Trump Wins Arizona: Biden never had a path to victory, except for cheating–and even Fox News knew it

Let me be one of the first to say it.  I’ve been involved with the key people all day yesterday and all of last night. You’ll hear more about it later on the radio with Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.  The headlines will be impossible to censor on Twitter.  But Trump is going to win Arizona, he has the votes he needs.  Once he wins there the plot of Arnon Mishkin will bring justice to his actions of trying to call Arizona so early that it would suppress people still in line in that Red State to bring down the margins even closer and give Biden a chance to win.  Even with the Fox News Election Desk activist, Trump will win anyway.  Arizona was a target for the Trump Team, one of their many paths to 270 which have very much been alive since election day.  Trump could have won his path through Michigan and Wisconsin.  He could do as he is now, winning with Arizona, Alaska, Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.  He could have won with insurance votes in Nevada and other places.  But the key to remember is that Joe Biden never had a clear path to victory yet all the news outlets artificially propped up Joe Biden to make him look much more relevant than he ever was when actually the only way the loser could win was to cheat and steal away votes by either dead people or votes made up in the dead of night once everyone saw what the gaps were.

They didn’t even try to hide it in Wisconsin and Michigan where they saw the margin and just dumped 100% of a Biden vote dated who knows when and expected the world to just not ask the obvious question—what the hell?  I mean we could do the same thing; we could just keep filling out blank ballots not post marked for Trump and keep this thing going all year.  There is a reason that there are deadlines on election night, because the intention is to figure out who won.  Without a deadline, there is no way to know anything.  It was a dumb idea in the first place and its an even dumber idea in hindsight.  Biden never had a chance and those show up the actual election results.  And before anybody could call the re-election for President Trump the Democrat states in question just stopped counting so they could find the votes needed.

We saw this in 2016 when Pennsylvania knew Trump was going to win.  They were checking the trunks of cars hoping to see if anybody had any Hillary votes to add that might help defeat Trump.  They did the same thing in Florida at Miami-Dade.  This year Trump had fracking driving his lead way up, and in Florida Trump had the support of blacks and Hispanics.  Florida went fast.  Pennsylvania should have too but of course they are all run by…………………………..Democrats.  That punk Arnon Mishkin knew how things were shaping up so he decided all by himself to attempt to torpedo Arizona with suppression information hoping to frustrate Trump voters out of line by calling the state so soon.  If I ever hear someone try to blame foreign powers on election tampering I might massacre them right on the spot, because what we have seen in this election is massive Democrat and NETWORK activism interfering with this presidential election which far outweighs anything that China could even dream of.  This election tampering has been massive, even audacious.  Yet through it all, with everything these losers have tried to do, the Trump Team has been on it.  Just by winning Arizona, they still have a clear path to a Trump victory and I have yet to see any networks even admitting to it two days after the election occurred which is pretty pathetic, and scandalous.

It should have never come to this but the Trump legal team is going to destroy the Democrat voter count in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia where they have active lawsuits that will demonstrate voter fraud on such a massive scale its unlikely we’ll have a country left when its all over.  Literally we are going to learn that Democrats have been filling out ballots all day the day after the election to try to close the gaps.  We are going to learn that dead people, in mass quantities voted.  We are going to learn that many votes without any dates on them at all are contaminated within those counted.  There will be hand audits of all these ballots that will make the Florida recounts look silly in comparison.  And it wasn’t Republicans who did any of this, it was purely a Democrat Party level of activism that even Nancy Pelosi was in on.  As we speak they are organizing mobs of hostiles meant to protest counting every vote (illegal or not) using the same policies they have for illegal immigration to overwhelm our systems to their corrupt advantage.  All this is highly illegal, unethical, and purely scandalous.  Yet even so, and wise for the Trump team, they still have a clear path to 270 which not even Newsmax is reporting

I would advise everyone to not make themselves into victims on this, like saying “well, our side never comes up with magical ballots,” and that kind of thing.  Trump clearly won this election and every time it gets close to having to call states for Trump the counting stops as it has in Georgia several times over the past couple of days, in Arizona already today, in many other places, its because they keep finding just as they did on election night that Trump has a majority of the voters.  We are not on the losing side of anything and these cheaters are so misleading they are trying to capture even that.  They have won nothing.  As I have been saying over the last 48 hours to many people, this whole counting procedure is like some football player trying to score a touch down after a false start penalty and the player hears the whistle of the refs, he knows his score isn’t going to count but he just keeps running anyway hoping that the fans in the stands might boo at the crazy rules which denied him a score.  Our entire society is built on rules and that is how you define the meaning of a win.  We won the election, and our president is still in the White House.  Democrats have been cheating and lying and stealing for as long as I’ve been alive and they are doing it now because their guy lost.  And the big media at Fox and other places have bet everything on Biden, and that was their stupidity.  They may not want to cover it, but the news is the news.  And the news of the day is that Trump has won Arizona.  It might take time for that information to get out because once it does, Biden’s hopes of a win are gone.  So they will fight the results, but the results are the results.  And it only gets uglier for Democrats from here.  Once all this goes to court, the evidence of mass cheating will be obvious for all to see.  And at that point, we have to decide how we move forward as a country.  But for the immediate concern, Trump won Arizona and so did those of us who voted for him. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Arnon Mishkin and the Enemies of America: If no Trump, then WAR

Everything made sense until 6 states largely run by Democrats decided to just stop counting votes.  Trump was following his 2016 path to victory with better margins in some states such as Florida to show the strength of his campaign for a second term as President.  However, between the hours of 10 and 11 PM November 3rd the wheels of the country came off and the Democrats working with their partners in the insurgent media hit the nuclear button and blew up everything, likely forever.  If they had left everything alone, President Trump would be the clear winner on November 4th and even for the loser, the Democrats, there would at least be a country left to live in.  But even with all the predictions and talk leading up to the election there was a nagging problem that kept scratching at the back of my mind. 

The level of corruption that was being revealed by Hunter Biden’s laptop, the massive corruption that was involved in the use of Covid-19 to usher in an age of communism into American life, and the exposure of the Deep State (the American Intelligence agencies) as a criminal class of truly bad people I kept wondering what those people were going to do after all they had done to Donald Trump and his voters in the first term.  I have brought it up a few times regarding their guilt and how Trump winning would expose them with nowhere to hide, and honestly, they couldn’t afford to let Trump win.  They controlled the rules after all, and were not interested in what voters thought.  They just wanted to hide their crimes from the public and there were so many people involved that it was relatively easy to get many thousands of people to work their plan in the light of day to hide their crimes further which is what they always planned to do if they had a means to do it with mail-in voting.

Many of us assumed we were dealing with straight people here, honest Americans, but instead we are dealing with Alex Jones level globalists who have been seeking to undo our country from the inside for many years.  Why did they do any of it, well, we know from Hunter Biden’s emails on his lap top which contains child pornography which suddenly nobody seems to care about from a major player in a major political party, that they’ll do anything to commit a crime and they have little moral reservations about any of it.  We know that the vote count stoppage and delay in the inevitable results of a Trump victory, would create plausible deniability.  That’s the same term that FBI Director James Comey would use when pressed by congress for his role in using the FBI as a political weapon.  Suddenly a guy who wrote a book about honor and integrity in trying to use the law he controlled to impeach President Trump during his first term, but suddenly couldn’t remember anything under oath.   Not answering the questions that were asked of him introduced plausible deniability to the matter which is the way all these government crooks operate.   

When you are losing, as Joe Biden was he has nothing to lose by playing along.  The media was his running mate and they were willing to do all that they did to cover their own complicity in the crimes we are now seeing obviously.  Our election system has now been turned into a Banana Republic as a vast party of dark Deep Staters have sold out the country long ago and are hiding their treason behind chaos.  They don’t care about the nature of America; they truly do hate it.  Rather, they have picked an easy path in life with those who they see as the next great power.  They have hedged their bets that communists in China would be the next big player and they’ve leveraged themselves to the table of power as they see it.  But with President Trump and the people who voted for him, that power didn’t manifest the way they had been betting.  So they have all worked together to stop that Trump power from ruining their plans of selling out our country to the communists of China.  They couldn’t afford to have Trump in the White House and as we can see, short of an actual assassination of the President, they were going to take him out anyway possible.

When President Kennedy was assassinated in the 60s these Deep Staters were still in their infancy.  The media wasn’t as extensive as it is today, and for them, getting everyone to play along with their schemes was much harder.  These days, there is so much media, that when they want to assassinate someone they do it in other ways and they use the chaos of so many voices to hide their actions.  Its like shooting someone in a crowded area.  Its easier to hide the loud noises in a crowd rather than in an empty room, so the ways that people are destroyed have been changed to all the kinds of things we watched happen to Trump during his first term.  But Trump was never supposed to survive, they intended to kill off him and all his family, and as many supporters as they could knock out too.  When none of those things worked, they bet that they could rig up the 2020 election to knock Trump out of office for good, so they invented the Covid-19 story to control the flow of human behavior going into election day.  But when Trump ignored those rules, they worked out this voting cheating thing using Covid-19 as an excuse to conduct massive ballot tampering.  And even then, it didn’t drive away Trump’s voters and the President was looking to be re-elected in spite of all that leaving this nuclear option as their last grasp of effort.  And in the process, they had to reveal just how bad they have always been.

If there is something good to come from all this its that we now know clearly who these enemies of America are.  We know that Facebook is a major tool of the Deep State that has taken over our free press.  Twitter has become essentially a Nazi Brownshirt organization with their legions of dumb kids in Antifa ready to riot at the slightest noise of a dog whistle.  Just look at Fox News and their election decision desk guy, Arnon Mishkin and the roll he played in this election.  As a never-Trumper he abused his role and dramatically influenced this election, and his corporate employer loved his effort leaving some of the hosts mystified.  Even Brit Hume was scratching his head. 

The people they put in front of the camera are there to sell the story, such as Bret Baier, but they don’t always understand the deeper aspects to things, and they got an eyeful as Mishkin played to a script set to the tone of the Deep State that left Neil Cavuto mystified.  Only Tucker Carlson was willing to cry foul when he saw what was going on, but as we can see, Fox News was just a ghost of something that had already been killed.  Over the last four years the media had pushed out all the old timers at Fox and brought in top management that was in on the progressive agenda.  And as we also could see for the first time was that the other media outlets were waiting on Arnon Mishkin to call his states and they followed the lead.  The plan was to take Trump away from Fox News and rob his supporters of a news outlet, so that they’d be just as in the dark as everyone else.

This election has been an attack on all of us conducted by people we trusted and the sad thing is that many people have been so stung by this effort that they have lost faith in any notion of a grand and noble country.  Instead, we are faced not with focusing our lives on prosperity and creativity in business, but in fighting as if we were in the movie The Road Warrior.  It looks like we are going to have to fight in the streets and that we are going to have to use violence to remove the Deep State from our lives, because they don’t respect rules.  They are all criminals. 

The Biden Emails are just the tip of the iceberg.  That is the master that people like Arnon Mishkin are answering to, and its people like that who are now our natural enemies.  Instead of thinking about raising our kids and living a good life of back yard grill outs and a few nice vacations a year, we are now looking at a life of war and aggression, where the same people who have been working to steal this Trump election on a grand scale will be scheming to come to our homes to arrest us over Covid measures, or gun possession, or even for having a child without a permit.  Without Trump in the White House we are looking at a long and violent war with these people, and that is something I know none of us wanted.  But they have done their deeds and now we have to defend ourselves from them.  Because if there is anything we learned, its who “they” are.  They are no longer concealed behind a veil—and their crimes are now in the open for all to see.


Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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A Civil War is now Inevitable in America: Media and Politics can blame themselves for the blood that will be spilt–we voted and they took that away by cheating

I was astonished to hear interviews from big government Biden types on November 4th, they really thought that people would repudiate Trump at the ballot box, and were stunned when he was in fact winning before they had to go to their plan B strategy of ballot harvesting for Democrats late on election night.  Trump was on path to win everywhere, there wasn’t and continues not to be any path for Joe Biden to win the White House, yet the media clearly working as part of the Biden campaign ignored the facts and worked with the Biden campaign to just keep counting ballots in Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Arizona until they had the number they could show the public hoping that the number would stick with Trump voters into declaring the election for a communist regime takeover in the United States.  The entire election might have been straight out of Russia or Venezuela.  And it was hurtful to see Fox News in the bag with everyone else.  Not really a surprise, but it was hard to watch.  Their coverage was horrible all night against Trump and in favor of Biden that it was obvious they had arrived at a predetermined result by the time the election was over and they were going to help make that story happen.  The day after however left a lot of people stunned that they realized just how divided the country truly was and the efforts behind the messages all through the next several days was to bring the country together under a Biden administration and move on.   Well, that’s not going to happen and it is surprising that they’d even think its possible, but that’s where we are and they are stunned by that reality.

Seeing the collusion that was going on, I had no illusions about it, and my wife and I had some hard talks.  I know I am one of the most monitored people on earth and have been for well over two decades.  I know what its like to have my wife followed around and harassed by those black vans and the scary people they sent to follow her around at the grocery in a way to get to me ultimately.  I’ve been standing on the outside of popular politics all my life and after seeing the level of corruption that occurred on Election Day against Trump and for Biden it was obvious to me.  No wonder he didn’t feel he had to campaign.  Biden had been told to just let the experts handle his election and that’s what was happening.  When Trump was winning and they called a timeout on the counting to figure out what to do I knew what we were seeing and I was preparing for war.  I’m not going to put anything down incriminating with writing, but lets just say if I can’t have a good life with my family and am going to be harassed by government to follow some grand plan of theirs, then I’d rather go to war with those corrupt forces before accepting their premise that 4+4=50.  And I was actively preparing for that war when the Trump team started challenging the fake mail-in ballots that were allowing the Biden people to completely make up votes to be counted until they could show that Biden won.  Once I saw the plan by Trump, I cooled off a bit, but under no circumstances will I accept this socialist incursion and the media’s attempt to take over politics in the United States.

Nancy Pelosi and several other Democrats were quite defiant leading up to the election and telegraphed their future criminal behavior by stating that “all votes would be counted” when what they should have said was that “all legal votes would be counted.”  By counting votes after the election that were cast without post marks its clear that Trump would have won Nevada, Arizona, Georgia North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin easily as the margins were so great.  And that’s good because everyone knows what’s going on, Trump would have won easily with a 800,000 vote lead in Pennsylvania where voters showed up in massive support due to the threats on the fracking industry that the Biden administration represented.  What was happening was voter theft and there was nothing that was going to divide the country more than that. 

When Biden later came out when it was obvious people were on to the voter scheme leaving him to call for unity we’ve been here before.  The divides in the country were not repairable.  This game where the political left cheats and keeps pulling the goal posts to the left more and more until we have communism isn’t going to fly.  The people they could get they have gotten and that is why we have such a divided country.  There are people like me out there who are never going to move to the left.  I agree to one set of rules and those are of the American Constitution so if the crazy, cheating leftists come to my house for “enforcement” or harass people in my family if they can’t get to me, well then the people who monitor me all the time knows what will happen to them, even though their monitoring is illegal and they can’t use that evidence in court.  I mean it and I meant it the day after the election.  And under no circumstances will I accept this takeover of America by these vile law breakers.

What everyone on that other side needs to understand is that the Trump supporters can play a lot rougher than their little pussy Antifa thugs, or the corporate media types.  It appears they don’t remember just how much Obama was hated, or maybe its just that they weren’t paying attention.  Well, I know all Trump voters will express themselves accordingly in the months and years to come. But for me personally, I am willing to draw blood over all these crimes.  And until then I will use free speech to drive these thugs into the ground until they are dust and that includes Fox News. But surrendering to them, or playing nice with these people who have weaponized the FBI, who have tried to use impeachment to destroy a representative I voted for to put in the White House to solve all these problems—I take any hit against him as a direct threat against me, and that isn’t a good idea. This election was to keep the peace, but instead all the bad guys have shown themselves from their hiding places and we see where they are—especially little Fox News Democrat Arnon Mishkin who called Arizona seconds after the polls closed. 

They are going to be very hurt when they find out Trump won there—because he was caught following a script that obviously didn’t stick.  And that he did call Arizona for Biden knowing the numbers would be close tells you everything you need to know about the election.  Its not that Trump lost, he was winning, the criminal conduct we witnessed in this effort is beyond acceptable.  If there is such mass cheating going on here, then its going on everywhere, and I’m not going to allow it and I know a lot of Trump voters who feel the same way.  If there is anything that has happened as a result, our country is much more divided now because the effort to move the goal posts even more to the left have hit a brick wall.  If there is no Trump in the White House, then those who refused to move are going to turn to actual action to express themselves.  And that is the fault of all these characters in the media and in politics, not in the people who voted for representation in President Trump to fix these issues.  You see, getting rid of Trump should be the least of anybody’s concerns.  Steal a country and dealing with the people who are pissed off about it should be the top concern, yet the assumption was that everyone would just move to the left.  That was the dumbest consideration I’ve ever heard coming out of a big government.  And now they’ve made a mess.  Which is their fault entirely.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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