The Attack of the “Great Reset” Elect Trump, Fire Dr. Democrat Fauci and put Bill Gates in Jail

Now that we know, we should arrest Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci for their role in the “Great Reset” hidden behind the global government reactions to Covid-19 and the upcoming Covid-21. The election is what it is at this point, but the action needed to undo the invasion of American sovereignty by domestic enemies is just beginning and anybody who has been participating in the “Great Reset” is by the very definition of terrorism a domestic terrorist and action must be taken against the attackers.  There are several doctors who can begin to make the argument of support, and most of them who have been on the front lines have been banned by the big tech companies like Google and Facebook, and their role in that type of censorship is also illegal in every way that it can be measured.  Doctors like Judy Mikovits and Kent Heckenlively in their very good book Plague of Corruption are a good place to begin, but then so are the doctors of the White Coat Summit led by Dr. Simone Gold who has come out and stated that there are cures and ways to manage Covid-19 in hydroxychloroquine treatments and Regeneron.  For that she has been banned on YouTube, for pointing out as a doctor and “expert” that wearing masks and social distancing are dumb and ineffective ways of dealing with a virus that has real solutions that are being suppressed.

I’ve stated from the beginning what the Covid attack was but I’m quite confident now that we know enough to start criminal investigations.  Hey FBI, stop investigating the Trump supporters in Texas who were escorting the Biden bus out of that state with a strong proclamation of vigilance.  You need to be investigating Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates for their roles in opening America up to this domestic terrorist attack, the shutting down of our economy, the ruining of millions of lives, the attempt to undermine our Constitution under the guise of “experts” who are operating outside of our elected offices and attempting to destroy America with useless rules and regulations not designed to make any of us safe, but to put us all in danger and to repurpose our patriotism from energized innovation to fear of the unknown propagated by unelected bureaucrats.  I’m not asking people to believe everything Mikovits and Gold have been saying, but they should have always been part of the discussion.  Fauci and Gates don’t get to pick what “experts” we listen to.  Their experts aren’t better than our experts.  Experts are experts, no, what these attackers of America have been up to is using our blind trust in experts to destroy our nation in acts of terrorism no different than the attack of the World Trade Center, or the actions of Timothy McVeigh.  Terrorism is terrorism and Fauci is guilty of it as is Bill Gates and their arrest should happen immediately.

As we have talked about extensively over 2020 you can now see to what degree the Biden campaign was formed around Covid-19.  Even in the final push for states to win, the Biden campaign mysteriously kept insisting that they were going to shut down America again—as if that was a successful strategy to win votes.  I always said that they planned to destroy the economy and then blame it all on Trump.  Bill Gates and his fellow billionaires like Soros and Bloomberg meant completely to trap Trump between a vibrant economy and a public health crises and they planned to destroy him either way.  Nobody but maybe myself and some of my readers here thought that Trump would walk that fine line and outwork the power players to the point of exhaustion which has them all a little freaked out on the Monday before a big election.  And not knowing how to deal with it the global health tyrants are going forward with the script anyway locking down Europe again and using lockdowns as a stump speech item.  Trump has been able to paint the election as one of hope from the Republican perspective and to contrast that to the doom and gloom of the Democrats and the media that has been in on this global pandemic attack from the beginning.  Trump has been threading a needle, but the real terror is the audacious attempt to use doctors as a weapon to undo America, which cannot be forgiven.

Americans get to pick between prosperity and communism for an election on November 3rd, thanks to Trump and his tireless efforts.  Supporters have certainly worked hard to support him, but the real work is on election day—which looks good for freedom at the moment.  But what cannot be ignored are the terrorist actions of people we are supposed to trust that we have to deal with.  This “Great Reset” is a foreign attack on our lives and the participants have more than robbed us all.  They don’t get to just go back to peaceful lives as software designers and advisors.  They are guilty of terrorism and we have the proof.  A peek into the Biden laptop and the kind of influence peddling that goes on apparently with most of Washington can show quickly how people like Gates and Fauci would make unholy alliances with America’s enemies by using a form of coronavirus to attack our way of life because as Democrats, they want America undone.  They want socialism and communism which they bet they will be at the head of, and they want the world functioning from the same motivations, which is exactly what Covid-19 was always about.  They plan to introduce new virus attacks for years until the world is unified under their control and people accept digital control with their smart phones as to where they go, and who they talk to, just as it is in China.  Google is heavily invested in this technology which is why they are banning any dissenting opinions such as Dr. Gold and Dr. Mikovits.  Google and Facebook aren’t interested in all expert opinion.  They only want the kind of “experts” who can advance the cause these attackers have mutually agreed upon.

I am sure that Trump after the election will fire Dr. Fauci.  Dr. Doom has been a snake from the beginning, he’s a Democrat swamp creature who openly played his part in controlling the President through fear by a virus nobody knew anything about.  Fauci was supposed to be the expert, and he abused his authority to bring terror to our American way of life.  Dr. Democrat Fauci himself should be fired.  But even more than that, just as in many things we’ve learned about our deep state government over the last four years, many people need to go to jail for what they’ve tried to do to us.  Covid-19 wasn’t a health crises, it was a crime—it was an act of terrorism that has cost us all many billions and billions—even trillions of dollars and we are only here today because we are a resolute people.  More resolute than the Covid-19 planners thought we’d be.  They thought destroying America would be easier and now that the script has been blown up, they have no idea what to do but to follow through with everything even though it comes across as strangely disconnected from reality. But that’s because the attack wasn’t born in America, but it did use people like Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates to get things going and now many in the media and in politics are complicit.  And they all must pay for what they did. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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