presidential election and to work against the intentions of the American voter so its clear that they see themselves as being smarter than the representative government that they are instructed to serve.  Then of course is maybe the worst of all, the Biden laptop which has obvious influence peddling on it and Joe’s son Biden actually on it having sex with underage girls—and pappa knowing about it. 

All those stories and this one which really has become yet again, the biggest crime on the face of planet earth have been moved further and further out ignoring any need for justice as they have now over the last several years piled up involving many thousands of people all over the world, which is also part of the strategy.  The criminals in government are counting on the massive scope of the activity to overwhelm our legal system just like the old progressive playbook suggests Cloward-Piven to topple logic with a mountain of considerations that nobody can wrap their minds around.  What all this silence spells out in this context is guilt, raw and massive guilt that is beyond refute.  And the dare from the Biden people and government itself is to present whatever evidence the Trump people want, because it all exists outside of people’s ability to see it.  People are not prepared to see all this corruption, they can maybe handle one or two things, but nobody is trained to see this much maliciousness, so therefore will not believe it.   The silence is a thumb nose to Giuliani and the Trump lawyers to proceed if they dare because the crimes are so big, that nobody will be able to see them or understand them allowing the criminals to ride off into the sunset unmolested. 

This of course provokes the question of what we don’t see who are running all this crime and that is the billionaire class of people who have been against Trump from the beginning.  Trump stepped out of their ranks and ran for president and won.  They assumed the first time that it was a joke and that he wouldn’t stand a chance.  After all, Soros and Bloomberg, along with Zuckerberg and many, many others didn’t think it was possible.  Their job was to buy politicians and get them to do what they wanted as a donor.  Trump actually won, and many of them have discovered that they don’t have what it takes to win a public office.  Jeff Bezos with all the money he has couldn’t do it, Mark Cuban even with all his charisma couldn’t do it.  Why was Trump able to do it?  How was Trump able to build this massive MEGA movement?  Not a single one of them could. Now they own most of the world through the media, through corporate business, or in the government.  Most people out there want some billionaire money from somebody including Doctor Dumbass himself, Dr. Fauci.  Those people will dance to any tune if it gets them funding, so in that way you can see what can’t be seen, where everything points to our political corruption, to a few global billionaires who have bet everything they have on controlling judges, media, the entire legal system of politics so that they can get away with it, and are unleashing hell on Trump and his supporters just for existing, because they are jealous, petty little people who can’t believe there is something in the world their money can’t buy. 

The way to beat them is to call them out and not allow them to hide outside our perceived reality.  During these upcoming court cases they need to be attacked and rooted out for all to see.  They are allowed to make all the money they want, but they are not allowed to run our country, or our lives.  If they build a better product than everyone else can, then we might buy their product and make them rich.  But if they think they can use that money to overturn our entire society into some global communism, then they are setting themselves up for the embarrassment that they have only been putting off now for a long time which is culminating in this case.  Regarding the 2020 elections they were intent to keep Trump from winning, because they couldn’t win themselves.  They can’t buy the talent to unite people the way Trump can and it has driven them crazy with grief and jealousy.  So in that regard they have cheated in this election.  They think they own most of the politicians involved and the media that would cover these crimes.  The billionaires also own many of the district attorneys across the nation so these insurgents truly believe that nobody will prosecute them and that Trump is defenseless to do anything against them.  In this way they intended to steal the presidency and give it to a broken up old man to prove to the world that anybody could win the presidency, if it was they as the billionaire class who was the king maker.  And in that way, we can see who the criminals really are in this case and why nobody in the media will cover the story.  The silence is the best testimony there is to prove the guilt and who it was who committed the crimes.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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