With Blue State Recounts GOP Can Easily Take Majority Lead in the House: Acting on what we have learned from Democrat and Media illegal behavior

I tend to see in these kinds of catastrophes great benefit.  After all, how can you solve a problem if you don’t know what the problem is.  It’s one thing for us to speculate about corruption and all kinds of government nonsense and to elect people to go solve problems there but its another to have the problem well defined, and what we have seen on this mass election fraud scandal of 2020 in complete conjunction with the American and foreign press, and the direct assistance of big tech (Google, Facebook, Twitter) is a wonderful example of what we have been working to solve for many years.  Usually these kinds of scandals are regional and kept pretty much in the dark.  But as I say all the time, pressure often reveals the truth and potential of things, and Democrats knew they had only one way to beat President Trump in an election, and that was to cheat on such a massive scale that the audacity of it might just disguise their crimes.  However, they’ve been caught and they at this point have no choice but to run with it hoping that some miracle might save them from an inevitable fate.  As Friday started and the vote tallies finally eroded away Trump’s lead in Georgia, which was expected—and temporary, a re-count will occur there, and many ballots illegally cast will be tossed aside.  But it did reveal a lot of desperation by Democrats as to the nature of their plans in attempting to not only defeat Trump but to retake control of the Senate as well.  That is where something came to my mind that could and should swing things dramatically in the other direction.

Republicans gained 5 seats in the House and they currently need 17 seats to retake control.  There are 34 House seats still pending, and right now it looks like Republicans will at least split the House 50/50.  Nobody is thinking right now about taking control of the House, but they should be.  Given the level of cheating that has occurred, and the talk Trump has of challenging each Biden victory to show just how many votes he really had, and how many were robbed from the Trump column, if the same methods of hand audits are applied in those states as will be in Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Nevada then there are many GOP races for the House that will suddenly find wins instead of losses and that margin toward flipping the House has a lot more merit.  It is entirely possible in this election cycle that the GOP could take all branches of federal government through the simple auditing procedure that will already be taking place.  At this point we must question everything because the behavior by Democrats and the media have demonstrated that we must.

This leaves to question did the House really go to Democrats in 2018, and should Nancy Pelosi even be Speaker of the House.  The massive coordination it took to try this cheating in the 2020 election obviously isn’t new to the participants.  They’ve done this before and that is likely how they’ve won most of their gains.  If we audited the 2018 results the same way as we must do now, we would likely find that the Democrats didn’t win the majority, the stole it.  And because we didn’t call them on it we have witnessed two years of massive destruction including an impeachment attempt against President Trump that should have never occurred.  As dire as things look now because of the massive corruption we have observed in this 2020 election, it at least has provoked these questions for us to act on now that we have the knowledge to drive our actions.

I was at a late evening meeting coming home when President Trump’s speech about the election results came over the radio.  I had been hoping to get home in time to see it on TV but was still in transit when it came on.  So, I was able to listen carefully to the words and the media response after.  ABC News was aghast at the President’s remarks immediately stating that Trump made several “inaccurate” remarks and that it was shocking that Trump supporters showed no confidence in the election process of our current institutions.  Well, how do they know what Trump said was inaccurate?  Its their job to confirm the report, yet they were insistent on making the news, not reporting it.  The same philosophy was evident in Facebook and Twitter as they sought to run cover for the massive corruption. 

The proof of the cheating was coming in from everywhere and Trump eluded to several examples in his press conference.  And as I write this, I know what the Trump team is doing, and the Democrats don’t have a way to defend themselves in any of the cases.  The evidence is quite overwhelming, so the media is all in with the Democrats and they won’t be able to save face.  But the suggestion that we shouldn’t even go their as a society so to preserve the American belief in the election institution is absurd.  Yet because of that defense, we have likely falsely put Democrats in power as mayors, governors and in the House and Senate where they don’t belong and were only able to win those seats through the same kind of cheating.  The ABC News people were shockingly stupid in the comments they were making, but it indicates to me that they value belief in some system rather than the actual merits of the activity and that is how these bad things get started.  Clearly, we must check everyone on this one as a result of this 2020 opportunity.  If we don’t clean it up now, we may never have a chance to do it as a country again.

My advice to everyone is that there are two outcomes to this, and we should be happy for either.  Neither would be an option if not for the pressure of President Trump being elected to a second term.  Either we go to war with the political left since they don’t want to adhere to any laws.  I’m fine with that.  Take off the shackles and fight them all down to every last one of them.  We’ve had wars in this country before and there is something honest about it, in establishing a desire for order in the future.  I personally prefer this method.  So we really have nothing to lose if we go back and audit every ballot cast in all the Joe Biden states and discover that many more House seats were won and that we can then as the GOP run the House, Senate and White House under a law and order administration. 

If the Democrats rise up in the streets, then we make hamburger out of them and feed them to the dogs.  Maybe they’ll surprise us and will discover that they’d like to be law and order Americans all of a sudden if they have the ability to cheat in elections taken from them.  That sounds like a good and reasonable deal given what we’ve discovered about them in this election, and all their friends in the media.  It is after all better than the alternative and I really think at this point they might welcome it rather than their complete destruction.  But putting up with these vile methods of living isn’t an option.   Just remember, not only could we keep Donald Trump as president, but we could gain control of the House………………..easily.  So why the Hell don’t we do it!

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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