A Civil War is now Inevitable in America: Media and Politics can blame themselves for the blood that will be spilt–we voted and they took that away by cheating

I was astonished to hear interviews from big government Biden types on November 4th, they really thought that people would repudiate Trump at the ballot box, and were stunned when he was in fact winning before they had to go to their plan B strategy of ballot harvesting for Democrats late on election night.  Trump was on path to win everywhere, there wasn’t and continues not to be any path for Joe Biden to win the White House, yet the media clearly working as part of the Biden campaign ignored the facts and worked with the Biden campaign to just keep counting ballots in Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Arizona until they had the number they could show the public hoping that the number would stick with Trump voters into declaring the election for a communist regime takeover in the United States.  The entire election might have been straight out of Russia or Venezuela.  And it was hurtful to see Fox News in the bag with everyone else.  Not really a surprise, but it was hard to watch.  Their coverage was horrible all night against Trump and in favor of Biden that it was obvious they had arrived at a predetermined result by the time the election was over and they were going to help make that story happen.  The day after however left a lot of people stunned that they realized just how divided the country truly was and the efforts behind the messages all through the next several days was to bring the country together under a Biden administration and move on.   Well, that’s not going to happen and it is surprising that they’d even think its possible, but that’s where we are and they are stunned by that reality.

Seeing the collusion that was going on, I had no illusions about it, and my wife and I had some hard talks.  I know I am one of the most monitored people on earth and have been for well over two decades.  I know what its like to have my wife followed around and harassed by those black vans and the scary people they sent to follow her around at the grocery in a way to get to me ultimately.  I’ve been standing on the outside of popular politics all my life and after seeing the level of corruption that occurred on Election Day against Trump and for Biden it was obvious to me.  No wonder he didn’t feel he had to campaign.  Biden had been told to just let the experts handle his election and that’s what was happening.  When Trump was winning and they called a timeout on the counting to figure out what to do I knew what we were seeing and I was preparing for war.  I’m not going to put anything down incriminating with writing, but lets just say if I can’t have a good life with my family and am going to be harassed by government to follow some grand plan of theirs, then I’d rather go to war with those corrupt forces before accepting their premise that 4+4=50.  And I was actively preparing for that war when the Trump team started challenging the fake mail-in ballots that were allowing the Biden people to completely make up votes to be counted until they could show that Biden won.  Once I saw the plan by Trump, I cooled off a bit, but under no circumstances will I accept this socialist incursion and the media’s attempt to take over politics in the United States.

Nancy Pelosi and several other Democrats were quite defiant leading up to the election and telegraphed their future criminal behavior by stating that “all votes would be counted” when what they should have said was that “all legal votes would be counted.”  By counting votes after the election that were cast without post marks its clear that Trump would have won Nevada, Arizona, Georgia North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin easily as the margins were so great.  And that’s good because everyone knows what’s going on, Trump would have won easily with a 800,000 vote lead in Pennsylvania where voters showed up in massive support due to the threats on the fracking industry that the Biden administration represented.  What was happening was voter theft and there was nothing that was going to divide the country more than that. 

When Biden later came out when it was obvious people were on to the voter scheme leaving him to call for unity we’ve been here before.  The divides in the country were not repairable.  This game where the political left cheats and keeps pulling the goal posts to the left more and more until we have communism isn’t going to fly.  The people they could get they have gotten and that is why we have such a divided country.  There are people like me out there who are never going to move to the left.  I agree to one set of rules and those are of the American Constitution so if the crazy, cheating leftists come to my house for “enforcement” or harass people in my family if they can’t get to me, well then the people who monitor me all the time knows what will happen to them, even though their monitoring is illegal and they can’t use that evidence in court.  I mean it and I meant it the day after the election.  And under no circumstances will I accept this takeover of America by these vile law breakers.

What everyone on that other side needs to understand is that the Trump supporters can play a lot rougher than their little pussy Antifa thugs, or the corporate media types.  It appears they don’t remember just how much Obama was hated, or maybe its just that they weren’t paying attention.  Well, I know all Trump voters will express themselves accordingly in the months and years to come. But for me personally, I am willing to draw blood over all these crimes.  And until then I will use free speech to drive these thugs into the ground until they are dust and that includes Fox News. But surrendering to them, or playing nice with these people who have weaponized the FBI, who have tried to use impeachment to destroy a representative I voted for to put in the White House to solve all these problems—I take any hit against him as a direct threat against me, and that isn’t a good idea. This election was to keep the peace, but instead all the bad guys have shown themselves from their hiding places and we see where they are—especially little Fox News Democrat Arnon Mishkin who called Arizona seconds after the polls closed. 

They are going to be very hurt when they find out Trump won there—because he was caught following a script that obviously didn’t stick.  And that he did call Arizona for Biden knowing the numbers would be close tells you everything you need to know about the election.  Its not that Trump lost, he was winning, the criminal conduct we witnessed in this effort is beyond acceptable.  If there is such mass cheating going on here, then its going on everywhere, and I’m not going to allow it and I know a lot of Trump voters who feel the same way.  If there is anything that has happened as a result, our country is much more divided now because the effort to move the goal posts even more to the left have hit a brick wall.  If there is no Trump in the White House, then those who refused to move are going to turn to actual action to express themselves.  And that is the fault of all these characters in the media and in politics, not in the people who voted for representation in President Trump to fix these issues.  You see, getting rid of Trump should be the least of anybody’s concerns.  Steal a country and dealing with the people who are pissed off about it should be the top concern, yet the assumption was that everyone would just move to the left.  That was the dumbest consideration I’ve ever heard coming out of a big government.  And now they’ve made a mess.  Which is their fault entirely.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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