Media and Government are Guilty of Murder: If Election Fraud of 2020 is a massive problem, Covid-19 is even bigger

I always say it, you can find the truth about things and people through pressure.  Managing that pressure is the key to solving problems because it has a tendency to get things that are hidden out in the open.  And to my mind the massive conspiracy of voter fraud that we have been witnessing over the 2020 presidential election has been a wonderful example of how pressure gets the truth out for all those to see it.  Without the pressure of a 2nd Trump presidency all the forces that had been colluding to set up a new corporate government by using the Trojan Horse of Commie Harris to implement it wouldn’t have been so obvious.   The pressure forced the enemies of America to play their cards too soon with all the lights and cameras on them and we were able to see what was really going on which ironically pointed straight to the decision desk at Fox News in the scandalous actions of Arnon Mishkin.  Everyone knew that Fox News would have the bulk of the coverage on Election Night and that most of the media would follow the AP and Fox for calling states.  The plan was to call states so fast that overturning those calls would be hard, therefor it would make any false gains Biden made through the Electoral College hard to take away once given in legal action that most people don’t understand.  In that way massive manipulation of the public might apply enough peer pressure to hold the false leads given to the Biden campaign.  That’s a good thing for people to see because it brings up the details of an even bigger scandal, the Covid-19 shutdowns and how that virus has been used to usher in global communism in ways that are much more manipulative.

My biggest hope, which I still have is that under a Trump administration he will then be able to kill off the CDC and the pandemic status of Covid-19 and get America moving back to normal once again.  By seeing how media and politics have aligned to steal a presidential election it should not anymore be doubted that Covid-19 was always meant to drive society from a capitalist driven government to a communist one controlled by China and the United Nations.  Using literal fear of death, the scandalous forces behind Covid-19 have been able to control most of global society with unfounded fears and nonsense.  I have read enough books on the matter to understand what has been going on, there are treatments for the virus.  People do not have to die.  Yet they have been allowed to die to drive the fearful narrative of the recent China coronavirus. People in charge of the dialogue of Covid-19 knew that unless there were actual people dying of the virus then nobody would listen to the CDC guidelines.  So they needed people to die of the virus, which is murder, so that they could change society by using the virus to move the needle in people’s minds.  It’s a bad thing to do on every level, yet it was done to us all in such an audacious way that many people have a hard time accepting that our government, or any government would ever attempt to do such a thing. 

However, through the massive voter fraud of 2020 and the revelations that the FBI has been involved in holding back evidence of Hunter Biden’s child molestation so not to irreparably harm Joe Biden’s chances at becoming president, people have seen the level of scandal that these modern criminals are capable of, which needs to be understood so that the true intentions of Covid-19 can be comprehended for all the evil it represents.  Nobody has to die over Covid-19.   Yet they were allowed to die, even encouraged to die in order to get a narrative the media could use to drive fear of the virus and thus control society in the direction that big media and their communist supporters in China wanted to steer America.  The books I mentioned that I have read on the subject, most notably the bestselling Plague of Corruption by Judy Mikovits and her partner Kent Heckenlively have shown to what level this scandal goes within the medical community.   Nobody should be surprised.  When the Trojan Horse was used in the Battle of Troy it was a plan by Odysseus to use a vessel that the Trojans considered sacred, a horse, to lower their defenses to the Greek attack that was contained within.  To Americans concerned about health care and all types of medical issues, doctors are a perfect simulation to the Greek Trojan Horse to convince Americans to put down their weapons and let them in behind their defenses.  Of course, that is how the Trojans were slaughtered so obviously that kind of decision making is still used today when an overthrow of a government is desired.  And as we’ve seen by the 2020 election scandal, even our former friends at Fox News are pushing for a global government created by their latest Trojan Horse, Commie Harris.

The treatments for Covid-19 are numerous and every doctor who has proposed any of them has been banned from the internet and even pushed out of their jobs.  And as Judy Mikovits chronicled in her book, there are plenty of doctors who have supported her theories on retroviruses that have ended up dead to protect the criminals in on these schemes of takeover that are going on in these governments.  The lying is epic and these people are killing people to make it all happen.  Yes, they are willing to kill to keep their secrets long enough to make their modern Trojan Horses relevant until its too late.   But slaughter of our capitalist society is what is on the agenda and it’s the entire purpose of Covid-19.  The perpetrators are using Covid to drive our society toward net zero energy consumption.   They want checkpoints and contract tracing to control our every move, so that we will be trained to trust our government overseers.  They are making an attack on us right now and people who come out against them are cast out of society through their jobs and if they don’t get the message there, they are killed.  This is happening right out in the open, or government knows it and actually endorses it.  And their means of doing so can be seen in the audacity of their corruption of the vote counts during the Election of 2020.

I put the scandal of Covid-19 above the massive voter fraud that is going on in America right now only because one problem is purely domestic while the other is global.  It’s a communist plot designed to empower China to lead the world which is the point of Covid-19 and the American media that wants Trump out of the way to make it happen is the cause of the Election 2020 scandal which at this point will last forever.  The damage is already done, this won’t be like the Florida recounts of 2000.  This is much worse because back then we assumed the system was somewhat fair. Now we know it’s not and the Greeks have been caught in their Horse trying to get in the Trojan gates, and the Trojans have set the thing ablaze.  We are now in virgin territory with all this, nobody knows how this ends.  History says it all ends in blood spilt, massive amounts of it.  I hope not, but that’s the indication of history.  And if that’s the case, I’m fine with it because it won’t be my blood, or the Trump supporters.  They are the ones who have caught the scam before it entered the gates.  But the drive behind these plots was always Covid-19 and the Chinese attack using that virus to undo American society, and Google’s attempts with the help of Facebook and Twitter to ban any speech that gives away their Trojan Horse attempts.  But its too late, they are all caught and there will be no massive lockdowns in America for a virus that has been used to commit murder by attackers of our society with the weapons of our enemy, China and everyone they have employed in America through the media to do their bidding.

Anybody who died of Covid-19 as the media and political insiders wanted to use those deaths to drive the narrative of fear they needed and to attempt to blame them on President Trump was murder.  The treatments of hydroxychloroquine and other options were always available and many doctors working on the front lines concur.  Yet the banning of the treatment to drive the misery is what was so scandalous and now there are so many people in on those deaths that there are lots of very powerful people who are complicit in those murders.  And that makes this massive voting corruption scandal look like a child’s play thing.  But now perhaps people can see how it works and can now hold those accountable who have been killing people on purpose to attempt a political overthrow of our society.  Maybe now so many people won’t be so naïve.


Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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