With Trump Court Victories Looming: Democrats will turn toward the mob for protection

It was always baked into their plans, when the Democrats and their media partners were planning to steal the presidential election of 2020 their plan always included stuffing ballots to close any gaps they might need to appear victorious.  Then to avoid any challenges to those fake votes they planned to tell the dumb people who tend to follow them that those fake votes represented real people who cast a vote for a Democrat.  But in reality, the ballot was just a piece of paper filled out on the side of the road, or in an empty parking lot by homeless people looking for food or drugs in exchange for filling out stacks of ballots with just one name on them, Joe Biden.  The Democrats planning all this were caught, they were caught in Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania and especially in Wayne County Michigan.  There are lots of witnesses that will attest to the fact, but the plan was never really to avoid getting caught, because the Democrats are so audacious that they believe they have control of the legal system.  They think they can intimidate judges and congressman to avoid the threat of violence that has been baked into everything that Democrats do.   The riots over this past summer was the seed that they planted purposely so that come election time, the beatings, the destruction of cities would be fresh on everyone’s minds and anybody thinking of ratting them out to the law would remember that there are consequences to standing up to them.

They know they’re dirty, the Democrats who have been attempting to quickly accelerate the post-election results before anybody could call foul. The purpose of the push has been to keep everyone on their heels, get sleepy Joe Biden into the White House before the legal system could prove otherwise and use the momentum of pressure to rob the election.  They really didn’t care if they got caught or not, their plan was to overwhelm the system in a kind of Cloward-Piven kind of way so that the task would be daunting in such a short period of time to certify the elections and ultimately to have everything settled for a January 20th inauguration.  They know its near impossible for any legal team to assemble all the massive evidence that were left behind into a presentable case in just a few weeks or even months.  But even if some legal team managed to do such a thing, then the threat of mobs of ANTIFA attackers ransacking our cities and communities would loom out there to discourage any justice for fear of our very lives.  That is the game that the Democrats have been playing.  They thought Trump would fight back, but they counted on his supporters to go weak-kneed and to put their heads back in the sand once he was removed from office. 

Democrats projected all this behavior, they said themselves that it might appear that Trump won the election but in the days after the counting of the mail-in ballots would put Biden over the top.  Of course we understand that to mean that they would look at the vote totals on election night and figure out how many ballots the Democrats would have to make up literally out of thin air to close the margins.  But like the voting machine switching from the Dominion systems that were part of the cheat, Trump over performed to such an extent that the counting continued for weeks after the election because the eyes of the nation were on those hold out cities to make up the votes that would close the gap for Biden.  And now that the Trump legal team has a very provable case, the Democrats and their media partners are starting to panic.  As a result, they are starting to drum up their base of ANTIFA mobs to hit the streets to attack anybody once the legal case for taking made-up votes for Biden becomes more real.  The real target of this violence isn’t Trump supporters, its judges who might make such a ruling to take away votes because they were illegally cast. 

Its really simple, either a vote has a signature verification, or it doesn’t and if it doesn’t it can’t be counted.  Legally, you can’t just fill out a bunch of blank ballots in the back of a van or even in the corner of the counting centers for just Joe Biden and ignore the rest of the ballot with no signatures and count some of those ballots 3 or 4 times, however many times it took to get the numbers they wanted.  But that’s what has happened and those are the votes that Democrats are going to cry about losing.  They have gone so far to propose that every vote should count and have been saying such a thing before the election telegraphing that they might have this precise problem.  They knew the votes would be made up but they hoped in the court of public opinion that they might gain enough support to prevent judges from imposing such a harsh legal action of removing votes from the scoreboard if only the public accepted “president-elect” Biden before the lawyers could make their case.  And by their behavior, the Trump legal team has caught them sooner than they expected.  They hoped to get passed January 20th to a point where Biden would already be president before these present court cases would be scrutinized.  But the Democrats had to close big margins fast and in so doing, they made a lot of mistakes and now those mistakes are harsh evidence that makes it easy for judges to rule in favor of Trump.

That’s where the mobs come in, the only way to prevent justice from taking hold is to place the moral dilemma in front of the judges for these cases with the consequences of inevitability.  Do the judges want law and order, or do they want their families and friends to be beat up, or even killed?  That is literally the threat.  If the judges take away the made-up Biden votes which will turn the election, do the judges want to be responsible for the burning down of cities?  The harassment of innocent people.  The massive crimes that will be unleashed on the streets as a result?  Literally, that is what the Democrats are threatening.  Their message to us all is, give us the presidency or else.  Don’t mess with us.  Don’t look into what we do.  Go over there, sit down, and shut up.  They don’t even hide that they lie, they told us before the election that they would.  They almost boasted about it publicly as if there was nothing any of us could do about it, even at the Supreme Court level.  But now that Trump’s team is moving forward, as they should, there is now a panic starting to rise because the Democrats are going to be challenged and they have no other defense except for threats of violence.  So don’t be surprised to see it.  Don’t let the shock stray your mind away from justice.  Without justice there is nothing worth fighting for, so we must stay focused.  Because the mobs are coming, the media is going to stoke the fires like they always do because they have been weaponized to do the evil of the Democrat Party and their attempts to steal the White House from the voters who picked Trump to a second term.  It will be ugly, but remember, its worth it and that they don’t have a right to harm anybody or even threaten them.  Its about time that people stand up for themselves against these villains, and now is the time.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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