Threatening Lying, Hiding, Dummy Joe Biden and Commie Harries with Violence?: Quotes from the media at “Stop the Steal” in Columbus Ohio

I went to the “Stop the Steal” rally at the Ohio Statehouse and spoke there just a few minutes after the AP called the election of 2020 for Joe Biden, just as the Trump team was giving their press conference on massive voter fraud in Pennsylvania which caused the AP to think it was safe to make the controversial call.  We were watching the theft of our election system by dirty Democrats and a media culture tied to foreign nationalism and people weren’t willing to take it.  We’ve all been willing to play by the rules, and the Democrats ignored the rules then expected us to accept outright theft.  So when it came my time to talk, I addressed that issue to the large crowd that had gathered and the report by WOSU radio went something like this:

Rich Hoffman came in from Cincinnati, and was the first to directly address the AP’s announcement that Biden had carried Pennsylvania and reached the 270 Electoral Votes needed to win the presidency. The news brought a chorus of boos from the crowd, and Hoffman suggested the AP called the race to distract from a press conference held by Trump’s legal team in Philadelphia.

He urged the crowd to reject reports that Biden won, and made vague suggestions toward opposing the president-elect with violence.

“There are two options,” Hoffman said. “We can win this with the rule of law and court, it might take a few months, it’s going to be a long process but we can handle it, right? Or, we play the game a different way, and we don’t want to talk that way right now, but I think we all know what we’re talking about.”

From <>

I didn’t have video organized to record, I’m sure someone will put it up somewhere, there were lots of cameras there.  But the mood of the moment was people needed to get their thoughts right.  There were lots of hurt people there and the Biden supporters, not many of them, but the ones who were there were openly gloating and egging people into a fight.  There was a socialist rally around the corner on the North steps, again much smaller than the Trump group which was organized and banned from Facebook making it difficult to get everyone together so quickly.  But all the Trump supporters were down in the dumps not really knowing what to do next. 

So my purpose was to remind them that Trump was still president and that he had every legal right to keep being president which obviously made the media there angry with me.  Some of the big stations looked at me with open distain after I finished my speech.  I would say I gave a very good speech and people appreciated it.  But obviously, the Biden people wanted to hear more praying to God for help, and sulking from the Trump people, not any talk about legal challenges or what happens if our legal system fails completely.  Then what?  I said we’d deal with that when the time came.  To understand what that means, read the Constitution.  My oath of legal grounding is the United States Constitution.  Nothing coming from some foreign entity, like the United Nations will be accepted.

I think all the Trump people all across the country were incredibly restrained as the AP called the presidential race for Joe Biden even as evidence of massive voter corruption was pouring in from all over the country, and a media we have trusted was clearly in on it.  Nobody was killing anybody or making such threats which is a stark contrast to what happened when Trump won four years ago.   There were death threats to the president everyday, one of the most vicious was Madonna saying she wanted to blow up the White House, and Kathy Griffin holding up the bloody head of Trump making an obvious reference. 

Johnny Depp also made such references and of course for the next four years we shouldn’t have been surprised that there were so many attempts by Antifa and Black Lives Matters to throw threats of violence and even death toward Trump supporters—and we’ve put up with it kindly, and without violence largely.  But now after all that we were supposed to accept the very dishonest theft of our president by illegal activity with more proof than anybody can comprehend because it was so voluminous?  Ahh, no.  It is time to start talking about what happens if we discover there is no rule of law where even the state of Pennsylvania will ignore orders from the Supreme Court.  Well, I trust the law until we discover its not there, and if we have to wrestle it back through some other means, then we’ll have to do that.  But accepting the media narrative of a Joe Biden win is not an option and it certainly wasn’t as I spoke on the steps of the Ohio Statehouse.

I spent the day walking around after the rally was mostly over and saw some of the Antifa people and Biden supporters up-close.  The media tries to make them look tough, like we are supposed to be scared of their potential for violence.  I saw three little boys dressed in camo with their Antifa gear try to walk through me.  Well, that doesn’t happen, anywhere.  The tallest of them was about 5’7,” they were clearly couch potato types who have not been challenged much in life.  They came to the rally to pick on the good Christians who were kneeling and praying for God to guide them through this constitutional crisis.  And those Antifa kids were looking for a fight.

They did go around me and I watched them as they uneasily walked away more quickly than they had come and drifted around the building headed to the socialist rally that was singing praise for Joe Biden, their savior for socialism.  I followed them at an easy pace and stood next to them where they stopped.  They moved after a few minutes to another location in the middle of the crowd.  I moved to their new spot.  Nobody wanted me there with my cowboy hat and boots, and other things, but they clearly weren’t so tough without a mass crowd of like-minded people breaking out windows and overturning police cars.  It was a nice day and they weren’t so tough when exposed to light.

After all that my daughter took me to The Loft which is a famous bookstore in Columbus and I had a nice time buying more books.  But Columbus is a college town, and I was a little surprised to see stacks of the ANTIFA Manual in the philosophy section and in the history section.  And of course there were lots of copies of The Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital.  Much more than you can find in my Barnes and Nobel at home, and people have been reading them.  Silently the left has been preparing for this war and their plan is to offer an olive branch of peace—only if you consent to their complete takeover of your life.  And if you don’t consent, then they are coming for our heads. 

There is already The Trump Accountability Project that is floating around before Biden was even confirmed by the AP.  So don’t be fooled dear reader.  They aren’t playing around.  And that’s what I told the crowd.  I always point to the rule of law and say to stick by that.  But if the Democrats want to overthrow that, then don’t be a fool.  The Bible says to turn the other cheek and many Republicans get caught in that trap.  I won’t be doing that.  If you can trust anything in this world, its that if there is no rule of law and a Supreme Court that makes sure everything stays civil, well I’m fine with turning the tables on Democrats in ways they won’t expect.  And they won’t like it either.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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