Trump Won the 2020 Election: Now its time to kick the F**k out of the Deep State

Clearly there was a coalition of Democrats who worked as activists to stop the counting in 6 states and they had help from the corporate media—especially Fox News—as it became obvious around 10 PM  Election Night that the same path of victory was occurring for the President as it did in 2016.  That is where activism in calling states too soon, as voters were still voting were tripped off in Virginia and Arizona intended to obviously hedge a close race toward the criminal Joe Biden.  And to make it even worse, the states that would in some way or another give President Trump a path toward 270 electoral votes, those states just stopped counting votes and just went home leaving the entire nation hanging.  It is one of the biggest acts of corruption I’ve ever seen, and it is yet another bit of evidence of how integrated and under great cooperation that the Deep State controls so many people to organize this level of crime on such a large stage.

As President Trump stated, when the states stopped counting, the leads were insurmountable at those points, and when that was known, the counting stopped.  An act like this can’t go unchecked.  Someone must pay for all this.  Clearly most of the nation voted for President Trump and what we are seeing is a group of criminals hiding in our government system who have interrupted that process.  It is an insult for anybody to think that they would get away with this.  This isn’t George W. Bush or the kind of Republicans that we had back then.  No, this is a real ass kicking kind of thing, something that can’t be ignored.  Which is precisely what is going to happen.

Yes, Trump won.  If the other side cheats as their competition is leaving them in the dust, that all of a sudden doesn’t mean the other side can win.  They still lost, and if they decide to stop the election, then the status doesn’t change.  Biden and his organized crime syndicate who runs him had no path to victory.  They weren’t leading the race in any fashion, and all the states but Nevada were leads for Trump.  So there is no fairness they can claim.  They looked to play dirty, they looked to make suckers of all of us, and its not acceptable.  I fully support Trump’s actions to use all the fire and brimstone available legally.  And if Democrats and the Deep State pussies want a fight, then we can go there too—punks.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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