Context Over Talk of Violence Against the Government: Election Voter Fraud and Covid-19 Legal Abuse

For context it seems that a reasonable explanation as to why we are now in a Civil War is rational and understandable.  I continue to hear about it, even 5 days later that my comments on the steps of the Ohio Statehouse recently indicated possible violence against the Biden presidency was crazy or radical, even dangerous.  The people most upset about it for some reason were members of the media who have obviously openly come to think of our American society as a culture of mankind (people) instead of a society of laws which we all agree upon to function.  For instance, the biggest violation of this tendency is Covid-19 where many rules are made up on the fly willy-nilly by chaos, like a state governor under emergency powers such as Ohio’s DeWine did just today with more panic driven responses to coronavirus that do not involve the legislature in the decision making process.  That same mentality was used over changing voting rules prior to the Election of 2020, using chaos and the courts to overturn the legislature laws that were in place to make it easier to cheat at elections, which were clearly done as a means to attempt to put Joe Biden in power and remove Trump in a coup that has been attempted literally since the President announced that he was running.  Well, with all that in mind it is my position that if we consciously switch from a society that functions to the laws of man (or women, don’t get stuck on identity politics) from a society that functions from a nation of laws, then it is inevitable that there will have to be a conflict to preserve what we’ve built over what domestic enemies are trying to destroy.  Presently I am functioning in the world as an American who is well respected in society, is a great family man, has as perfect of a credit score as there can be.  I accept the American Constitution as the nation of laws I’m willing to follow and I live well with my neighbors and members of society.  But, I will not accept the chaos of the made-up laws of man (and women) as they are now using Chinese style control tactics to loom over social life, and we have plenty of evidence that is precisely what is happening presently as everything has culminated into what we’ve seen as the Election of 2020.  And any attack against the aspects of my life that I listed above would have to be met with violence because there is no way to compel myself into accepting the laws of man except force which clearly is the strategy of the political left.  So yes, I said what I said and will continue to say it. That is why I mentioned the credit score because that is a thing in China, if you don’t show the proper affiliation to the proper political party, your “social score” will impact what you can do in life, such as buy a house or car if you are not aligned with “the party.”  Google and Facebook have been building that infrastructure here in the United States and we have seen the start of it during this election cycle with the audacious censorship just about every Trump supporter has experienced.  A lot more, and worse than that is planned for us by the domestic terrorists running the big tech companies, especially Twitter.

The real challenge here is President Trump and the certification of election dates are not going to match the nation of laws that we are used to by January 20th.  I would say that we will still be having court cases over the next several years as to what we witnessed tragically on the night of November 3rd.  The attack on our system of government has been going on for a long time, but given what we now understand, now that we know the Obama administration openly abused our intelligence agencies to spy on the incoming Trump administration, that we know Hillary Clinton paid for and advocated the Steele Dossier to distract from her own illegal email problems.  That the Mueller investigation was a complete abuse of government resources to not only put one political party over another, but to destroy the lives of people when they knew from the outset that the Trump team was innocent.  Then we had the impeachment to start off 2020 for crimes we know Joe Biden himself was guilty of, yet Trump was put through the ringer as an innocent man.  The Democrats were playing for blood and using any bit of chaos they could utilize to switch America from a nation of laws to the laws of man.  With that in mind there are literally thousands and thousands of people in on this next coup attempt during the election of 2020 so the legal burden is extremely large, and it will take years to unravel.  That is also part of the plan and the Democrats with their friends in the media are using January 20th as the chaos to make the switch, just as Covid-19 was used for the same.

As things stand now, based on the affidavits that were published by the Trump team, Pennsylvania and Michigan will go to Trump due to hundreds of thousands of known fraudulent ballots that are obvious.  There will be many more illegal votes discovered over the coming years, and many election fraud issues, everything to faulty voting machines that had been tampered with, to worker activism, to the USPS actually destroying ballots.  Even with all the tampering it is amazing that President Trump still had such great margins that the cheating needed to put Biden over the top was too extensive to not get caught.  The footprints through the wet paint is very obvious.  The same rules will be applied to Georgia, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Nevada.   Once all that settles, Trump wins easily.  It is possible that all that could happen by December and the date of January 20th might not interrupt the date we need to have a president constitutionally in place.  But this case will be far from over and the details will be litigated for many years to come.  However what isn’t known, given to the level they have acted against the health of America as a nation are the forces behind the Biden camp and what they have been willing to do to act as the Constitution would term them, “Domestic Enemies” and of course the burden we now have as to what to do with them.  If they don’t function from the Laws of our Nation as expressed clearly in the Constitution, and insist on the Laws of Man, such as what Governor Mike DeWine is doing holding onto emergency powers over Covid-19 to function without the legislature to make social policy then violence is likely the only way to police the difference.  Of course that would be unfortunate, but if you don’t have law and are a society driven by chaos, which we currently are, what other choice does a lawful society have?

Should Joe Biden end up in the White House, I don’t know that this Civil War would involve organized battles of guns in the streets, at least initially.  I certainly don’t want that.  Likely more probable would be a war of words, where Trump supporters would give hell to everything the Biden government would attempt.  Anybody who thought Obama had it rough hasn’t seen anything.  The disrespect of a Biden administration would be persistent and justifiably audacious.  As far as I’m concerned, when the last seven states stopped counting on election night so they could go find enough votes to put Biden over the top, that’s when Trump won.  He was projected to win, the cheating was obvious.  The evidence is now being assembled and will be litigated in stages, from easiest to prove to the more difficult.  Democrats and the media are counting on chaos to shove everything under the rug, but that’s not going to happen.  The truth is, we either have Trump in the White House after a fair election, or there will be war.  There isn’t a scenario where people just allow a switch from a nation of laws to the chaos of the laws of man running things on a whim.  And the domestic enemies who have set all this up aren’t going to let it go easily and they have already indicated there will be fights.  So if there is violence as a result, it will be their fault and any attack against our present society who built their lives around the laws of our nation will be defended properly with the intention to return to the Constitution.  Nothing else will be acceptable.    

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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