Joe Biden is Paging Dr. Fauci: If the criminal was president, he wants to shut down the economy again

“Paging Dr. Fauci, Paging Dr. Fauci, it’s the clueless hiden’ Joe Biden looking for an expert to tell him what to do should the criminal Democrat Party manage to steal the election so that the globalists can utilize their Agenda 21 take over of the world through Covid-19.”  Yes, I’m not kidding, that is what Joe Biden said he would do should by some miracle he managed to find himself elected president.  If anybody had another reason not to vote for Joe Biden, here is another big one.  The head of the criminal crime family, Joe Biden has promised that he would call Dr. Fauci on the day after the election looking for advice as to what to do about Covid-19.  Well, we’ve been through that before, that’s how Trump got into trouble, he listened to Dr. Fauci in the beginning where bad information was given to the President.  Dr. Fauci wanted to shut down the economy and Trump listened.  It has taken most of 2020 to recover from that advice yet Trump has done it with a healthy 33% GDP growth for the third quarter.  But if Trump had continued listening to Fauci, we’d all still be locked down.  And here is dumb, dumb Biden saying that he wants to be elected by destroying the economy and listening again to Dr. Fauci, the globalist Democrat who is out for more than the control of a virus outbreak.

I don’t blame Trump for listening to Dr. Fauci in the beginning of Covid-19.  I mean, I wouldn’t have.  I told the world what Covid-19 was—it was a weapon from the beginning.  But Trump did listen to the experts, and it was expensive.  The good thing about Trump is that when he sees what’s not working, he will make adjustments, where idiots like Biden just plan to dig in deeper.  Biden tried to say during the most recent debates that Trump didn’t have a plan to deal with Covid—well yes, the President does.  The plan is to get re-elected, call of the emergency pandemic status.  Use hydroxychloroquine and Regeneron to treat people who do get Covid-19.  And to develop a vaccine for those who want to take it.  But otherwise, Covid-19 from what we know now is really just a very contagious cold.  Its likely more contagious because the Chinese tampered with it, but its certainly not deadly.  And for those who are scared of it, there is a treatment—as the President displayed when he came down with it and took it himself. 

Now after 2020 we know there are treatments for Covid-19, and that stupid social distancing guidelines by the CDC and the mask mandates that are as unconstitutional as anything ever attempted in America don’t work.  Yet all the Democrats, Dr. Fauci, Dummy Hiden’ Biden and all the rest are insisting to deal with Covid not with the treatments we now well understand.  The Biden/Democrat strategy is to lockdown America again, and to shut down all the holidays, and they even think they have a right to tell us whether we can gather as families or not.  Trump wasn’t wrong when he said at a recent rally that if Biden were to win the presidency that there wouldn’t be any Thanksgiving, there wouldn’t be a Christmas, there won’t be anything but hiding from Covid-19 even thought the treatments have been hidden from the public in the precise same way that the Biden story of foreign influence has been hidden by the media.  Who in the hell is going to sign up for that kind of stupid world?  I think nobody.

I would point to all this and say just how tone deaf these Democrats are, and how they became that way by living in their own little bubbles and not listening to what’s going on in the world around them.  Democrats are very insecure people, that’s why they personally don’t understand the need for personal freedom, because as people, they don’t have the guts to live that way.  They love to give orders and make up rules to drive people through fear because it makes them feel less like chicken shits.  There is security in company and they strive to make up more and more rules to keep everyone as scared as they are, giving them ultimately company when the lights go out at night.  If they are in control, they are less scared about the world, which is what their entire party is all about.  They seek control because they are terrified of random events and individual liberty, because they can’t relate.  So, they will lie, steal and even kill to alleviate their own fears.  Watching how Covid was handled, especially among Democrats, its not hard to see that they were motivated to put Covid patients in nursing homes and to manipulate the death counts in the hopes that they could make the virus look more dangerous, thus, giving them more control over society.  And if not for Trump, we would now be a nation still looking to reopen as the communist Chinese laugh at how they destroyed our country with Covid-19.  And they laugh because they own Joe Biden, they’ve made him wealthy and know he will never take a stand against them.

But it cannot be disputed at this late date that Covid-19 was one of the dumbest things the human race has ever done to itself and the people involved in the fear porn that has come from people like Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates should jail them forever—because this wasn’t some innocent scam where nobody got hurt in the end.  This was a case where people were literally scared to death, and people had to surrender their lives over to government control all around the world in ways nobody thought imaginable.  Even as we speak, as the Europeans are watching the polling in America and they believe that Joe Biden might win, the governments there are wanting to close down, and people are rioting.  They can’t take it any more, and in America, there are already ridiculous rules about family gatherings at Thanksgiving.  Well, government doesn’t get to decide things like that, they have way overstepped their power and its about to be ripped away from them.

Trump because of Dr. Fauci, the multi decade old Democrat who has been in that position since before many people were born has had to play along until we knew more about Covid-19.  Given what we know about the Hunter Biden emails, can you imagine the deal between Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci and The World Health Organization with China pulling all the strings to make Covid-19 a global strategy designed to cripple western civilization permanently?  People have a hard enough time believing that Joe Biden would sell out America to China and Russia, as its obvious that he did—we have the proof.  What will people do when they learn about Dr. Fauci’s deal?  I would say its beyond their comprehension.  But until then, with a Trump re-election which looks obvious at this point, Covid-19 will be over in November.  I like to joke that it will end on November 4th.  It might take a bit longer, but yes, the answer to Covid-19 is that it can be over in one day because it was a made up media hype from the beginning designed to make suckers out of the vulnerable, and to cripple the strong with all the unknowns.  That is, until we knew better, which we do now.  Covid-19 is the biggest scam ever attempted on the human race and anybody who doesn’t see it at this point is an idiot.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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