The Government Mob’s Massive Corruption: What to do now that we know

By now everyone can see just how much corruption was involved in the 2020 Elections up and down the ballots of President Trump and the mob of Joe Biden.  The behavior of Democrats was so outlandish because the vote numbers were so great for President Trump that they had to go way over their plans to cheat Biden over the perceived finish line.  It would be a big deal for anybody to get the 73 million votes that President Trump got during the election, which is going up still.  But we are supposed to believe that Joe Biden who hardly made any public appearances during the campaign won over 77 million votes to pull away in the last 7 contested states which froze in unison on election night to stop counting and recalibrate their targets in the middle of the night once everyone had given up and gone to bed.  The Democrat Party led by the governors of each state went to work in manufacturing votes for Biden to close the gap to Trump in all those states and they had to produce so many votes that they ended up getting caught this time.  As of now we are starting to see what a massive organization it was, one that even involved the mainstream media people and heads of their organizations.  A mafia of government that we always knew was there had to get sloppy to beat Trump, and that’s how we caught them.  So now what?

We need to know who was on the phone calls which shut down voting in 6 states virtually at the same time.  We need to know who the Fox News election desk was talking to among Democrats on the ground to call Arizona and Virginia early hoping to suppress the voters still in line.  We need to know why Nancy Pelosi was telegraphing that Joe Biden would have the votes to win before the election as if she was sure of it, even smiling about it to suggest that nothing we could do would elect Trump to a second  term.  The governor of Pennsylvania projected the same type of behavior, indicating that Joe Biden would have the votes he would need to win the state.  All the arrows of their arrogance are pointing to these Dominion voting machines made in China and connected to the internet during the election which were flipping Trump votes to Biden magically.  That connection is obviously something we will be very troubled by.  It’s obvious these Democrats have been doing this kind of thing for years, obviously during the 2012 Presidential election where Obama won 100% of Philly.  Not one single vote for Romney back then.  And like suckers, we just moved on.  They obviously didn’t have their ground game in place when Trump ran against Hillary in 2016 and they got caught flat footed.  They weren’t going to let that happen in 2020, obviously.  But Trump had such a high vote count that the Democrats had to leave footprints in the wet paint to avoid getting caught in the corner they had boxed themselves in to.  We’d have to say that the fix was in against John McCain too in 2008.  Democrats knew that McCain and Romney were soft and wouldn’t fight back, so they got away with it.

You could likely trace back this cheating on such a massive scale back to 2000 where Al Gore almost beat George Bush with the famous Florida recounts.  The internet was new back then, so a sophisticated ground game wasn’t so smooth for the criminal Democrats.   But that isn’t the case any longer.  We must question everything for the past 20 years based on what we’ve seen on this latest election, which we are just dealing with the tip of the iceberg presently.  We also must question whether or not the Democrats ever really won a majority in Congress—ever over that period or whether they used these election fraud tricks to win just enough seats to get some majorities.  They seem pretty confident in their actions and have obviously been doing these things for a while.  However, because of Trump, they had to manufacture more votes than they had ever tried, and in their haste, they made way too many.  Statistical anomalies were obvious leading Trump lawyers straight to the corrupt areas.  But what’s really been disconcerting is to the level that all our media outlets virtually, endorsed the behavior.  They were all against us in every way you can be, and that has been the most valuable revelation of this election season.

What we have uncovered, which many of us already knew, or suspected, is that our federal government is a big, organized crime racket and the media is in the bag with them—completely.  We know it because of the FBI conduct in setting up a coup of President Trump.  Lots of people knew the details yet they let it go anyway.  Lots of people knew Hillary Clinton started the Steele Dossier and John McCain himself played a part in making it part of the public record—validating it.  We see how the government was used to destroy the lives of friends of the president hoping to push Trump out of office with fear for himself and his children.  And we’ve seen how the media has sold the China coronavirus to the public hoping to create just enough chaos in many ways to cheat this 2020 election with unsolicited ballots harvested for Biden and variable election validation dates for counting them.  It was even used to hopefully suppress voter turnout.  There will be cases in court for years to come over all this.  But we know enough now to flag the behavior as excessively corrupt.

Good for us, Trump is still president and as far as I’m concerned, he’ll remain president.  Courts don’t move fast, so there is bound to be a clash of cultures before there is a resolution.  Personally, I think the recounts alone will take care of the issue.  But if some of the states ran by Democrats don’t cooperate, then we might have some constitutional issues to resolve by January 20th.  The media is trying to pressure us all into accepting the fake Biden presidency, which of course we can’t do.  So we don’t know really what will happen.  But what we do know is that they have been caught, Democrats committing election fraud on a massive scale and the bad guys in the media are the ones covering for them.  And we can’t allow that to happen.  The best thing we can do with that knowledge is to go to other places for our media and make those guilty pay with lost dollars and market share.  That is already happening with Fox News.  But it needs to happen with Facebook and Twitter too.  It needs to happen with the cord cutting of NBC News and ABC, and all the rest of the networks.  There are good alternatives emerging, and we need to help them grow.  But if you want to kill off this government mob, you must have a clean divorce from the services they hook into you.  And from there, everything else will evolve in a more positive way.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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