Politicians Think You Are Stupid: Covid lockdowns are just the most recent massacre in history

As I said in the video, I have written a lot about Covid-19 and how it is a strategy of the Agenda 21 crowd and is a global takeover of capitalism.  Covid-19 has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with controlling people by governments and corporate partners intended for the fenced off grazing of global communism.  If anybody did care about the actual health of people, they would promote the management treatments that we know help fight coronavirus, such as hydroxychloroquine and the upcoming sources for vaccinations.  Instead, as the cheating scandal is heating up from the 2020 elections, and all those who are guilty are looking for a diversion story to shield them from reality, that they have been caught and are complicit in many federal crimes, the lockdowns by stupid and malicious governors and city mayors are back as they assume they won’t have to answer to Trump, and will have a friendly voice to their tyranny in Hiding, lying, Joe Biden.  Watching how people are reacting to this new generation of lockdowns though has been troublesome, I feel sorry for the people who are blindly following every health department edict and the guidance of the CDC because they are being suckered by an insurgency of a political class which simply wants power and it is severely disrupting the lives of so many people for no reason. 

Recently I was thinking of how similar the lockdown behavior by our society was to the massacre of the buffalo herds in the 1870s period in the vast plains between Missouri and Nevada where buffalo could be seen in herds well over the horizon and it was assumed that they would always exist in those large numbers.  There was quite a market for buffalo hides in the emerging markets in the East so buffalo hunters came to be to satisfy those markets.  Indians with their sticks and arrows couldn’t kill enough buffalo to ever impact the herd capacity, but when the developed world came along with the development of the single shot .50 caliber Sharp rifle, the buffalo hunters were able to bring down buffalo with one well placed shot through the lungs so the massacre began.  But even more than the Sharp rifles, the thing that really killed off the mass herds of buffalo was their own stupidity.  Commonly a running pack of buffalo would freeze and come to a stop if the leader of the pack was killed leaving the rest of them to be easily picked off when they should have been running away.  And when grazing in a field, if one was killed, those around it would step back a bit from the carnage but would otherwise continue grazing.  That allowed buffalo hunters to step up to them and just kill them all at will.  In that way, it was easy to massacre the buffalo and sell all the hides that one could gather and for the hunters to get rich in the process. 

Now of course all the nature boys and girls out there would say this process was evil, that capitalism destroyed the buffalo species and robbed the Indians of their food supply and that it should have never happened.  I would argue that for too long the Indians became complacent in hunting as a food supply of a stupid animal that never had to evolve due to a lack of competition.  Part of the growth process of any society is continuing to evolve as people through the pressures of competition, and on the plains of the United States at that time, everything in nature was rather docile and it was only a matter of time before some extinction event would come along and wipe them out.  If it wasn’t the cowboys of fame and fortune, it would have been a meteor or some volcano that would arise out of the ground during the next earthquake and kill everyone off because they had become so used to their existence patterns that they would fail to adapt quick enough to a challenge to it.  Whether that extinction event happened in 1870 or thousands of years in the future, it was bound to happen sooner or later.  But overcoming such milestones with the tools of social advancement solves the problem of extinction for good.  Becoming a space fairing race is far better than just maintaining some synchronization with nature that could be toppled quickly at the next global catastrophe.  Yet for this purpose, the cause of the extinction event with the buffalo was their own stupidity. 

The modern politicians of this new global Marxist movement that intends to unite the world under Chinese communism, which is quite clear in the behavior of modern politicians, Facebook, Google Twitter and even the major television networks, think we are all as dumb as those buffalo.  They have no respect for our intellects and almost mock our desire to be compliant losers even to our own dooms.  They see Covid-19 as a whip to crack by our faces to startle us into cages they intend to then slaughter at their convenience, and they care nothing for your discomfort or turmoil.  They are harvesting us by using our own docile nature as weapons for our own destruction, and they think its funny.  The governor of Michigan is almost mocking us day by day even as the legislature there drafts up impeachment articles against her.  The same here in Ohio where I live.  But DeWine ignores them all as if he is the supreme leader of the universe and is beyond the reach of the law, because he is acting under “emergency authority” for which he is clearly abusing those powers without a care to how future generations will view him.   Much the way a slaughterhouse worker cares about the frightened utterances of an animal about to have its throat slit.  Those noises will be terminated in a moment anyway, so why care about them at all?  That is the attitude. 

They think you are stupid and that you won’t challenge them which is the message here.  And if you listen to them, your terminal end is already in their plans.  It’s a story in a book they’ve already closed.  They don’t care if your parents or grandparents die of coronavirus.  They don’t care if you blow your brains out in suicide because you’ve lost your job and your mind to complying with stupid government mandates.  They don’t care if you lose your life savings in a business that has been destroyed by their bad decisions.  They don’t care about any of it.  They want your hide, literally.  They don’t care what happens after, they just want to sell your hide to the Chinese communists for a quick trip to the whore house and a bottle of whiskey.  The politicians want the quick hit of power and tomorrow they’ll look for a new hide to sell.  But when it comes to Covid-19, they see a massacre that will solve a short-term problem for them, and that’s all they care about.  And if you listen to them, they will slaughter you and everything you care about without an ounce of guilt.  That is because they are evil, just as evil as the massacre of the buffalo on the American plains in the 1870s.  Even though this time the harvest is our minds and not our literal hides, the effect is the same.  So it would be to your best interest not to be stupid and just stand their while they attack you like those old, dumb, buffalo. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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