How So Many Democrats Coordinated a Rigged Election with the Chinese and other Global Attackers: The weak trait that unites them without formal plans

One thing that has come up in regard to the massive election fraud cases of 2020 and the multiple false positives regarding Covid-19 is the need for an answer to the question as to how so much massive criminal activity by our government could be committed without anybody going to jail.  Why?  How could that many people keep a secret and avoid going to jail or even going to court over a fine of some kind.  How could they get away with it?  And why is the media complicit—all of them?  Why aren’t more people in the media independently driven toward truth, justice, and the American way?  What is so attractive about alliances with China and their communism—why would so many people be willing to sell out their country and join global communism at the cost of the greatest country on earth?  So let’s answer that question so that people can wrap their minds into this attack of America by foreign powers specifically in China and understand how the political left is aligned to them and has been for many, many years.  This all didn’t just happen yesterday.  It took a long time, but looking at the audacious cheating that went on in this recent election, and likely many others in the past, and then studying the battlefield tactics of the China Virus, Covid-19 as a cover story for all the crimes committed by government against us who are supposed to be in charge of it, it is important to understand how the other side thinks and why they do what they do.

Government bureaucrats and lazy people in general in life use titles as their justification for existence, it’s a kind of mask they use to hide their incompetence.  Its an old notion that we inherited from Europe and that obsession with titles actually extends well to the East to the coasts of the Pacific.  If Europe and Asia are what we consider the cradles of civilization, then the obsession with titles to justify worth began there and still contaminates the world of today.  Communism and socialism are just the most recent manifestations of what we might have called the “kings court” in the past.  Communist leaders are those in charge of wealth redistribution.  They collect wealth which then gives them power for which they distribute to people unearned which is an essential corruption of social norms and always leads to short cycles of civilization.  And the ability to climb the ladder in such societies comes from titles.  And titles are handed out to people who join groups, they go to similar colleges, belong to the same fraternities, or participate in certain churches, Masonic temples, or coach little league baseball teams.  With that in mind, those who join government are not the hardest working people of any society but are those the most connected.  What is valuable in those relationships is the mutual understanding that all parties are essentially lazy and to disguise that trait, they clamor for titles that can then steal from wealth producers, (laborers, entrepreneurs, creative types) and distribute to the masses of society through the rank of a title. 

The founding of America was essentially a rejection of this notion.  A person born or fleeing to America could become a multimillionaire without knowing anybody, but simply outworking all their competition and arriving at success without all the boot licking that goes on in other places in the world, such as an emperor in China or a king in Europe.  Without having to waste time on politics, people were able in America to work and prosper without the assistance of titled bureaucrats.  But over time many people moved from those lazy other countries where those social norms were all the rage and infected the American way of life with their sap sucking tendencies to steal from hard working people and use their titles to redistribute what they stole for justification of their own existence.  Many of them entered government jobs to hide their own lazy tendencies in life and thus many in the media joined their occupations for the same reasons so they could cover such actions without having to do any real work in life.  In this way the media and government formed a partnership that has only grown closer over the last 200 years of American evolution.  China then knowing they want to seek global domination looked at America, looked also at the nature of American bureaucracy and appealed toward the natural tendencies of the government workers looking for perpetual security and drove them like cattle to a slaughter house their military intentions wrapped up in a bow for all to consume.

As the years wore on the two types of American, the self-initiated and the below the line, lazy losers the two sides become separated greatly in their thinking which ultimately culminated in the election of President Trump.  China panicked, the bureaucrats in the SWAMP panicked, the world panicked because they did not want the hard working and self-driven to have a representative government.  The goal was to keep in place a government bureaucracy so that the lazy and titled would have someone to rob legally and use their power to redistribute that effort to the useless and timid.  So in that way, you can understand dear reader how so many in the media, and in the governments of the world were able to join together without a formal plan to attack a sector of the population with corruption and scandal, and how they can look at themselves in the mirror each day as criminals yet feeling OK about it all.  This standoff is actually thousands of years old.  America was an idea formed with early western thinking, it pre-dates Greek society actually.  But through thousands of years of study, the idea for America was formed, it just needed a new world to rise up and grow.  It needed to move out of old Europe where failure after failure had resulted time and again.  The orient was no different, their civilizations rose and fell many dozens of times but always behind the failure was the acts of the bureaucrats looting off the efforts of the production which crushed them—every time. 

As Europeans came up with Marxism to dominate their continent which then migrated all the way to Asia in the last century America was building railways west and establishing a capitalist culture of can do spirt and innovation which opened the door to free thinking people like Sam Colt and Thomas Edison, and society thrived.  But the Europeans were jealous and moved to America to take part in the magic, but they brought their bad ideas with them and instead of fighting on the frontiers to invent new great things, they took jobs in government and became more useless bureaucrats who were lost in life without a title or some idea like communism to disguise their lack of gusto and work ethic.  And to continue that ruse in a world that voted for Trump to be their representative, to a president who had set the bar of work so high, of course they hated him and his supporters.  That is why they have been working together, the media and the government types in conjunction with the nations of the world to conspire for his removal and to lock all of us down behind Covid-19 protocols.  It drives them crazy with guilt to see people working hard, ultimately, they want to control the means of production so that they can lay some claim to its existence.  Yet ultimately, that is why they are willing to commit evil and crime without guilt and with great cooperation with their peers.  And why they cheated so extravagantly in the 2020 election expecting to get away with it.  Their goal and purpose in life, whether as a government bureaucrat or a member of the media to keep people sitting on a couch watching them instead of doing something else is to control the movement of free people and to share in their efforts. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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