Joe Biden Did Something Amazing: He managed to get more dead people to vote than in all American history–that is a true “get out the vote” campaign success

Well, its true, Joe Biden if we were to believe the mainstream media—which we have all wanted to—brought to life more dead people to vote for this election of 2020 than any other political figure in the history of the world.  We are just now starting to get our hands around just how many dead people voted for Lying, Hiding, Joe Biden in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan and Wisconsin and it looks to be something that Jesus Christ himself would have been proud of.  Joe to believe the election results has raised legions of dead people to vote for him, which he is bragging about, won the most votes of anybody in the history of the United States.  Yet there is a problem with this statement.  It’s a statistical impossibility for one, there just weren’t that many voters, voting.  So votes had to be made up from somewhere, one source looks to be involved in these Dominion Voting Systems, which we use in Ohio.  I have been wondering about these for a long time.  You’d assume that a 3rd party couldn’t get into the encryption and tamper with the information, but it looks like that is precisely what can happen—that votes can be flipped by some controller outside the voting system, like a radical Democrat governor or secretary of state.  Still we wouldn’t assume that this would be the case unless we’ve seen how some of these people have acted under Covid-19 crises management and their radicalism certainly paves the way for voter fraud.  The other issue that has become very obvious are the dead people that have shown up on the voter rolls upon just a brief investigation.  And it looks like the amount of people who rose from the dead to vote is historic, and if they did vote, then Joe Biden has done something miraculous!

However, as fun as all that might be to think about, raising people from the dead, we are viewing something far more sinister, which looks to have come up in Kentucky during the last election cycle there where Matt Bevin lost to Andy Beshear by such a slim margin.  It looked suspicious to me and I tucked it away for reference later.  The issue was that Matt was doing well, then some counties started reporting late.  Then suddenly lots of votes started pouring in for Andy Beshear and he ended up winning.  Everyone accepted the election results at face value because we generally do in the United States, and Andy went on to be one of the leaders of the Covid-19 lockdowns continuing up to the present, which of course ushered in a communist style approach to managing masses of people in the heart of America.  It was a kind of socialist experiment which we have been talking about and the study of our behavior has been crucial to some of these next steps of an obvious media driven incursion that we witnessed in the 2020 election.  Trump was winning, clearly.  The vote counts were stopped, and the Democrats running the election in a lot of these states simply went to find votes for Joe Biden.  The media was in on the whole thing for a whole lot of reasons that we’ll explore in future articles.  But to understand what’s going on you have to look at the pressure applied on Pennsylvania from the Supreme Court.  Pennsylvania has been defiant on any court rulings against them and have been willing to break the law to get the results they wanted in that state.  They erased something of nearly a million-vote surplus for Trump to push Biden over the top with made-up votes, openly breaking the law, and showing outright defiance against our legal system to do it.  So now we see that all the dead people suddenly voting wasn’t some miracle, but it was an act of open criminal activity by a complicit media culture who is looking to crush a Populus movement in America any way possible, even if the laws get in the way.


Here is the irony, these conspirators in our government and media couldn’t do these actions working under current election laws and they are assuming that there isn’t anybody in the world who is going to come down on them with punishment.  These are progressives in all cases which means they are not functioning from the laws of the United States, not even the Supreme Court.  They are poised to only respect a government coming from the United Nations, so any domestic laws they are inspired to ignore, which is why stealing an election through this massive fraud is no big deal to them.  They don’t recognize American law or the Constitution as having any influence over their actions because it will be international law which governs conduct in their future so everyone might as well get used to it.  That is their attitude.  Trump represents a step back from that so they just couldn’t have that, and on election night when the president was poised to win yet again by huge margins, the Democrats and their conspirators in the media—such as Arnon Mishkin at Fox News who was obviously working with Democrats toward their objectives on election night.  Again, none of these people respect American laws, they are looking at international law as their bases for action and as we learned through Covid-19, those laws have been shaped by China, enforced through their media purchases in the United States over the years, and that is how so many dead people ended up voting for Joe Biden who with all his lying, and hiding somehow managed to get the most votes of any presidential candidate—ever.  LOL

I’m not saying to get your guns and go defend the Constitution, yet.  In this process we have learned who these people are.  Trump’s wonderful election night performance forced them to hit that nuclear button and all that was hidden to attempt to push Biden over the top in the national election was revealed—and is still being uncovered day by day. That is why the media wanted to rush an announcement that Biden had won.  But the media doesn’t determine who the president is, the courts do when they certify the results.  That’s the way its always been done.  So we have a lot to work with that shouldn’t involve violence.  But keep your guns close, because if these people at the top of these media organizations—including Fox News, and who run our government are going to break the law, even when the Supreme Court gets involved, then we’ll have to break their laws too when they start trying to make them from the vantage point of the United Nations.  The way our tech companies behaved during the 2020 election with censorship, they are full on communist already.  I would suggest moving off Google and Facebook as much as possible and finding other ways to communicate, and to punish Big Tech by walking away wherever you can.  Don’t complain about it, just hit them in their pocketbook.  And trash their public image whenever you can.  Don’t let them think they have you comfortably in their corner.  There are plenty of ways to fight back without shooting anybody, and we should use those options until those options aren’t there.  But surrender to these insurgents isn’t an option and that’s how we have to look at this.  Trump has all the legal grounds to win the presidency.  However, if we can’t trust the courts, then we have a lot of work to do and it could get messy.  Right now I think we don’t need to add any more dead people to the voter rolls.  But if the laws are coming from the United Nations and not the American Constitution, well, maybe more dead people will be voting in the future which may be needed to keep everyone honest.   If we are going to have a lawless society, that’s fine, so long as we understand that’s the world we are living in.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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