Doctor Dumbass and the Governors of Chinese Communism: Of course they want to get rid of Thanksgiving and Christmas–they want to kill America

We’ve talked about it for a long time, the Covid-19 virus was all along a communist insurgency plan intent to install globalism into American politics and to use the crises to change western society during the Great Reset as United Nations liberals have come to term the movement.  If anybody ever doubted it, now that we’ve had the Election of 2020 there is no longer doubt.  We’ve now seen the lying and cheating that has been going on, the censorship at Facebook and Google to start, we’ve seen how deep the deep state is.  They had to reveal themselves in an attempt to beat President Trump but in so doing had to expose who they were and what they were always up to.  Yes, our media is already deep down the road of full communism and has essentially become state propaganda no different than what we’d see in China.  We have been under attack for a long time and Covid-19 was the Trojan Horse meant to bring communism into America and now that the election is over and many of the politicians who have bought into that communism through their educations or political experience are exposed.  Before the election many were willing to give all these deep staters a free pass and consider their opinions relevant to discussion.  But now, many people can see that the deep staters are enemies to us all and must be fought as such.

Take for instance the knowledge of Covid-19, there are several treatments that can manage the virus without a vaccine, such as Regeneron and hydroxychloroquine.  But with the same level of censorship that was displayed during the election of 2020 where Twitter and Facebook were actively taking down messages and accounts that represented President Trump, even Trump’s own account, any mention of hydroxychloroquine was censored in the same way.  That is because the goal of Covid-19 was to scare people into compliance and if they knew there was a cure they wouldn’t panic.  When President Trump came down with Covid-19 himself and was able to get treated and released quickly, that blew the public narrative of the long term plan, which deeply upset the attackers of America—especially the many domestic enemies who work in our media, our schools, and our government.  Now, still following the script of the United Nations through the World Health Organization, and believing that Biden will be allowed to institute lockdowns and mask mandates as a president, many blue state governors and RINOs of red states like Ohio have gone to the next level, lockdowns for Thanksgiving and Christmas just days after the presidential election to pour on the oppression before American society could have any chance to get back on its feet.

The urgency out of Michigan and Chicago specifically to go back to lockdowns of our economy to slow the spread of the virus couldn’t be more obvious, it’s to attack specifically American holidays and to further establish control over the American population.  And the media is fully in synchronization with the effort.  When Kristie Noem, the governor of South Dakota announced that she would not comply with any national shutdown under a proposed Biden administration, the media jumped in to attack the Covid-19 cases in the Dakotas putting pressure on North Dakota to break from Noem, as other states announced they would comply to avoid the scrutiny.  To her credit, Kristie didn’t buckle, and I suspect that she won’t.  She’s one of the good ones, there will be many legal challenges in the years to come, but it will take many like her to fight back and she’ll need our support to do so.  But to the point, Covid-19 isn’t dangerous, especially with the knowledge that there is a vaccine coming.  Not that I’d take the vaccine, but for those who are afraid of Covid-19, the vaccine is just another manageable element that should open up the nation, not to provoke any kind of ridiculous shutdowns.

On this particular Sunday morning of this writing there was an article making its way around the front page of the internet talking about how the FBI had tried to shove Martin Luther King into committing suicide.  Of course King would be killed eventually as many were killed in the 60s who were threats to the Deep State as we call them now.  And instead of killing literally as many who were threats in the 60s, 70s, and 80s used to be, the media is now part of the Deep State and can destroy people in other ways without having to get all messy with deaths.  Such was certainly the case with Judy Mikovits which has been for all of 2020 a subject of incredible scrutiny, almost as much as President Trump.  But many haven’t heard of her because she has been attacked relentlessly over the internet and press because her book Plague of Corruption which came out in April of this year threw cold water on Covid-19 before it even got started. 

The book has been sold out most everywhere for months despite its almost burned book status. I wouldn’t say it’s the best book I’ve ever read but Mikovits as an established deep state medical researcher working in the circles of Doctor Dumbass himself, Dr. Fauci, let loose many of the conspiracies that the government has involved themselves in by experimenting with various vaccines and destroying people’s lives in the process by giving them cancer and other toxic diseases.  It was in that book that I learned about this FBI plot to drive King into wanting to commit suicide.  She published the FBI letter to King in her book as an example of how the process happens.  The FBI has been doing these kinds of bad things for a long time, it didn’t just start with trying to throw Trump out of office with many coups over his term—including this recent one of voter fraud which is being explored as you read this.

It should be obvious by now what Doctor Dumbass and the rest of the deep state medical community across the world is trying to do with Covid-19, they want to control the American population with fear so that we will give up our capitalism and accept global communism.  This past week feeling haughty over the media declaration of Joe Biden winning the election Fauci pulled off his mask expecting to remain as a top doctor for the deep state and announced that these lockdowns must happen.  He actually said, “America has an ‘independent spirit’ but it is time to do what you’re told.”  Well, those are fighting words, especially knowing how these same doctors have been advocating against management of the virus and rather to let the virus manage us, so that the global takeover of our economy can take place.  As audacious as the statement was from Doctor Dumbass, it is valuable to understand what is driving the decisions of governors like Mike DeWine of Ohio who was quick as a so-called Republican this week to point out that we should be calling hiding, lying, Joe Biden “president-elect.”  Otherwise from DeWine, “bend the knee.”

By the looks of things it seems obvious that we’re going to have to fight these losers in the streets.  They are looking to subvert our constitutions at the level of the state and at the federal level as well.  None of them, especially DeWine and Witmer in Michigan want to give back their emergency powers to subvert the legislature, their plan now that the election looks to be a media conquest in favor of Biden is to keep the emergencies going forever so that they never have to give that power back.  By reading the Mikovits book Plague of Corruption, you can see quite easily that has been the plan by the deep state for many decades, to hide government mistakes behind massive grabs for power to control the population by force or death if necessary.  These are a criminal class of people who are poised for a good ass kicking and its long overdue.  But certainly not, are they credible.  The lockdown proposals by these criminals is nothing short of an attack.  The solution to Covid-19 is well known and getting better by the day.  The scam that has become what the virus really was truly an attack on our American way of life, and people like Doctor Dumbass are guilty as sin for not only killing people who get in the way of the deep state, but for attempting to undermine our nation politically.  The only good thing to come out of all this is that people can now see it more clearly so that action can be taken. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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