A Strategy For Trump and the MAGA Movement: Be the one doing the shooting instead of being shot at in the “Corner Office”

Based on what we know about the most massive cheating scandal in the history of the world over this recent election, because its really a global cabal that is conducting the attack, the strategy of the attackers is to use the pressure of time to force the legal issues into a rushed state.  It is obvious that there has been so much crime in the election of 2020 that it is highly unlikely that they can be resolved by January when a president elect is supposed to be Constitutionally sworn into office.  I can sympathize with how Trump feels right now.  It’s a lot of mixed feelings about not wanting to host any transition team with Biden, not wanting to be run out of town with the media throwing rocks at him on his departure.  Then mixing up those anxieties with the slow as molasses movement of the court systems that will drag ass all these cases well past the January deadline.  With that in mind I’m directing this toward the Trump campaign people I know who read at this site, and for the many fans of MAGA who are trying to puzzle all this together.  I have a book I’ve been working on for quite some time, an American strategy guide to business and warfare.  I’ve been waiting until the election has concluded to publish it because I needed to see what kind of world we would be dealing with, but for this kind of problem, I think one of the chapter’s contents would be useful now.  It’s called the “Corner Office.”

In every corporate climate and business enterprise there is some prized piece of real estate that the big bosses within a company usually fight over to show their power.  The book I’m referring to is The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business as it seeks to explain the strategy of business in the way The Book of Five Rings and The Art of War from the East have, but using the American mentality of gunfighting to frame the issues.  And in this case of the Trump election he’s currently fighting for a kind of corner office, The White House and the pressure from that is obscuring the real issues that are at play.  In a corporate environment whoever is in the corner office is the target of all the types of people who would love to attack whoever sits in their as their quests for power point them in that direction.  My advice to such people and to Trump in this situation is to not spend much time in that office because those who want to kill you metaphorically or literally will always have leverage over you because they know where you are, they know you want to keep that status symbol of power so that they can fight at you without worrying about you coming after them because they have natural leverage over you knowing they have more freedom to act than you do.

My position in these kinds of situations is to not fall in love with the corner office, but to remain like a gunfighter, being in position to snipe at those who do love the prestige of that valued real estate.  If I were Trump I would pick up the presidency and move it to Mar-a-Lago, the “Winter White House.”  A place where Trump controls and something that can’t be taken away from him by rules and regulations.  And by staying there through the court proceedings he would not have to play nice with the Biden transition team or any ceremonial proceedings that will be forced down his throat in the coming weeks.  When the bad guys know that you are in the corner office they can shoot into it all day and all night long knowing you can’t cover every direction at once.  Already the Rino Republicans are joining in the media frenzy to punish Trump any way they can, so the enemies are mounting up.  That is where I suggest in any situation, whether in a corporate environment or in being President of the United States to not always fight the bad guys with metaphorical pistols, but to grab a rifle and position yourself in a far distant location on the outside and pick them off as a sniper as they try to go through the front door of the corner office.  They expect you to fight to keep something they technically own always putting you at a disadvantage.

Trump and all MAGA participants need to separate their worries.  I would argue that knowing what we do about the Deep State now, from what they did all of 2020 really and especially with the election that the best thing to do is trap them in their quest for the corner office and turn the tide on them.  It is much easier, and more effective to be a sniper than to sit in a chair and have them shoot at you.  The best thing to do to them is to have the legal system destroy and embarrass them utterly and completely by giving them the keys to the front door of their own trap.  In this way Trump can still be president and still lead the MAGA movement and the burden of performance would then fall on those attackers who are now trapped in the corner office, as Trump is now.  The symbolism of getting Trump out of the White House is all the attackers can think of at every level.  But we should learn from history, we don’t need this court fight to be the Alamo.  We need to get our guy somewhere that he can function as he has, but in shooting into the corner office instead of always being shot at.

I can’t tell you dear reader how many times I’ve been in a similar position.  Not on such a large scale, but the malicious participants have the same intentions.  They see you as a powerful figure who must be overcome before they can take what you have.  When people wonder why Lean Manufacturing doesn’t work so well in American companies, or really anywhere in the world in a sustainable way, its not because the tools don’t work, but they don’t account for the nature of human beings.  Right now, all anybody can see is the White House being removed from Trump.  The best thing Trump could do is show that he is bigger than some publicly owned real estate and is his own creation.  And that the MAGA movement isn’t confined to the White House.  They want to see him slump shouldered into a helicopter and ran out of Washington.  What they don’t want however is for him to shoot back at them from a vantage point he controls.

There are a lot of fights that must be fought, big tech censorship and their direct connection to the intelligence community.  The power of the swamp generally and the stacks of crimes they are doing in front of our faces audaciously.  Then there are the globalists funding it all for a flip of our country from a capitalist one to Chinese communism.  While all this is going on, Trump needs to be in a place where he can use the long gun and not the closed quarter combat of a pistol.  It is going to take time to work out all the legal issues and while that is going on, Trump needs to remain President.  He can decide to continue using Mar-a-Lago, as the “Winter White House” while outshining the actual White House and avoiding the embarrassment of letting them run him away like being fired in a corporate setting by some bureaucrat.  And in that way, Trump would never have to concede because there is literally nothing they can legally take from him.  The leverage would all go to Trump and from there, while the courts settle everything out, we’d all be free to take potshots at that corner office and the stacks of enemies who are now clamoring to bust in and take over.   Its always good to know where your enemies are and to see what they are doing, and this is a perfect chance to do just that.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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