How It Will All Turn Out: Looking forward in hindsight

For the last several months, without really talking to anybody else, I’ve been giving my predictions on how the Trump election will play out.  My advice has been to consider the world a few days after the election and to put your mind at the obvious giveaways that emerge in hindsight.  The things that would make you say, “well, of course it turned out the way it did because of this, this and this.”  My statements about the election based on that criteria put my thoughts on an electoral barrage of wins by Trump into the 330 range, beating his previous 2016 victory by about 20.  And of course there would be many surprising down ticket races that would benefit because of the coattail effect riding the enthusiasm gap to uncharted victories.  But you never want to take the throttle off these kinds of efforts so it’s dangerous to become overconfident because nothing is ever over until its over, and until election day produces those results, they are essentially meaningless. 

Unless of course you can overcome the obvious suppression information that is coming out of the media to make the situation seem hopeless to voters eager for Trump but buckling under the pressure of a constant barrage of bad news.  With all that in mind it didn’t surprise me that the radio guy Kevin McCullough had been saying much the same thing as I have—following the logical conclusions to their end and he even has gone so far to map them out and to publish the results of how he thinks the electoral map will emerge by November 4th.  And ironically, the foreign press has been much more conducive to the actual results than the American press, which has been in the bag for Biden for way too long.  Now with the election just hours away, I thought everyone here would enjoy a nice interview with the Brazilian media where Kevin McCullough explained his electoral map and his methodology which shows a blow-out win for Trump which should give everyone plenty to be hopeful about over the next 48 hours.

Considering some of what McCullough said mixed with my own thoughts on the matter here are a few of the standout observations that will become quite clear by Wednesday of the first week of November, which everyone will be saying once the smoke has cleared showed that we should have always expected Trump to win.  The first is a big one, minority support for Trump has turned the tide for Republicans for the first time in forever.  Black voters have broken through the blue wall and are stepping off the plantation finally with Trump getting over 20% of the voter base.  When rappers like 50 Cent and Lil Wayne are coming out by endorsing Trump you know something special is going on.  With Blacks going for Trump, and Latinos, the President has managed to do something that Republicans have been mystified with for decades.  As the election closed out in 2020 there were many other celebrities who broke free to vote for Trump including Chris Pratt and Brett Favre.  That of course opened the floodgates for anybody who had been on the fence and converted passive voters into active ones.  But as a mass group of voters, gaining support from the Blacks and Latinos will be viewed as the straw that broke the back of the Democrat Party for the election of President Trump.

All during the election cycle we heard that Trump lost supporters, especially women in the suburbs.  The final voter turnout will show that the President only increased his base support, he didn’t shed them.  Adding this expansion to the minority groups coming out in support should have been obvious to those looking, but in hindsight it will all make sense.  The images of the Texas truck parade running the Biden campaign bus out of the state on the highway is just further evidence of the type of converted voters into Trump supporters that has been going on for four years now, people who have not been engaged in politics who are suddenly painting their pick-up trucks into Trump color schemes and hitting the highways engaging in counter terrorism to match the antagonism Democrats have been supporting and shoving down our throats with threats of socialist violence.  The Trump campaign created a means for this type of engagement which then spilled over into the 4-5 a day rallies all over the battleground states staffed with very energized voters.

Of course, the Trump work ethic has been contagious, the President and his family has been working hard giving speech after speech all over America especially in the closing days of the campaign.  The pinheads of politics gambled that coronavirus would take Trump out and force him to speak to people the way that Biden did, with social distancing and mask mandates, but the President wisely ignored those stupid rules and way outworked the Democrats in every means possible.  And the results are obvious.  Not only was President Trump speaking and energizing his base supporters, and many new additions who found the family setting of the rallies reassuring, he showed beyond a reasonable doubt that he was a fighter who would never give up, especially after he had come down with Covid-19 himself.  The media had Trump dead to rights, but that all changed when the President simply refused to be limited as a person to the mandates of the CDC gaining control of our government.  Trump showed that he was still in charge and people relished in that security.

Then there was Mike Lindell, the My Pillow Guy, who helped turn a very blue state in Minnesota red since the 1950s. Lindell worked hard and the people of Minnesota responded for the President which will truly be considered a shocking moment in this election cycle.  When former blue states go red after all that’s happened with the impeachment attempts and deep state attacks against Trump it just took the gas out of the Democrat machine.  And in the shutdown states, such as Nevada the end results were that people didn’t allow themselves to be hindered by the mandates to close down their states to Covid-19.  Even in California, which I am more optimistic about than McCullough is, shut down fatigue turned out to work against Democrats.  I’m even excited about Virginia because of the out of control governor there going way too far on the Second Amendment and mask mandates that have pissed off all those people between the city areas into suddenly engaged voters.  But with Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin going red again then adding Minnesota, the after effects for the Democrat Party will be devastating.

Then of course there is the media gamble both traditional and social which thought they could take a burnt up old man in Biden and prop him up while they ran for president really for the first time in America’s history, which looks like a really dumb idea in hindsight.  It should have been obvious that it wouldn’t work, yet that has been their strategy since Trump won in 2016.  They seem to have collectively said to themselves that they were in charge and they were going to pay all of us back.  Instead, they just cost themselves millions, likely “billions” of dollars by pissing off all the people who used to support them and forcing people to go other places for their media and entertainment.  And that is ultimately why Trump won the election and the Republican Party became much stronger and inclusive.  Just remember, don’t take anything for granted, the battle is still being fought.  But at least you can know that its not at all a futile task.  Actually, it’s quite the opposite. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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