Ron DeSantis is Preparing for Mobs Correctly: Violence from the political left is their only option

I think Ron DeSantis is on to something very responsible and proactive.  He is moving forward with what he’s calling an “Anti-Mob” bill that is an extension of current Florida “Stand your Ground” laws that will allow concerned citizens to shoot left winged mobs who provoke riots in the streets, as they are promising to do if Trump is successful even moderately with his court challenges over the election of 2020.  And given what I know about the case from people who have been whispering to me through many open windows, the political left has a lot of reasons to be very concerned.  In a lot of ways, it’s sad that many, many, many criminals working on behalf of the Democrats decided to stop counting on election night in six states to overthrow the election of President Trump.  But that’s water under the bridge.  They went all in, and they got caught and lots of people are guilty.  Considering what we now know about Russia Gate and FBI corruption in attempting a coup against Trump the first time, and so far nobody has gone to jail, its hard to see how this many criminals will find justice when many of them are in charge of justice and the rules.  It’s going to get pretty ugly.  And of course we know that the political left will do anything they have to do to shine the light off their criminal actions, so we know that there will be a lot of ANTIFA attacks and the racial antics of Black Lives Matters that will hit our streets and threaten our homes and businesses.  So now is the time to address that future occurrence because the violence is coming—they have promised it and they have no other option at this point, especially as these court cases shine a light on exactly what happened.

I’d say we are all better off now, knowing what we learned by the election.  It was a big climax of crimes that the Deep State was willing to commit against us all and they must win the election in the minds of people even if its illegally, because they can’t afford another Trump administration and all the investigations that could be possible by the Trump DOJ.  Obviously, the pressure is great as Bill Barr has lost his confidence and given the type of people who have infected our government these days, he likely has good reason to fear for his own life.  That seems to be the way of our government, which is run by thugs, socialists and goons who never accepted our pick for president in Trump from the outset.  They have fought us for the change we have demanded and acted against us.  It hurts to see the level of corruption that many of us have talked about for years, but it is better to know what needs to be done to put a stop to them.  After all, its our government, not theirs so there will be a fight to sort it all out in some way or another.  We’d like to not have the situation turn violent but surrendering our country to global communists certainly isn’t an option.  The timeline of these election challenges is going to be tough, as I have been saying.  Many of the cases will take months, even years to sort through, and nobody in the media wants to see the results, because it will reveal their complicity.  However as the results are released and its looking bad for the Democrats, (real bad) the threats of violence will become a very real problem and the communist thugs that are embedded in our government now will be unleashed as weapons against us, and we need a legal acknowledgment to use force to stop it. 

That is why it’s good to see DeSantis out in front of this in Florida.  All red states should implement similar legislation because in these times it might be the only military force we can use to meet the violence.  With federalism in flux with a presidential race unsettled—and this one will be unsettled for a long time regardless—we can’t count on police and military force to bring peace and justice, because we are not presently a United States.  And the radical leftist domestic enemies like ANTIFA know there is a power void, and they will exploit it for their own intentions.  I think violence will be the only way to stop it, which is sad, but its what you get when an insurgency force tried to take over a nation from outside the country and forces us to accept it with surrender.  When the surrender doesn’t happen, they have nothing left to convince us but force.  And now we’ve seen the level of criminal conduct they are capable of, with just the little evidence we learned about on the Biden laptop, and the behavior of the FBI recently, and historically, we must prepare knowing what they are capable of. 

I heard some of the dumbest stuff I’ve heard in a while on the Glenn Beck radio show this week as he commented on the ANTIFA violence that attacked Trump supporters in Washington D.C. at the Million Mega Stop the Steal march.  Beck suggested that we behave as Martin Luther King did, by not fighting back, by letting people beat us up and taking a non-violent approach to getting out thoughts conveyed.  He also pointed out that Gandhi did the same.  His reasoning is that the media will ignore the left-winged violence but would blow out of proportion any right of center actions.  Well, who cares what the media does, we have seen that almost nobody can be trusted in this new civil war from the media and we have to accept that.  They aren’t our friends; they are domestic enemies against the constitution.  No, violence I think is the only way they will be beat back.  Maybe Trump can maintain federal control before all hell breaks loose and we can use the military to stop the door to door violence.  But we must prepare for the storm that is coming and it would be helpful if we could get some help from government while we still can.  We don’t need to deal with any Soros purchased District Attorneys like Mark and Patricia McCloskey have had to deal with in St. Louis when they attempted to defend their home from the mob.  The anti-American forces that have seeped into our legal system want the mob to take your homes, or your life, or the life of your family.  So before they can prosecute you, good governors like DeSantis should protect that last line of defense the American home of a gun owner who is ready to use them to defend good from evil, our constitutional republic against a communist incursion. 

Going back to the way they lied to us on the political left on Obamacare, the IRS spying on Tea Party groups going through the years to this election fraud, I can say I’ve seen enough out of these criminals to expect violence.  The crimes and the connections are so extraordinary and the way they cover for each other we really are at a kind of impasse that we would have never seen if Trump hadn’t worked as hard as he did to expose the crime of the Democrats with 10 million more votes than he received the last time, which forced the government criminals to go overboard on their vote counts to cheat a higher number.  And when that doesn’t put Trump supporters back into a bottle they were in before 2008 when the Tea Party movement first started emerging there will be massive panic, and a desire to destroy their opposition.  And that’s where we are today.  Everyone state and community should be doing what Ron DeSantis is doing with his expansion of Stand your Ground laws aimed literally at rioters and anarchists looking for trouble.  Any enemy at this point who is burning an American Flag or is advocating anti-American ideas should now be considered a domestic enemy and we have constitutional obligations to defend ourselves and our country accordingly.  That means specifically that guns are more important than votes because our attackers have no respect for the law.  So we must plan for that kind of world and DeSantis is. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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