America Needs to Get Back to Making Men: China wants to dominate and they want no resistance

As we witnessed yet another attempted coup of President Trump, this time coming from the election theft that is turning out to be massive in the 2020 election cycle, many are wondering as they watch ANTIFA thugs and Black Lives Radicals riot in the streets and harass the innocent where the men are in American society to stop the violence.  Well, I would point to the fine book by Sun Tzu, The Art of War as to how the Orientals primarily from China has sought openly to invest into American companies with the caveat that they listen to suggestions from the hive mind of communism into how to function as a corporation, and that over the decades the primary focus was to tame American men so that when the invasion came to be, there would be nobody to defend The United States from the invaders.  Orientals do not like to fight directly, they would rather attack culturally, which isn’t how Americans are trained to fight.  And Orientals will take decades to fight a battle, so slow that nobody even knows they are doing it.  The goal of the Oriental is to win the fight before the fight even happens and for many in the United States, that is what they are seeing happening in the 2020 Election.  The Oriental way of beating the West is to take out their opposition culturally, in this case through the men.


We have been watching for many years the increased divorce rates, the alarming number of homes where there isn’t a father to help raise the children and if there is, it’s a step father.  In a child’s life there may be several step fathers leaving children always feeling uprooted.  We have seen the movement of the state replacing a husband for mothers and wives and this cultural switch was not created organically, out of a social need.  It was created as a weapon of war from one culture to another, from the East to the West.  Not to get too complicated but if you follow the money of legal maneuvers, politics, corporate investment, media slanting, it will all eventually point back to China and their hive mind of communism.  Over many years they have managed through their financial investments to alter American mindsets into destroying the concept of maleness so that it would be easy to undermine our culture.  One easy way to explain how such a thing was done was an obvious example in the Star Wars franchise where Han Solo was one of the most manly men in modern film history.  For the 2015 new generation Lucasfilm led by the very progressive Kathy Kennedy wanted a big piece of the Chinese market so they softened Han Solo played by Harrison Ford from a man who had it always together and was someone everyone could count on to a guilt riddled fool in The Force Awakens, who had left his son and become basically a deadbeat dad.  And that was what gave rise to the terror that was the film’s villain.  That corporate decision was made to appease the Chinese so that the film could play to the plus billion potential filmgoers there.  In that way, China was able to control American corporations over many decades forcing companies like Google, Nike, Apple and so many others to give up their American ideas in favor of those that China was advocating for especially when it came to ideas of masculinity.

China has wanted the destruction of American men since before many of us were born.  It has come out in the kind of television shows that were developed, the kind of music that was published, the kind of books, movies and even Broadway plays that we enjoyed.  If you wanted a job in show business, there would be no more John Wayne types.  And if a manly type like Bruce Willis wanted to stay working, every now and then he’d have to take on a role that humbled him so that the movie going public would know that he didn’t think of himself as a tough guy.  Arnold Schwarzenegger fell into this trap by doing films like Jingle All the Way where his tough guy persona was satirized into complete destruction of his brand for the long haul.  All it took was the failed Republican governorship of California and an exposed sex scandal with his maid to destroy him forever, because he had refused to give up on the manly man persona he had in movies.  The Chinese were and always have been heavy investors into the Hollywood studio system and it is there that they make or break actors, and ultimately what they give young boys to look up to.  Without a strong father in the home which was created through political investment and the legal system, and by controlling the entertainment culture through the same kind of investments, America had let in an enemy with the mask of friendship but the intention for our complete destruction.

Now we have been told that men can’t be men, or that women can be men, or that people can be anything they want.  Of course, in the orient these kinds of ideas would be preposterous.  But China advocates for this confusion in the United States so that they can divide and conquer starting with the traditional role of men in holding families together and solving problems.  Or defending the nation.  When you have a society of men who don’t even know what sex they are, or what they should be doing and thinking about, its easy to beat them if conquest is the goal, and you better believe it, that is the goal of China.  If you really got down to the reasons that so many globalists hate President Trump, its because he’s a classic American man, and it goes against everything they have been trying to do to America to let him exist.  So it has been their intention to destroy President Trump completely because he might be a strong male figure to many watching him.  China has been committed to this Beta Male investment for a long time, the bow tie wearing guys who scramble in their cars for an umbrella to walk 10 feet in the rain so not to wet their precious little hair.  Trump wasn’t just a political pick for many wanting to drain the swamp, he was always a classic American man who undid a lot of the damage the Chinese wanted to inflict on men from the West.

We saw the benefit of men on the night in Washington after the Stop the Steal rally there where Proud Boys and other militia type groups hit the streets to retaliate ANTIFA violence.  ANTIFA is very much a creation of China and they want those lost boys and girls to destroy America at will, they certainly don’t want a fight in the streets.  And there was a fight and ANTIFA didn’t do so well.  Ultimately, there needs to be a resurrection of American maleness in society before anything can really be solved.  I’m sure women want men again in spite of what the media has been saying.  Now that the masks are off, things are much clearer than there were before the election and people can admit as much.  Women if given the choice between a man child and a real man, would pick the real man.  I see it too often where a pretty girl pulls up in a beat up Honda Civic to a fuel pump.  You can tell she’s either single or she’s married to a dud and is unhappy about it because she’s got tail lights that are out, she has dents in her doors from hanging out at some club looking for something better, but ending up drunk and missing parts of her clothing somewhere the next day.  Either way, she is a disaster, she’s not the “empowered” woman that the Chinese have promised through the American media.  She’s desperate and looking toward big daddy government for relief which is part of the plan.  Contrast that to the woman who pulls up in her husband’s monster truck.  She knows her man can fix anything; he works and makes money.  And if a bad guy comes to their house, he’ll kill them.  So she’s generally happy, dresses and acts that way and has little to fear in life.  The Chinese hate people like that, so the best and first way to attack the attackers is to make more solid American men.  And it all starts with naming the beast, then moving in to slay it.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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