Understanding What Happened with the 2020 Election: Democrats had to cheat because they no other option

By now I have explained this easy way to understand what happened on the Election of 2020 to many hundreds of people.  Many people are truly scared of what they are seeing, but I would argue that its better to see what we are dealing with than living an illusion of patriotism that is only surface deep.  What we have discovered through the Trump presidency is a Deep State that was only rumored about in the year’s past, and now we know how deep it really is, and how dangerous.  Also, we have learned how the wars of the future will be fought, such as in this present civil war.  Its not fought on terms of noble battles where the goal is to bleed out the other side with deaths and carnage until one side gives up.  No, this is a different kind of fight that involves the subtleties of corporatism and its obvious alliance with communism and will have to be fought on terms that they are not equipped to deal with.  But we’ll get to that. For now, let me explain to those who are not political addicts who watch every bit of news like I do, and get right in their minds what happened on election night and where it has put us today, many days after the election and not really knowing what will come next.

Everyone understands football, at least most do so I’ve been telling this story to assure people of the important aspects of this voter fraud issue involving the last resort coup attempt by domestic enemies of America, the Democrat Party and their partners in China and Silicone Valley tech companies, Facebook, Google, Twitter and others.  It can be confusing if there isn’t a grounding for perspective.  So look at the situation like this, President Trump was a wide receiver going for a deep ball on election night.  He had pulled a move on a deep route and had the defensive back beat.  He caught the ball cleanly and was headed for a touchdown.  The DB knowing that Trump was about to score grabbed hold of the President and fouled him with pass interference.  The refs had to throw the yellow flag and the play was stopped dead.  The hope when this kind of thing happens is that it might buy a little time for the defense to find a way to keep the other team from scoring which is what we are seeing now.  The refs are now under the hood reviewing the play.  It’s a pretty easy throw to get a touchdown from the spot of the foul.  But the defense has kept the score off the board while they attempt to find other ways to prevent the next play from happening too hoping that they can run out the clock before that happens.  Trump was winning convincingly in the vote totals on election night and he still is.  But there is a lot of politics going on with the refs under the hood reviewing the play.  Just following the rules isn’t such an easy thing for them.  The football organizations have bet everything on the other team to win, not Trump, and they can’t afford to lose this game.  So they are taking extra time under the review to make their decision one way or the other. 

The cheating is massive and as I said, it will take years to sort out.  The easy path to a Trump victory is in the recounts.  But the states in question are under time constraints to certify the election and to deal with the massive amount of fraud we are dealing with, it doesn’t match up to the reality of announcing a winning president by January.  So by stopping the vote count on election night, that is where the crime started, and that side of the political spectrum knows that the courts can’t process the sheer amount of crime that was committed in that duration.  It wasn’t a hard decision for them to stop the game with a foul even if it was committed against them, because it kept the points off the board as the time on the clock was continuing to run down.  There is no doubt that the voting machines were switching votes from Trump to Biden.  There is no doubt that there are major security issues and foreign nationals involved in our election.  There is no doubt that dead people voted, that there were activist vote counters tossing out Trump votes.  The mail-in ballots from unsolicited sources was an astronomical problem that we will still be sorting out in the next election 4 years from now.  There are far too many problems to resolve in a few months.  It’s likely there were be Supreme Court cases that emerge from all this, but from the perspective of the Democrats they knew they couldn’t win a straight election so they set traps everywhere to stop Trump, and when none of those worked, they simply pass interferenced him into stopping the election so they could keep the Trump points off the board and run out the clock so they could win the game.

My advice to everyone is to keep all this in mind and maintain perspective.  The Democrats could not win legitimately, and I think everyone understands that many millions of ballots had to be manufactured to make it look like Biden won.  Because Trump did so well, the Democrats were fouling everywhere, and in a very uncoordinated way, they had people filling out fake ballots, they had people actually tossing out Trump votes, they had the vote switching on the machines going on, they literally did everything on a large scale that involved thousands and thousands of people—so there is lots of evidence.  But what good is the evidence if the entire court system is as dirty as the Democrats and the FBI who is supposed to investigate these things?  I think what we have learned about the Deep State after this election is more important than anything right now.  I remain encouraged by the recount opportunity with the refs under the hood, but I see a far more sinister problem afoot that needs to be dealt with, and that is our next task. 

Trump has shown what is possible and is still possible.  But the Democrats are too dirty to deal with as equals.  They aren’t willing to play a straight game because they know they can’t, and their desire to cheat is disrespectful to us all.  They knew they were going to cheat on election night as they telegraphed it for weeks leading up to the election and they knew they had the refs all bought off, so they didn’t care how they won, so long as they could keep the Trump points off the board, even though he was well poised to score big on election night.  So they had to grab his jersey and pull him down before he could cross the endzone.  The real crime that occurred that night wasn’t the massive level of cheating that occurred over several states, but it was the coordination of 6 battle ground states that just stopped counting, all ran by Democrats at the same time so that they could buy enough time for their ground thugs to manufacture votes for Biden and in doing so they way overdid it.  As the count goes on for years, we will find that there weren’t that many voters available to give Biden 77 million votes.  They didn’t exist, but were counted through the chaos of the weeks after the election hoping to run out the clock with pressure before the refs could make the right call under the hood.  But we wouldn’t know any of this if Trump’s lead wasn’t so great, if he hadn’t caught the ball so well, and had beaten the defense so spectacularly.  In that sense, fret not.  We are better off seeing the scum that has been clogging the drain of the swamp.  Its ugly to look at, but we needed to see it.  And everyone playing this game knows Trump won that election and that will be the greatest weapon we have going forward. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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