Its the Protestant Reformation all Over Again: What we’ve learned from this election of 2020

I have a fantastic book I was able to pick up in a European book store on Martin Luther, and what we are seeing here just short of a new presidential election  and 2020 in general is a kind of Protestant reformation represented by the Trump administration and that same tired power grab of the Catholic Church always in combat with the latest insane king of whatever kingdom happens to be flaring up at the time.  We’re talking about burning at the stake kind of stuff for not honoring the proper religious figure.  Back then it was the vehicle to God which represented the power base.  Today, its Agenda 21 climate change.  Books like my Martin Luther book can’t be found easily in the states but in Europe was pulled right off the shelf.  I don’t think you can even get this book on Amazon unless you use the United Kingdom version, but I’ve read it many times and love it.  Its great to read a book like that on the cobble streets of a European city and study all the things you don’t want to be as a country and witness how difficult it is to throw off those controls once they are established. And that is essentially what we have learned in 2020 which had been going on for a long time.  For many it is terrifying, but its not the first time in history that its been tried.

I can just say thank you to Donald Trump for all the work he has done and is doing for re-election.  The pressure he is putting on this insurgent order was not part of the plan.  But the media companies, are currently involved in another coup.  Its complicated and involves many types of people.  I would not say that its specifically coming from a Deep State driven by a need for security by the pharmaceutical companies who want communism and socialized medicine for their own control on money flow and political power, but its obviously much deeper than just that.  But in 2020, you can see why they want Trump out and communism in.  You can also study how influence peddling has been invoked with just about everyone in Washington D.C. through the Biden emails.  A deal between big pharma and big tech is obviously a thing.  We saw that when Judy Mikovits published her book Plague of Corruption in April which was a top best seller and offered direct evidence that Covid-19 was a massive international government cover-up and that the medical interests were killing people to contain their secrets.  I read that book too, as I have all of Judy’s books with her best-selling co-author Kent Heckenlively and there was nothing there that should have been banned.  Yet it was, most mentions of Judy on Twitter and on YouTube were completely scrubbed from the internet as fast as people could publish them which is evidence by itself to the level of corruption we are dealing with here.

I am also a fan of Ayn Rand, a Russian woman who came to the United States as a young girl to pursue of life of freedom, just as many protestants did from Europe who found the heavy hand of their governments unbearable.  Ayn Rand has been similarly banned on the social media platforms going back a long time.  There are little groups here and there but their contact with the outside world the way that algorithms manage social media traffic is limited greatly.  I could put myself in that category as well.  I have been shadow banned heavily since 2013 or so.  Most of the Google searches for my content are page 20s in results.  People find me, but not easily because my content is being pushed away from people’s vision, but even so, it was more a feeling than a factual assertion.  Well, we no longer wonder about such things, because its certainly a problem.  The way social media tried to destroy any doctor offering cures to Covid-19 were treated as the early protestants were as they confronted Henry the VIII—literally burned at the stake if they could get by with it.  These days they don’t physically kill you, they destroy your job, your life and any reputation that you might have worked a lifetime to acquire.  Many who have had this done to them might have preferred to be burned at the stake of old Europe, because the death is the same only the breathing doesn’t stop.  You still wake up each day to relive that death over and over.

But then as the election of this year progressed we saw people’s accounts being removed from Twitter, just because they were strong for President Trump and were known influence leaders.  One such person was Bill Mitchell who had quite a Twitter empire going and was strong for Trump.  He always has great county by county breakdowns of election patterns and Twitter wanted him gone so he wouldn’t be there to support President Trump.  As we speak he is sick and broke in a hospital trying to stay alive waiting on a critical surgery that he can’t get for 2 more weeks.  He is seeing the effects of our current socialist medical system where the incompetent rule and the industry works to make victims out of the patients to fuel the livelihoods of the workers and he’s very frustrated.  Under a Biden presidency that situation would only get worse because Big Pharma wants its alliance with government to keep people sick and buying their products.  They don’t want people to get better.  Ultimately when it comes to Covid-19 do you know why Twitter, Google and Facebook hates hydroxychloroquine?  Because its medicine that costs about $15 dollars and big pharma isn’t gaining any more profit base off the sick people.  And the tech giants have sold their services to big corporations like this and governments to steer society in the way of the purchaser’s desire.  In this case Big Pharma ad money, Bloomberg money, Soros money—you name it.

That’s why as you read this the big tech giants, big pharma, the governments of the world are literally terrified of the Trump crowds they see, and the obvious tightening of the polls.  If they can’t steal this election from a puppet candidate like Joe Biden, then what can they really do for anybody.  So under the pressure they haven’t even been hiding what they’ve been doing for years.  And now we see the open censorship where they are just removing information from people’s eyes, such as the Hunter Biden emails.  To see the level of cooperation that most every member of the media has utilized to try to put a lid on that story, so that Biden’s chances of winning weren’t completely destroyed, the dishonesty has been truly astonishing.  But if not for this election and the pressure we are all putting on the system in supporting President Trump, we wouldn’t know.  And we will forever know it, we’ve seen the threat and now have to figure out what to do about it.  But we do know that these people are not our friends, they are enemies who intend to harvest us for their own needs and they are malicious about it, and do have a massive payback coming.  But don’t think this is the first time or that it won’t be tried again many times in the future.  Yet in studying history we can predict the future and for this future, we will have to take a stand against these big tech, big corporations, and big government power grabs working together to undo the world that we all live in.  Their crimes cannot be forgiven.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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