Trump Wins Arizona: Biden never had a path to victory, except for cheating–and even Fox News knew it

Let me be one of the first to say it.  I’ve been involved with the key people all day yesterday and all of last night. You’ll hear more about it later on the radio with Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.  The headlines will be impossible to censor on Twitter.  But Trump is going to win Arizona, he has the votes he needs.  Once he wins there the plot of Arnon Mishkin will bring justice to his actions of trying to call Arizona so early that it would suppress people still in line in that Red State to bring down the margins even closer and give Biden a chance to win.  Even with the Fox News Election Desk activist, Trump will win anyway.  Arizona was a target for the Trump Team, one of their many paths to 270 which have very much been alive since election day.  Trump could have won his path through Michigan and Wisconsin.  He could do as he is now, winning with Arizona, Alaska, Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.  He could have won with insurance votes in Nevada and other places.  But the key to remember is that Joe Biden never had a clear path to victory yet all the news outlets artificially propped up Joe Biden to make him look much more relevant than he ever was when actually the only way the loser could win was to cheat and steal away votes by either dead people or votes made up in the dead of night once everyone saw what the gaps were.

They didn’t even try to hide it in Wisconsin and Michigan where they saw the margin and just dumped 100% of a Biden vote dated who knows when and expected the world to just not ask the obvious question—what the hell?  I mean we could do the same thing; we could just keep filling out blank ballots not post marked for Trump and keep this thing going all year.  There is a reason that there are deadlines on election night, because the intention is to figure out who won.  Without a deadline, there is no way to know anything.  It was a dumb idea in the first place and its an even dumber idea in hindsight.  Biden never had a chance and those show up the actual election results.  And before anybody could call the re-election for President Trump the Democrat states in question just stopped counting so they could find the votes needed.

We saw this in 2016 when Pennsylvania knew Trump was going to win.  They were checking the trunks of cars hoping to see if anybody had any Hillary votes to add that might help defeat Trump.  They did the same thing in Florida at Miami-Dade.  This year Trump had fracking driving his lead way up, and in Florida Trump had the support of blacks and Hispanics.  Florida went fast.  Pennsylvania should have too but of course they are all run by…………………………..Democrats.  That punk Arnon Mishkin knew how things were shaping up so he decided all by himself to attempt to torpedo Arizona with suppression information hoping to frustrate Trump voters out of line by calling the state so soon.  If I ever hear someone try to blame foreign powers on election tampering I might massacre them right on the spot, because what we have seen in this election is massive Democrat and NETWORK activism interfering with this presidential election which far outweighs anything that China could even dream of.  This election tampering has been massive, even audacious.  Yet through it all, with everything these losers have tried to do, the Trump Team has been on it.  Just by winning Arizona, they still have a clear path to a Trump victory and I have yet to see any networks even admitting to it two days after the election occurred which is pretty pathetic, and scandalous.

It should have never come to this but the Trump legal team is going to destroy the Democrat voter count in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia where they have active lawsuits that will demonstrate voter fraud on such a massive scale its unlikely we’ll have a country left when its all over.  Literally we are going to learn that Democrats have been filling out ballots all day the day after the election to try to close the gaps.  We are going to learn that dead people, in mass quantities voted.  We are going to learn that many votes without any dates on them at all are contaminated within those counted.  There will be hand audits of all these ballots that will make the Florida recounts look silly in comparison.  And it wasn’t Republicans who did any of this, it was purely a Democrat Party level of activism that even Nancy Pelosi was in on.  As we speak they are organizing mobs of hostiles meant to protest counting every vote (illegal or not) using the same policies they have for illegal immigration to overwhelm our systems to their corrupt advantage.  All this is highly illegal, unethical, and purely scandalous.  Yet even so, and wise for the Trump team, they still have a clear path to 270 which not even Newsmax is reporting

I would advise everyone to not make themselves into victims on this, like saying “well, our side never comes up with magical ballots,” and that kind of thing.  Trump clearly won this election and every time it gets close to having to call states for Trump the counting stops as it has in Georgia several times over the past couple of days, in Arizona already today, in many other places, its because they keep finding just as they did on election night that Trump has a majority of the voters.  We are not on the losing side of anything and these cheaters are so misleading they are trying to capture even that.  They have won nothing.  As I have been saying over the last 48 hours to many people, this whole counting procedure is like some football player trying to score a touch down after a false start penalty and the player hears the whistle of the refs, he knows his score isn’t going to count but he just keeps running anyway hoping that the fans in the stands might boo at the crazy rules which denied him a score.  Our entire society is built on rules and that is how you define the meaning of a win.  We won the election, and our president is still in the White House.  Democrats have been cheating and lying and stealing for as long as I’ve been alive and they are doing it now because their guy lost.  And the big media at Fox and other places have bet everything on Biden, and that was their stupidity.  They may not want to cover it, but the news is the news.  And the news of the day is that Trump has won Arizona.  It might take time for that information to get out because once it does, Biden’s hopes of a win are gone.  So they will fight the results, but the results are the results.  And it only gets uglier for Democrats from here.  Once all this goes to court, the evidence of mass cheating will be obvious for all to see.  And at that point, we have to decide how we move forward as a country.  But for the immediate concern, Trump won Arizona and so did those of us who voted for him. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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